Area Code Details for: 270






Time ZoneEC
Parent NPA502
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/19/1999


40160Radcliff, KYHardin
40159Radcliff, KYHardin
40162Rineyville, KYHardin
40161Rhodelia, KYMeade
40153Mc Quady, KYBreckinridge
40152Mc Daniels, KYBreckinridge
40157Payneville, KYMeade
40155Muldraugh, KYMeade
40170Stephensport, KYBreckinridge
42001Paducah, KYMccracken
40328Gravel Switch, KYMarion
42003Paducah, KYMccracken
42002Paducah, KYMccracken
40175Vine Grove, KYHardin
40171Union Star, KYBreckinridge
40178Westview, KYBreckinridge
40176Webster, KYBreckinridge
42440Mortons Gap, KYHopkins
42441Nebo, KYHopkins
42436Manitou, KYHopkins
42437Morganfield, KYUnion
42445Princeton, KYCaldwell
42450Providence, KYWebster
42442Nortonville, KYHopkins
42444Poole, KYWebster
42431Madisonville, KYHopkins
42411Fredonia, KYCaldwell
40144Harned, KYBreckinridge
40146Irvington, KYBreckinridge
40145Hudson, KYBreckinridge
42419Henderson, KYHenderson
42420Henderson, KYHenderson
40143Hardinsburg, KYBreckinridge
42413Hanson, KYHopkins
42048Hardin, KYMarshall
42047Hampton, KYLivingston
42050Hickman, KYFulton
42049Hazel, KYCalloway
42041Fulton, KYFulton
42040Farmington, KYGraves
42045Grand Rivers, KYLivingston
42044Gilbertsville, KYMarshall
42051Hickory, KYGraves
42060Lovelaceville, KYBallard
42058Ledbetter, KYLivingston
42063Lynnville, KYGraves
42061Lowes, KYGraves
42054Kirksey, KYCalloway
42053Kevil, KYMccracken
42056La Center, KYBallard
42055Kuttawa, KYLyon
42025Benton, KYMarshall
42024Barlow, KYBallard
42028Burna, KYLivingston
42027Boaz, KYGraves
42021Arlington, KYCarlisle
42020Almo, KYCalloway
42023Bardwell, KYCarlisle
42022Bandana, KYBallard
42029Calvert City, KYMarshall
42037Dycusburg, KYCrittenden
42036Dexter, KYCalloway
42039Fancy Farm, KYGraves
42038Eddyville, KYLyon
42032Columbus, KYHickman
42031Clinton, KYHickman
42035Cunningham, KYCarlisle
42033Crayne, KYCrittenden
42759Marrowbone, KYCumberland
42762Millwood, KYGrayson
42757Magnolia, KYLarue
42758Mannsville, KYTaylor
42776Sonora, KYHardin
42782Summersville, KYGreen
42764Mount Sherman, KYLarue
42765Munfordville, KYHart
42755Leitchfield, KYGrayson
42743Greensburg, KYGreen
42746Hardyville, KYHart
42741Glens Fork, KYAdair
42742Gradyville, KYAdair
42753Knifley, KYAdair
42754Leitchfield, KYGrayson
42748Hodgenville, KYLarue
42749Horse Cave, KYHart
40063Saint Mary, KYMarion
40117Ekron, KYMeade
40060Raywick, KYMarion
40062Saint Francis, KYMarion
40108Brandenburg, KYMeade
40104Battletown, KYMeade
40115Custer, KYBreckinridge
40111Cloverport, KYBreckinridge
40049Nerinx, KYMarion
40142Guston, KYMeade
40140Garfield, KYBreckinridge
42784Upton, KYHardin
42788White Mills, KYHardin
40033Lebanon, KYMarion
40037Loretto, KYMarion
40119Falls of Rough, KYGrayson
40009Bradfordsville, KYMarion
42463Wheatcroft, KYWebster
42464White Plains, KYHopkins
42461Uniontown, KYUnion
42462Waverly, KYUnion
42701Elizabethtown, KYHardin
42702Elizabethtown, KYHardin
42629Jamestown, KYRussell
42642Russell Springs, KYRussell
42460Sullivan, KYUnion
42453Saint Charles, KYHopkins
42455Sebree, KYWebster
42451Reed, KYHenderson
42452Robards, KYHenderson
42458Spottsville, KYHenderson
42459Sturgis, KYUnion
42456Slaughters, KYWebster
42457Smith Mills, KYHenderson
42726Clarkson, KYGrayson
42728Columbia, KYAdair
42722Canmer, KYHart
42724Cecilia, KYHardin
42733Elk Horn, KYTaylor
42740Glendale, KYHardin
42729Cub Run, KYHart
42732Eastview, KYHardin
42721Caneyville, KYGrayson
42715Breeding, KYAdair
42716Buffalo, KYLarue
42712Big Clifty, KYGrayson
42713Bonnieville, KYHart
42719Campbellsville, KYTaylor
42720Cane Valley, KYAdair
