Area Code Details for: 208






StateIdaho (ID)
Time ZoneUnknown
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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83656Notus, IDCanyon
83657Ola, IDGem
83654New Meadows, IDAdams
83655New Plymouth, IDPayette
83660Parma, IDCanyon
83669Star, IDAda
83670Sweet, IDGem
83661Payette, IDPayette
83666Placerville, IDBoise
83653Nampa, IDCanyon
83645Midvale, IDWashington
83646Meridian, IDAda
83643Mesa, IDAdams
83644Middleton, IDCanyon
83647Mountain Home, IDElmore
83651Nampa, IDCanyon
83652Nampa, IDCanyon
83648Mountain Home Afb, IDElmore
83650Murphy, IDOwyhee
83671Warren, IDIdaho
83707Boise, IDAda
83708Boise, IDAda
83705Boise, IDAda
83706Boise, IDAda
83709Boise, IDAda
83713Boise, IDAda
83714Garden City, IDAda
83711Boise, IDAda
83712Boise, IDAda
83704Boise, IDAda
83677Yellow Pine, IDValley
83680Meridian, IDAda
83672Weiser, IDWashington
83676Wilder, IDCanyon
83686Nampa, IDCanyon
83702Boise, IDAda
83703Boise, IDAda
83687Nampa, IDCanyon
83701Boise, IDAda
83642Meridian, IDAda
83606Caldwell, IDCanyon
83607Caldwell, IDCanyon
83604Bruneau, IDOwyhee
83605Caldwell, IDCanyon
83610Cambridge, IDWashington
83615Donnelly, IDValley
83616Eagle, IDAda
83611Cascade, IDValley
83612Council, IDAdams
83602Banks, IDBoise
83547Pollock, IDIdaho
83548Reubens, IDLewis
83545Peck, IDNez Perce
83546Pierce, IDClearwater
83549Riggins, IDIdaho
83554White Bird, IDIdaho
83555Winchester, IDLewis
83552Stites, IDIdaho
83553Weippe, IDClearwater
83617Emmett, IDGem
83634Kuna, IDAda
83635Lake Fork, IDValley
83632Indian Valley, IDAdams
83633King Hill, IDElmore
83636Letha, IDGem
83639Marsing, IDOwyhee
83641Melba, IDCanyon
83637Lowman, IDBoise
83638Mccall, IDValley
83631Idaho City, IDBoise
83623Glenns Ferry, IDElmore
83624Grand View, IDOwyhee
83619Fruitland, IDPayette
83622Garden Valley, IDBoise
83626Greenleaf, IDCanyon
83629Horseshoe Bend, IDBoise
83630Huston, IDCanyon
83627Hammett, IDElmore
83628Homedale, IDOwyhee
83847Naples, IDBoundary
83848Nordman, IDBonner
83845Moyie Springs, IDBoundary
83846Mullan, IDShoshone
83849Osburn, IDShoshone
83852Ponderay, IDBonner
83853Porthill, IDBoundary
83850Pinehurst, IDShoshone
83851Plummer, IDBenewah
83844Moscow, IDLatah
83836Hope, IDBonner
83837Kellogg, IDShoshone
83834Harvard, IDLatah
83835Hayden, IDKootenai
83839Kingston, IDShoshone
83842Medimont, IDKootenai
83843Moscow, IDLatah
83840Kootenai, IDBonner
83841Laclede, IDBonner
83854Post Falls, IDKootenai
83870Tensed, IDBenewah
83871Troy, IDLatah
83868Smelterville, IDShoshone
83869Spirit Lake, IDKootenai
83872Viola, IDLatah
83876Worley, IDKootenai
83877Post Falls, IDKootenai
83873Wallace, IDShoshone
83874Murray, IDShoshone
83867Silverton, IDShoshone
83857Princeton, IDLatah
83858Rathdrum, IDKootenai
83855Potlatch, IDLatah
83856Priest River, IDBonner
83860Sagle, IDBonner
83865Colburn, IDBonner
83866Santa, IDBenewah
83861Saint Maries, IDBenewah
83864Sandpoint, IDBonner
83833Harrison, IDKootenai
83735Boise, IDAda
83756Boise, IDAda
83729Boise, IDAda
83732Boise, IDAda
83799Boise, IDAda
83803Bayview, IDKootenai
83804Blanchard, IDBonner
83801Athol, IDKootenai
83802Avery, IDShoshone
83728Boise, IDAda
83717Boise, IDAda
83719Boise, IDAda
83715Boise, IDAda
83716Boise, IDAda
83720Boise, IDAda
83725Boise, IDAda
83726Boise, IDAda
83722Boise, IDAda
83724Boise, IDAda
83805Bonners Ferry, IDBoundary
83823Deary, IDLatah
83824Desmet, IDBenewah
83821Coolin, IDBonner
83822Oldtown, IDBonner
83825Dover, IDBonner
83830Fernwood, IDBenewah
83832Genesee, IDLatah
83826Eastport, IDBoundary
83827Elk River, IDClearwater
83816Coeur D Alene, IDKootenai
83809Careywood, IDBonner
83810Cataldo, IDKootenai
83806Bovill, IDLatah
83808Calder, IDShoshone
83811Clark Fork, IDBonner
83814Coeur D Alene, IDKootenai
83815Coeur D Alene, IDKootenai
83812Clarkia, IDShoshone
83813Cocolalla, IDBonner
83544Orofino, IDClearwater
83283Thatcher, IDFranklin
83285Wayan, IDCaribou
83278Stanley, IDCuster
83281Swanlake, IDBannock
83286Weston, IDFranklin
83302Rogerson, IDTwin Falls
