Area Code Details for: 309






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1957


61758Merna, ILMclean
61755Mackinaw, ILTazewell
61655Peoria, ILPeoria
61702Bloomington, ILMclean
62633Easton, ILMason
62617Bath, ILMason
61656Peoria, ILPeoria
61701Bloomington, ILMclean
62374Tennessee, ILMcdonough
62682San Jose, ILMason
62326Colchester, ILMcdonough
61842Farmer City, ILDewitt
62655Kilbourne, ILMason
62644Havana, ILMason
62367Plymouth, ILHancock
62367Plymouth , ILSchuyler
61745Heyworth, ILMclean
61744Gridley, ILMclean
61748Hudson, ILMclean
61747Hopedale, ILTazewell
61742Goodfield, ILWoodford
61736Downs, ILMclean
61734Delavan, ILTazewell
61738El Paso, ILWoodford
61737Ellsworth, ILMclean
61752Le Roy, ILMclean
61774Stanford, ILMclean
61776Towanda, ILMclean
61771Secor, ILWoodford
61772Shirley, ILMclean
61790Normal, ILMclean
61754Mc Lean, ILMclean
61753Lexington, ILMclean
61791Bloomington, ILMclean
61799Bloomington, ILMclean
61709Bloomington, ILMclean
61705Bloomington, ILMclean
61720Anchor, ILMclean
61710Bloomington, ILMclean
61704Bloomington, ILMclean
61760Minonk, ILWoodford
61759Minier, ILTazewell
61770Saybrook, ILMclean
61761Normal, ILMclean
61721Armington, ILTazewell
61731Cropsey, ILMclean
61730Cooksville, ILMclean
61733Deer Creek, ILTazewell
61732Danvers, ILMclean
61729Congerville, ILWoodford
61724Bellflower, ILMclean
61722Arrowsmith, ILMclean
61728Colfax, ILMclean
61725Carlock, ILMclean
61430East Galesburg, ILKnox
61431Ellisville, ILFulton
61432Fairview, ILFulton
61426Castleton, ILStark
61427Cuba, ILFulton
61428Dahinda, ILKnox
61436Gilson, ILKnox
61437Gladstone, ILHenderson
61438Good Hope, ILMcdonough
61433Fiatt, ILFulton
61434Galva, ILHenry
61435Gerlaw, ILWarren
61417Berwick, ILWarren
61418Biggsville, ILHenderson
61419Bishop Hill, ILHenry
61414Altona, ILKnox
61415Avon, ILFulton
61416Bardolph, ILMcdonough
61423Cameron, ILWarren
61424Camp Grove, ILMarshall
61425Carman, ILHenderson
61420Blandinsville, ILMcdonough
61421Bradford, ILStark
61422Bushnell, ILMcdonough
61462Monmouth, ILWarren
61465New Windsor, ILMercer
61466North Henderson, ILMercer
61458Maquon, ILKnox
61459Marietta, ILFulton
61460Media, ILHenderson
61470Prairie City, ILMcdonough
61471Raritan, ILHenderson
61472Rio, ILKnox
61467Oneida, ILKnox
61468Ophiem, ILHenry
61469Oquawka, ILHenderson
61442Keithsburg, ILMercer
61443Kewanee, ILHenry
61447Kirkwood, ILWarren
61439Henderson, ILKnox
61440Industry, ILMcdonough
61441Ipava, ILFulton
61452Littleton, ILSchuyler
61453Little York, ILWarren
61455Macomb, ILMcdonough
61448Knoxville, ILKnox
61449La Fayette, ILStark
61451Laura, ILPeoria
61413Alpha, ILHenry
61244East Moline, ILRock Island
61250Erie, ILWhiteside
61251Fenton, ILWhiteside
61240Coal Valley, ILRock Island
61241Colona, ILHenry
61242Cordova, ILRock Island
61259Illinois City, ILRock Island
61260Joy, ILMercer
61262Lynn Center, ILHenry
61254Geneseo, ILHenry
61256Hampton, ILRock Island
61257Hillsdale, ILRock Island
61231Aledo, ILMercer
61232Andalusia, ILRock Island
61233Andover, ILHenry
61201Rock Island, ILRock Island
61204Rock Island, ILRock Island
61230Albany, ILWhiteside
61237Buffalo Prairie, ILRock Island