42717Burkesville, KYCumberland
42718Campbellsville, KYTaylor
42338Dundee, KYOhio
42339Dunmor, KYMuhlenberg
42337Drakesboro, KYMuhlenberg
42333Cromwell, KYOhio
42334Curdsville, KYDaviess
42347Hartford, KYOhio
42348Hawesville, KYHancock
42345Greenville, KYMuhlenberg
42343Fordsville, KYOhio
42344Graham, KYMuhlenberg
42324Belton, KYMuhlenberg
42325Bremen, KYMuhlenberg
42323Beechmont, KYMuhlenberg
42321Beech Creek, KYMuhlenberg
42322Beech Grove, KYMclean
42330Central City, KYMuhlenberg
42332Cleaton, KYMuhlenberg
42328Centertown, KYOhio
42326Browder, KYMuhlenberg
42327Calhoun, KYMclean
42369Rockport, KYOhio
42370Rosine, KYOhio
42368Reynolds Station, KYHancock
42367Powderly, KYMuhlenberg
42368Reynolds Station , KYOhio
42376Utica, KYDaviess
42377West Louisville, KYDaviess
42374South Carrollton, KYMuhlenberg
42371Rumsey, KYMclean
42372Sacramento, KYMclean
42352Livermore, KYMclean
42354Mc Henry, KYOhio
42351Lewisport, KYHancock
42349Horse Branch, KYOhio
42350Island, KYMclean
42364Hawesville, KYHancock
42366Philpot, KYDaviess
42361Olaton, KYOhio
42355Maceo, KYDaviess
42356Maple Mount, KYDaviess
42223Fort Campbell, KYChristian
42232Gracey, KYChristian
42221Fairview, KYChristian
42219Dunbar, KYButler
42220Elkton, KYTodd
42241Hopkinsville, KYChristian
42252Jetson, KYButler
42240Hopkinsville, KYChristian
42234Guthrie, KYTodd
42236Herndon, KYChristian
42207Bee Spring, KYEdmonson
42210Brownsville, KYEdmonson
42206Auburn, KYLogan
42202Adairville, KYLogan
42204Allensville, KYTodd
42216Clifty, KYTodd
42217Crofton, KYChristian
42215Cerulean, KYTrigg
42211Cadiz, KYTrigg
42214Center, KYMetcalfe
42286Trenton, KYTodd
42288Woodbury, KYButler
42285Sweeden, KYEdmonson
42276Russellville, KYLogan
42280Sharon Grove, KYTodd
42304Owensboro, KYDaviess
42320Beaver Dam, KYOhio
42303Owensboro, KYDaviess
42301Owensboro, KYDaviess
42302Owensboro, KYDaviess
42261Morgantown, KYButler
42262Oak Grove, KYChristian
42259Mammoth Cave, KYEdmonson
42254La Fayette, KYChristian
42256Lewisburg, KYLogan
42274Rockfield, KYWarren
42275Roundhill, KYEdmonson
42273Rochester, KYButler
42265Olmstead, KYLogan
42266Pembroke, KYChristian
42410Earlington, KYHopkins
42128Bowling Green, KYWarren
42129Edmonton, KYMetcalfe
42409Dixon, KYWebster
42127Cave City, KYBarren
42122Alvaton, KYWarren
42120Adolphus, KYAllen
42124Beaumont, KYMetcalfe
42123Austin, KYBarren
42141Glasgow, KYBarren
42140Gamaliel, KYMonroe
42406Corydon, KYHenderson
42408Dawson Springs, KYHopkins
42135Franklin, KYSimpson
42131Etoile, KYBarren
42130Eighty Eight, KYBarren
42134Franklin, KYSimpson
42133Fountain Run, KYMonroe
42104Bowling Green, KYWarren
42078Salem, KYLivingston
42076New Concord, KYCalloway
42081Smithland, KYLivingston
42079Sedalia, KYGraves
42071Murray, KYCalloway
42066Mayfield, KYGraves
42064Marion, KYCrittenden
42070Milburn, KYCarlisle
42069Melber, KYGraves
42101Bowling Green, KYWarren
42088Wingo, KYGraves
42103Bowling Green, KYWarren
42102Bowling Green, KYWarren
42087Wickliffe, KYBallard
42083Tiline, KYLivingston
42082Symsonia, KYGraves
42086West Paducah, KYMccracken
42085Water Valley, KYGraves
42404Clay, KYWebster
42159Oakland, KYWarren
42402Baskett, KYHenderson
42160Park City, KYBarren
42166Summer Shade, KYMetcalfe
42164Scottsville, KYAllen
42163Rocky Hill, KYEdmonson
42156Lucas, KYBarren
42153Holland, KYAllen
42154Knob Lick, KYMetcalfe
42157Mount Hermon, KYMonroe
42142Glasgow, KYBarren
42151Hestand, KYMonroe
42152Hiseville, KYBarren
42171Smiths Grove, KYWarren
42167Tompkinsville, KYMonroe
42201Aberdeen, KYButler
42170Woodburn, KYWarren
42378Whitesville, KYDaviess

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