83303Twin Falls, IDTwin Falls
83287Fish Haven, IDBear Lake
83301Twin Falls, IDTwin Falls
83277Springfield, IDBingham
83261Paris, IDBear Lake
83262Pingree, IDBingham
83255Moore, IDButte
83256Moreland, IDBingham
83263Preston, IDFranklin
83274Shelley, IDBingham
83276Soda Springs, IDCaribou
83271Rockland, IDPower
83272Saint Charles, IDBear Lake
83311Albion, IDCassia
83328Filer, IDTwin Falls
83330Gooding, IDGooding
83325Eden, IDJerome
83327Fairfield, IDCamas
83332Hagerman, IDGooding
83335Hazelton, IDJerome
83336Heyburn, IDMinidoka
83333Hailey, IDBlaine
83334Hansen, IDTwin Falls
83324Dietrich, IDLincoln
83314Bliss, IDGooding
83316Buhl, IDTwin Falls
83312Almo, IDCassia
83313Bellevue, IDBlaine
83318Burley, IDCassia
83322Corral, IDCamas
83323Declo, IDCassia
83320Carey, IDBlaine
83321Castleford, IDTwin Falls
83254Montpelier, IDBear Lake
83215Atomic City, IDBingham
83217Bancroft, IDCaribou
83213Arco, IDButte
83214Arimo, IDBannock
83218Basalt, IDBingham
83223Bloomington, IDBear Lake
83226Challis, IDCuster
83220Bern, IDBear Lake
83221Blackfoot, IDBingham
83212Arbon, IDPower
83203Fort Hall, IDBingham
83204Pocatello, IDBannock
83201Pocatello, IDBannock
83202Pocatello, IDBannock
83205Pocatello, IDBannock
83210Aberdeen, IDBingham
83211American Falls, IDPower
83206Pocatello, IDBannock
83209Pocatello, IDBannock
83227Clayton, IDCuster
83244Howe, IDButte
83245Inkom, IDBannock
83241Grace, IDCaribou
83243Holbrook, IDOneida
83246Lava Hot Springs, IDBannock
83252Malad City, IDOneida
83253May, IDLemhi
83250Mccammon, IDBannock
83251Mackay, IDCuster
83239Georgetown, IDBear Lake
83232Dayton, IDFranklin
83233Dingle, IDBear Lake
83228Clifton, IDFranklin
83229Cobalt, IDLemhi
83234Downey, IDBannock
83237Franklin, IDFranklin
83238Geneva, IDBear Lake
83235Ellis, IDCuster
83236Firth, IDBingham
83460Rexburg, IDMadison
83462Carmen, IDLemhi
83454Ucon, IDBonneville
83455Victor, IDTeton
83463Gibbonsville, IDLemhi
83466North Fork, IDLemhi
83467Salmon, IDLemhi
83464Leadore, IDLemhi
83465Lemhi, IDLemhi
83452Tetonia, IDTeton
83444Roberts, IDJefferson
83445Saint Anthony, IDFremont
83442Rigby, IDJefferson
83443Ririe, IDJefferson
83446Spencer, IDClark
83450Terreton, IDJefferson
83451Teton, IDFremont
83448Sugar City, IDMadison
83449Swan Valley, IDBonneville
83468Tendoy, IDLemhi
83536Kamiah, IDLewis
83537Kendrick, IDLatah
83533Greencreek, IDIdaho
83535Juliaetta, IDLatah
83539Kooskia, IDIdaho
83542Lucile, IDIdaho
83543Nezperce, IDLewis
83540Lapwai, IDNez Perce
83541Lenore, IDClearwater
83531Fenn, IDIdaho
83520Ahsahka, IDClearwater
83522Cottonwood, IDIdaho
83469Shoup, IDLemhi
83501Lewiston, IDNez Perce
83523Craigmont, IDLewis
83526Ferdinand, IDIdaho
83530Grangeville, IDIdaho
83524Culdesac, IDNez Perce
83525Elk City, IDIdaho
83441Rexburg, IDMadison
83352Shoshone, IDLincoln
83353Sun Valley, IDBlaine
83349Richfield, IDLincoln
83350Rupert, IDMinidoka
83354Sun Valley, IDBlaine
83402Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83403Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83355Wendell, IDGooding
83401Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83348Picabo, IDBlaine
83340Ketchum, IDBlaine
83341Kimberly, IDTwin Falls
83337Hill City, IDCamas
83338Jerome, IDJerome
83342Malta, IDCassia
83346Oakley, IDCassia
83347Paul, IDMinidoka
83343Minidoka, IDMinidoka
83344Murtaugh, IDTwin Falls
83404Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83431Lewisville, IDJefferson
83433Macks Inn, IDFremont
83428Irwin, IDBonneville
83429Island Park, IDFremont
83434Menan, IDJefferson
83438Parker, IDFremont
83440Rexburg, IDMadison
83435Monteview, IDJefferson
83436Newdale, IDFremont
83427Iona, IDBonneville
83415Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83420Ashton, IDFremont
83405Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83406Idaho Falls, IDBonneville
83421Chester, IDFremont
83424Felt, IDTeton
83425Hamer, IDJefferson
83422Driggs, IDTeton
83423Dubois, IDClark
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