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StateKentucky (KY)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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40282Louisville, KYJefferson
40283Louisville, KYJefferson
40291Louisville, KYJefferson
40292Louisville, KYJefferson
40293Louisville, KYJefferson
40290Louisville, KYJefferson
40285Louisville, KYJefferson
40287Louisville, KYJefferson
40289Louisville, KYJefferson
40266Louisville, KYJefferson
40268Louisville, KYJefferson
40259Louisville, KYJefferson
40261Louisville, KYJefferson
40269Louisville, KYJefferson
40280Louisville, KYJefferson
40281Louisville, KYJefferson
40270Louisville, KYJefferson
40272Louisville, KYJefferson
40604Frankfort, KYFranklin
40618Frankfort, KYFranklin
40619Frankfort, KYFranklin
40601Frankfort, KYFranklin
40602Frankfort, KYFranklin
40603Frankfort, KYFranklin
40620Frankfort, KYFranklin
41045Ghent, KYCarroll
41083Sanders, KYCarroll
41098Worthville, KYCarroll
40621Frankfort, KYFranklin
40622Frankfort, KYFranklin
41008Carrollton, KYCarroll
40297Louisville, KYJefferson
40298Louisville, KYJefferson
40299Louisville, KYJefferson
40294Louisville, KYJefferson
40295Louisville, KYJefferson
40296Louisville, KYJefferson
40324Georgetown, KYScott
40363Perry Park, KYOwen
40370Sadieville, KYScott
40379Stamping Ground, KYScott
40342Lawrenceburg, KYAnderson
40355New Liberty, KYOwen
40359Owenton, KYOwen
40258Louisville, KYJefferson
40057Pleasureville, KYHenry
40056Pewee Valley, KYOldham
40058Port Royal, KYHenry
40065Shelbyville, KYShelby
40059Prospect, KYJefferson
40055Pendleton, KYHenry
40048Nazareth, KYNelson
40047Mount Washington, KYBullitt
40050New Castle, KYHenry
40052New Hope, KYNelson
40051New Haven, KYNelson
40066Shelbyville, KYShelby
40107Boston, KYNelson
40077Westport, KYOldham
40109Brooks, KYBullitt
40118Fairdale, KYJefferson
40110Clermont, KYBullitt
40076Waddy, KYShelby
40068Smithfield, KYHenry
40067Simpsonville, KYShelby
40070Sulphur, KYHenry
40075Turners Station, KYHenry
40071Taylorsville, KYSpencer
40046Mount Eden, KYSpencer
40012Chaplin, KYNelson
40011Campbellsburg, KYHenry
40013Coxs Creek, KYNelson
40018Eastwood, KYJefferson
40014Crestwood, KYOldham
40010Buckner, KYOldham
40004Bardstown, KYNelson
40003Bagdad, KYShelby
40006Bedford, KYTrimble
40008Bloomfield, KYNelson
40007Bethlehem, KYHenry
40019Eminence, KYHenry
40032La Grange, KYOldham
40031La Grange, KYOldham
40036Lockport, KYHenry
40045Milton, KYTrimble
40041Masonic Home, KYJefferson
40027Harrods Creek, KYJefferson
40022Finchville, KYShelby
40020Fairfield, KYNelson
40023Fisherville, KYJefferson
40026Goshen, KYOldham
40025Glenview, KYJefferson
40121Fort Knox, KYHardin
40228Louisville, KYJefferson
40225Louisville, KYJefferson
40229Louisville, KYJefferson
40232Louisville, KYJefferson
40231Louisville, KYJefferson
40224Louisville, KYJefferson
40220Louisville, KYJefferson
40219Louisville, KYJefferson
40221Louisville, KYJefferson
40223Louisville, KYJefferson
40222Louisville, KYJefferson
40233Louisville, KYJefferson
40253Louisville, KYJefferson
40252Louisville, KYJefferson
40255Louisville, KYJefferson
40257Louisville, KYJefferson
40256Louisville, KYJefferson
40251Louisville, KYJefferson
40242Louisville, KYJefferson
40241Louisville, KYJefferson
40243Louisville, KYJefferson
40250Louisville, KYJefferson
40245Louisville, KYJefferson
40218Louisville, KYJefferson
40202Louisville, KYJefferson
40201Louisville, KYJefferson
40203Louisville, KYJefferson
40205Louisville, KYJefferson
40204Louisville, KYJefferson
40177West Point, KYHardin
40129Hillview, KYBullitt
40122Fort Knox, KYHardin
40150Lebanon Junction, KYBullitt
40166Shepherdsville, KYBullitt
40165Shepherdsville, KYBullitt
40206Louisville, KYJefferson
40214Louisville, KYJefferson
40213Louisville, KYJefferson
40215Louisville, KYJefferson
40217Louisville, KYJefferson
40216Louisville, KYJefferson
40212Louisville, KYJefferson
40208Louisville, KYJefferson
40207Louisville, KYJefferson
40209Louisville, KYJefferson
40211Louisville, KYJefferson
40210Louisville, KYJefferson
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