Area Code Details for: 509






Time ZoneP
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1957


99118Curlew, WAFerry
99119Cusick, WAPend Oreille
99117Creston, WALincoln
99121Danville, WAFerry
99123Electric City, WAGrant
99122Davenport, WALincoln
98602Appleton, WAKlickitat
98613Centerville, WAKlickitat
99371Washtucna, WAAdams
98605Bingen, WAKlickitat
99363Wallula, WAWalla Walla
99354Richland, WABenton
99356Roosevelt, WAKlickitat
99353West Richland, WABenton
99357Royal City, WAGrant
99352Richland, WABenton
99301Pasco, WAFranklin
99260Spokane, WASpokane
99302Pasco, WAFranklin
98610Carson, WASkamania
99320Benton City, WABenton
99360Touchet, WAWalla Walla
99359Starbuck, WAColumbia
99361Waitsburg, WAWalla Walla
99258Spokane, WASpokane
99256Spokane, WASpokane
99124Elmer City, WAOkanogan
99205Spokane, WASpokane
99206Spokane, WASpokane
99204Spokane, WASpokane
99321Beverly, WAGrant
99207Spokane, WASpokane
99323Burbank, WAWalla Walla
99324College Place, WAWalla Walla
99208Spokane, WASpokane
99322Bickleton, WAKlickitat
99203Spokane, WASpokane
99176Thornton, WAWhitman
99179Uniontown, WAWhitman
99173Springdale, WAStevens
99174Steptoe, WAWhitman
99180Usk, WAPend Oreille
99201Spokane, WASpokane
99202Spokane, WASpokane
99181Valley, WAStevens
99185Wilbur, WALincoln
99326Connell, WAFranklin
99343Mesa, WAFranklin
99341Lind, WAAdams
99345Paterson, WABenton
99344Othello, WAAdams
99338Kennewick, WABenton
99335Kahlotus, WAFranklin
99333Hooper, WAWhitman
99337Kennewick, WABenton
99336Kennewick, WABenton
99346Plymouth, WABenton
99209Spokane, WASpokane
99330Eltopia, WAFranklin
99328Dayton, WAColumbia
99329Dixie, WAWalla Walla
99362Walla Walla, WAWalla Walla
99348Prescott, WAWalla Walla
99347Pomeroy, WAGarfield
99350Prosser, WABenton
99349Mattawa, WAGrant
99171Saint John, WAWhitman
99139Ione, WAPend Oreille
99140Keller, WAFerry
99137Hunters, WAStevens
99138Inchelium, WAFerry
99141Kettle Falls, WAStevens
99146Laurier, WAFerry
99147Lincoln, WALincoln
99143Lacrosse, WAWhitman
99144Lamona, WALincoln
99136Hay, WAWhitman
99128Farmington, WAWhitman
99129Fruitland, WAStevens
99125Endicott, WAWhitman
99126Evans, WAStevens
99130Garfield, WAWhitman
99134Harrington, WALincoln
99135Hartline, WAGrant
99131Gifford, WAStevens
99133Grand Coulee, WAGrant
99148Loon Lake, WAStevens
99161Palouse, WAWhitman
99163Pullman, WAWhitman
99159Odessa, WALincoln
99160Orient, WAFerry
99164Pullman, WAWhitman
99169Ritzville, WAAdams
99170Rosalia, WAWhitman
99166Republic, WAFerry
99167Rice, WAStevens
99158Oakesdale, WAWhitman
99151Marcus, WAStevens
99152Metaline, WAPend Oreille
99149Malden, WAWhitman
99150Malo, WAFerry
99153Metaline Falls, WAPend Oreille
99156Newport, WAPend Oreille
99157Northport, WAStevens
99154Mohler, WALincoln
99155Nespelem, WAOkanogan
99212Spokane, WASpokane
98908Yakima, WAYakima
98907Yakima, WAYakima
99211Spokane, WASpokane
99210Spokane, WASpokane
98920Brownstown, WAYakima
98909Yakima, WAYakima
98948Toppenish, WAYakima
98901Yakima, WAYakima
98950Vantage, WAKittitas
98902Yakima, WAYakima
98904Yakima, WAYakima
98903Yakima, WAYakima
99213Spokane, WASpokane
98947Tieton, WAYakima
98855Tonasket, WAOkanogan
98856Twisp, WAOkanogan
98857Warden, WAGrant
98853Stratford, WAGrant
98850Rock Island, WADouglas
98851Soap Lake, WAGrant
98852Stehekin, WAChelan
98922Cle Elum, WAKittitas
98921Buena, WAYakima