61238Cambridge, ILHenry
61239Carbon Cliff, ILRock Island
61234Annawan, ILHenry
61235Atkinson, ILHenry
61236Barstow, ILRock Island
61314Buda, ILBureau
61344Mineral, ILBureau
61345Neponset, ILBureau
61282Silvis, ILRock Island
61284Taylor Ridge, ILRock Island
61299Rock Island, ILRock Island
61410Abingdon, ILKnox
61411Adair, ILMcdonough
61412Alexis, ILMercer
61375Varna, ILMarshall
61401Galesburg, ILKnox
61402Galesburg, ILKnox
61266Moline, ILRock Island
61272New Boston, ILMercer
61273Orion, ILHenry
61263Matherville, ILMercer
61264Milan, ILRock Island
61265Moline, ILRock Island
61278Rapids City, ILRock Island
61279Reynolds, ILRock Island
61281Sherrard, ILMercer
61274Osco, ILHenry
61275Port Byron, ILRock Island
61276Preemption, ILMercer
61601Peoria, ILPeoria
61602Peoria, ILPeoria
61603Peoria, ILPeoria
61570Washburn, ILMarshall
61571Washington, ILTazewell
61572Yates City, ILKnox
61607Peoria, ILPeoria
61610Creve Coeur, ILTazewell
61611East Peoria, ILTazewell
61604Peoria, ILPeoria
61605Peoria, ILPeoria
61606Peoria, ILPeoria
61559Princeville, ILPeoria
61561Roanoke, ILWoodford
61562Rome, ILPeoria
61554Pekin, ILTazewell
61555Pekin, ILTazewell
61558Pekin, ILTazewell
61567Topeka, ILMason
61568Tremont, ILTazewell
61569Trivoli, ILPeoria
61563Saint David, ILFulton
61564South Pekin, ILTazewell
61565Sparland, ILMarshall
61638Peoria, ILPeoria
61639Peoria, ILPeoria
61641Peoria, ILPeoria
61635Peoria, ILPeoria
61636Peoria, ILPeoria
61637Peoria, ILPeoria
61652Peoria, ILPeoria
61653Peoria, ILPeoria
61654Peoria, ILPeoria
61643Peoria, ILPeoria
61650Peoria, ILPeoria
61651Peoria, ILPeoria
61615Peoria, ILPeoria
61616Peoria Heights , ILPeoria
61616Peoria, ILPeoria
61612Peoria, ILPeoria
61613Peoria, ILPeoria
61614Peoria, ILPeoria
61633Peoria, ILPeoria
61634Peoria, ILPeoria
61635East Peoria , ILTazewell
61625Peoria, ILPeoria
61629Peoria, ILPeoria
61630Peoria, ILPeoria
61553Norris, ILFulton
61490Woodhull, ILHenry
61491Wyoming, ILStark
61501Astoria, ILFulton
61486Viola, ILMercer
61488Wataga, ILKnox
61489Williamsfield, ILKnox
61520Canton, ILFulton
61523Chillicothe, ILPeoria
61524Dunfermline, ILFulton
61516Benson, ILWoodford
61517Brimfield, ILPeoria
61519Bryant, ILFulton
61476Seaton, ILMercer
61477Smithfield, ILFulton
61478Smithshire, ILWarren
61473Roseville, ILWarren
61474Saint Augustine, ILKnox
61475Sciota, ILMcdonough
61483Toulon, ILStark
61484Vermont, ILFulton
61485Victoria, ILKnox
61479Speer, ILStark
61480Stronghurst, ILHenderson
61482Table Grove, ILFulton
61542Lewistown, ILFulton
61543Liverpool, ILFulton
61544London Mills, ILFulton
61539Kingston Mines, ILPeoria
61540Lacon, ILMarshall
61541La Rose, ILMarshall
61548Metamora, ILWoodford
61550Morton, ILTazewell
61552Mossville, ILPeoria
61545Lowpoint, ILWoodford
61546Manito, ILMason
61547Mapleton, ILPeoria
61531Farmington, ILFulton
61530Eureka, ILWoodford
61533Glasford, ILPeoria
61532Forest City, ILMason
61526Edelstein, ILPeoria
61525Dunlap, ILPeoria
61529Elmwood, ILPeoria
61528Edwards, ILPeoria
61535Groveland, ILTazewell
61536Hanna City, ILPeoria
61537Henry, ILMarshall
61534Green Valley, ILTazewell

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