Area Code Details for: 941






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA813
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date05/28/1995


34215Cortez, FLManatee
34216Anna Maria, FLManatee
34212Bradenton, FLManatee
34210Bradenton, FLManatee
34211Bradenton, FLManatee
34217Bradenton Beach, FLManatee
34221Palmetto, FLManatee
34222Ellenton, FLManatee
34220Palmetto, FLManatee
34218Holmes Beach, FLManatee
34219Parrish, FLManatee
34209Bradenton, FLManatee
33952Port Charlotte, FLCharlotte
33951Punta Gorda, FLCharlotte
33950Punta Gorda, FLCharlotte
33955Punta Gorda, FLCharlotte
33954Port Charlotte, FLCharlotte
33953Port Charlotte, FLCharlotte
33946Placida, FLCharlotte
33938Murdock, FLCharlotte
33927El Jobean, FLCharlotte
33949Port Charlotte, FLCharlotte
33948Port Charlotte, FLCharlotte
33947Rotonda West, FLCharlotte
34205Bradenton, FLManatee
34204Bradenton, FLManatee
34203Bradenton, FLManatee
34208Bradenton, FLManatee
34207Bradenton, FLManatee
34206Bradenton, FLManatee
33982Punta Gorda, FLCharlotte
33981Port Charlotte, FLCharlotte
33980Punta Gorda, FLCharlotte
34202Bradenton, FLManatee
34201Bradenton, FLManatee
33983Punta Gorda, FLCharlotte
34277Sarasota, FLSarasota
34276Sarasota, FLSarasota
34280Bradenton, FLManatee
34282Bradenton, FLManatee
34281Bradenton, FLManatee
34270Tallevast, FLManatee
34264Oneco, FLManatee
34272Laurel, FLSarasota
34275Nokomis, FLSarasota
34274Nokomis, FLSarasota
34284Venice, FLSarasota
34291North Port, FLSarasota
34290North Port, FLSarasota
34292Venice, FLSarasota
34295Englewood, FLSarasota
34293Venice, FLSarasota
34286North Port, FLSarasota
34285Venice, FLSarasota
34287North Port, FLSarasota
34289North Port, FLSarasota
34288North Port, FLSarasota
34260Sarasota, FLManatee
34232Sarasota, FLSarasota
34231Sarasota, FLSarasota
34233Sarasota, FLSarasota
34235Sarasota, FLSarasota
34234Sarasota, FLSarasota
34224Englewood, FLCharlotte
34223Englewood, FLSarasota
34228Longboat Key, FLManatee
34230Sarasota, FLSarasota
34229Osprey, FLSarasota
34236Sarasota, FLSarasota
34243Sarasota, FLManatee
34242Sarasota, FLSarasota
34249Sarasota, FLSarasota
34251Myakka City, FLManatee
34250Terra Ceia, FLManatee
34238Sarasota, FLSarasota
34237Sarasota, FLSarasota
34239Sarasota, FLSarasota
34241Sarasota, FLSarasota
34240Sarasota, FLSarasota

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