Area Code Details for: 505






Time ZoneM
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


87305Gallup, NMMckinley
87310Brimhall, NMMckinley
87311Church Rock, NMMckinley
87198Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87199Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87301Gallup, NMMckinley
87302Gallup, NMMckinley
87191Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87192Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87185Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87190Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87187Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87196Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87197Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87195Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87193Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87194Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87745Sapello, NMSan Miguel
87742Rociada, NMSan Miguel
87323Thoreau, NMMckinley
87108Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87106Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87107Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87105Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87731Montezuma, NMSan Miguel
87322Rehoboth, NMMckinley
87315Fence Lake, NMCibola
87316Fort Wingate, NMMckinley
87312Continental Divide, NMMckinley
87313Crownpoint, NMMckinley
87320Mexican Springs, NMMckinley
87321Ramah, NMMckinley
87317Gamerco, NMMckinley
87319Mentmore, NMMckinley
87184Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87060Tome, NMValencia
87102Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87112Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87061Torreon, NMTorrance
87113Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87103Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87104Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87059Tijeras, NMBernalillo
87056Stanley, NMSanta Fe
87063Willard, NMTorrance
87072Cochiti Pueblo, NMSandoval
87070Clines Corners, NMTorrance
87109Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87083Cochiti Lake, NMSandoval
87068Peralta, NMValencia
87101Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87111Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87068Bosque Farms , NMValencia
87110Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87114Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87151Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87153Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87131Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87144Rio Rancho, NMSandoval
87154Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87176Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87181Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87158Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87174Rio Rancho, NMSandoval
87125Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87117Kirtland Afb, NMBernalillo
87119Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87115Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87116Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87120Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87123Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87124Rio Rancho, NMSandoval
87121Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87122Albuquerque, NMBernalillo
87506Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87547White Rock, NMLos Alamos
87508Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87507Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87552Pecos, NMSan Miguel
87562Rowe, NMSan Miguel
87505Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87504Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87509Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87533Espanola, NMRio Arriba
87535Glorieta, NMSanta Fe
87527Dixon, NMRio Arriba
87532Espanola, NMRio Arriba
87544Los Alamos, NMLos Alamos
87545Los Alamos, NMLos Alamos
87538Ilfeld, NMSan Miguel
87540Lamy, NMSanta Fe
87416Fruitland, NMSan Juan
87415Flora Vista, NMSan Juan
87418La Plata, NMSan Juan
87417Kirtland, NMSan Juan
87410Aztec, NMSan Juan
87402Farmington, NMSan Juan
87413Bloomfield, NMSan Juan
87412Blanco, NMSan Juan
87419Navajo Dam, NMSan Juan
87501Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87499Farmington, NMSan Juan
87503Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87502Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87421Waterflow, NMSan Juan
87420Shiprock, NMSan Juan
87461Sanostee, NMSan Juan
87455Newcomb, NMSan Juan
87009Cedarvale, NMTorrance
87008Cedar Crest, NMBernalillo
87010Cerrillos, NMSanta Fe
87032Mcintosh, NMTorrance
87005Bluewater, NMCibola
87004Bernalillo, NMSandoval
87007Casa Blanca, NMCibola
87006Bosque, NMValencia
87014Cubero, NMCibola
87023Jarales, NMValencia
87022Isleta, NMBernalillo
87031Los Lunas, NMValencia
87026Laguna, NMCibola
87016Estancia, NMTorrance
87015Edgewood, NMSanta Fe
87021Milan, NMCibola
87020Grants, NMCibola
87045Prewitt, NMMckinley
87047Sandia Park, NMBernalillo
87042Peralta, NMValencia
87043Placitas, NMSandoval
87051San Rafael, NMCibola
87052Santo Domingo Pueblo, NMSandoval
87048Corrales, NMSandoval
87049San Fidel, NMCibola
87041Pena Blanca, NMSandoval
87035Moriarty, NMTorrance
87001Algodones, NMSandoval
87002Belen, NMValencia
87034Pueblo of Acoma, NMCibola
87038New Laguna, NMCibola
87040Paguate, NMCibola
87036Mountainair, NMTorrance
87037Nageezi, NMSan Juan
87401Farmington, NMSan Juan
87327Zuni, NMMckinley
87326Vanderwagen, NMMckinley
87578Truchas, NMRio Arriba
87574Tesuque, NMSanta Fe
87328Navajo, NMMckinley
87325Tohatchi, NMMckinley
87654Spaceport City, NMSierra
87701Las Vegas, NMSan Miguel
87594Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87582Velarde, NMRio Arriba
87592Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe
87573Tererro, NMSan Miguel
87357Pinehill, NMCibola
87567Santa Cruz, NMSanta Fe
87364Sheep Springs, NMSan Juan
87365Smith Lake, NMMckinley
87375Yatahey, NMMckinley
87347Jamestown, NMMckinley

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