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StateFlorida (FL)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA904
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/26/2024

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32205Jacksonville, FLDuval
32206Jacksonville, FLDuval
32218Jacksonville, FLDuval
32211Jacksonville, FLDuval
32087Sanderson, FLBaker
32216Jacksonville, FLDuval
32212Jacksonville, FLDuval
32208Jacksonville, FLDuval
32217Jacksonville, FLDuval
32207Jacksonville, FLDuval
32209Jacksonville, FLDuval
32210Jacksonville, FLDuval
32214Jacksonville, FLDuval
32065Orange Park, FLClay
32009Bryceville, FLNassau
32006Fleming Island, FLClay
32004Ponte Vedra Beach, FLSaint Johns
32011Callahan, FLNassau
32034Fernandina Beach, FLNassau
32033Elkton, FLSaint Johns
32030Doctors Inlet, FLClay
32259Saint Johns, FLSaint Johns
32258Jacksonville, FLDuval
32257Jacksonville, FLDuval
32260Jacksonville, FLSaint Johns
32003Fleming Island , FLClay
32277Jacksonville, FLDuval
32266Neptune Beach, FLDuval
32044Hampton, FLBradford
32043Green Cove Springs, FLClay
32041Yulee, FLNassau
32046Hilliard, FLNassau
32097Yulee, FLNassau
32099Jacksonville, FLDuval
32050Middleburg, FLClay
32092Saint Augustine, FLSaint Johns
32063Macclenny, FLBaker
32035Fernandina Beach, FLNassau
32095Saint Augustine, FLSaint Johns
32091Starke, FLBradford
32058Lawtey, FLBradford
32040Glen Saint Mary, FLBaker
32256Jacksonville, FLDuval
32228Jacksonville, FLDuval
32227Jacksonville, FLDuval
32226Jacksonville, FLDuval
32229Jacksonville, FLDuval
32233Atlantic Beach, FLDuval
32232Jacksonville, FLDuval
32231Jacksonville, FLDuval
32221Jacksonville, FLDuval
32220Jacksonville, FLDuval
32219Jacksonville, FLDuval
32222Jacksonville, FLDuval
32225Jacksonville, FLDuval
32224Jacksonville, FLDuval
32223Jacksonville, FLDuval
32246Jacksonville, FLDuval
32245Jacksonville, FLDuval
32244Jacksonville, FLDuval
32247Jacksonville, FLDuval
32255Jacksonville, FLDuval
32254Jacksonville, FLDuval
32250Jacksonville Beach, FLDuval
32236Jacksonville, FLDuval
32235Jacksonville, FLDuval
32234Jacksonville, FLDuval
32238Jacksonville, FLDuval
32241Jacksonville, FLDuval
32240Jacksonville Beach, FLDuval
32239Jacksonville, FLDuval
32204Jacksonville, FLDuval
32085Saint Augustine, FLSaint Johns
32081Ponte Vedra, FLSaint Johns
32084Saint Augustine, FLSaint Johns
32079Penney Farms, FLClay
32082Ponte Vedra Beach, FLSaint Johns
32067Orange Park, FLClay
32068Middleburg, FLClay
32080Saint Augustine, FLSaint Johns
32086Saint Augustine, FLSaint Johns
32202Jacksonville, FLDuval
32201Jacksonville, FLDuval
32203Jacksonville, FLDuval
32073Orange Park, FLClay
32145Hastings, FLSaint Johns
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