98946Thorp, WAKittitas
98923Cowiche, WAYakima
98858Waterville, WADouglas
98859Wauconda, WAOkanogan
98860Wilson Creek, WAGrant
98951Wapato, WAYakima
99011Fairchild Air Force Base, WASpokane
99012Fairfield, WASpokane
99251Spokane, WASpokane
99009Elk, WASpokane
99224Spokane, WASpokane
99228Spokane, WASpokane
99008Edwall, WALincoln
99018Latah, WASpokane
99019Liberty Lake, WASpokane
99020Marshall, WASpokane
99017Lamont, WAWhitman
99013Ford, WAStevens
99014Four Lakes, WASpokane
99016Greenacres, WASpokane
99223Spokane, WASpokane
99004Cheney, WASpokane
99005Colbert, WASpokane
99006Deer Park, WASpokane
99003Chattaroy, WASpokane
98952White Swan, WAYakima
98953Zillah, WAYakima
99001Airway Heights, WASpokane
99218Spokane, WASpokane
99219Spokane, WASpokane
99220Spokane, WASpokane
99217Spokane, WASpokane
99214Spokane, WASpokane
99215Spokane, WASpokane
99216Spokane, WASpokane
98650Trout Lake, WAKlickitat
98651Underwood, WASkamania
98670Wahkiacus, WAKlickitat
98648Stevenson, WASkamania
98944Sunnyside, WAYakima
99116Coulee Dam, WAOkanogan
98639North Bonneville, WASkamania
98807Wenatchee, WAChelan
98811Ardenvoir, WAChelan
98812Brewster, WAOkanogan
98802East Wenatchee, WADouglas
98672White Salmon, WAKlickitat
98673Wishram, WAKlickitat
98801Wenatchee, WAChelan
98943South Cle Elum, WAKittitas
98935Mabton, WAYakima
98934Kittitas, WAKittitas
98933Harrah, WAYakima
98939Parker, WAYakima
98937Naches, WAYakima
98936Moxee, WAYakima
98938Outlook, WAYakima
98925Easton, WAKittitas
98941Roslyn, WAKittitas
98942Selah, WAYakima
98926Ellensburg, WAKittitas
98932Granger, WAYakima
98930Grandview, WAYakima
98940Ronald, WAKittitas
98813Bridgeport, WADouglas
98837Moses Lake, WAGrant
98840Okanogan, WAOkanogan
98841Omak, WAOkanogan
98836Monitor, WAChelan
98832Marlin, WAGrant
98833Mazama, WAOkanogan
98834Methow, WAOkanogan
98847Peshastin, WAChelan
98848Quincy, WAGrant
98849Riverside, WAOkanogan
98846Pateros, WAOkanogan
98843Orondo, WADouglas
98844Oroville, WAOkanogan
98845Palisades, WADouglas
98831Manson, WAChelan
98819Conconully, WAOkanogan
98821Dryden, WAChelan
98822Entiat, WAChelan
98817Chelan Falls, WAChelan
98814Carlton, WAOkanogan
98815Cashmere, WAChelan
98816Chelan, WAChelan
98828Malaga, WAChelan
98829Malott, WAOkanogan
98830Mansfield, WADouglas
98827Loomis, WAOkanogan
98823Ephrata, WAGrant
98824George, WAGrant
98826Leavenworth, WAChelan
99111Colfax, WAWhitman
99110Clayton, WAStevens
99113Colton, WAWhitman
98635Lyle, WAKlickitat
99109Chewelah, WAStevens
99103Almira, WALincoln
99102Albion, WAWhitman
99105Benge, WAAdams
99104Belmont, WAWhitman
99114Colville, WAStevens
99115Coulee City, WAGrant
98623Husum, WAKlickitat
99401Anatone, WAAsotin
98628Klickitat, WAKlickitat
98620Goldendale, WAKlickitat
99403Clarkston, WAAsotin
99402Asotin, WAAsotin
98619Glenwood, WAKlickitat
98617Dallesport, WAKlickitat
99022Medical Lake, WASpokane
99023Mica, WASpokane
99252Spokane, WASpokane
99021Mead, WASpokane
99025Newman Lake, WASpokane
99027Otis Orchards, WASpokane
99029Reardan, WALincoln
99026Nine Mile Falls, WASpokane
99030Rockford, WASpokane
99031Spangle, WASpokane
99039Waverly, WASpokane
99040Wellpinit, WAStevens
99036Valleyford, WASpokane
99037Veradale, WASpokane
99034Tumtum, WAStevens
99101Addy, WAStevens
98862Winthrop, WAOkanogan
99033Tekoa, WAWhitman
99032Sprague, WALincoln

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