Area Code Details for: 650






StateCalifornia (CA)
Time ZonePacific Time
Parent NPA415
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date08/02/1997

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Current Time

12:09 PM


94303East Palo Alto, CASan Mateo County
94304Palo Alto, CASanta Clara
94305Stanford, CASanta Clara
94301Palo Alto, CASanta Clara
94128San Francisco, CASan Mateo
94302Palo Alto, CASanta Clara
94005Brisbane, CASan Mateo
94303Palo Alto , CASanta Clara
94306Palo Alto, CASanta Clara
94497San Mateo, CASan Mateo
94404San Mateo, CASan Mateo
94038Moss Beach, CASan Mateo
94039Mountain View, CASanta Clara
94401San Mateo, CASan Mateo
94309Palo Alto, CASanta Clara
94403San Mateo, CASan Mateo
94402San Mateo, CASan Mateo
94066San Bruno, CASan Mateo
94070San Carlos, CASan Mateo
94064Redwood City, CASan Mateo
94065Redwood City, CASan Mateo
94083South San Francisco, CASan Mateo
94002Belmont, CASan Mateo
94074San Gregorio, CASan Mateo
94080South San Francisco, CASan Mateo
94063Redwood City, CASan Mateo
94042Mountain View, CASanta Clara
94043Mountain View, CASanta Clara
94040Mountain View, CASanta Clara
94041Mountain View, CASanta Clara
94061Redwood City, CASan Mateo
94062Redwood City, CASan Mateo
94044Pacifica, CASan Mateo
94060Pescadero, CASan Mateo
94021Loma Mar, CASan Mateo
94020La Honda, CASan Mateo
94019Half Moon Bay, CASan Mateo
94024Los Altos, CASanta Clara
94023Los Altos, CASanta Clara
94022Los Altos, CASanta Clara
94018El Granada, CASan Mateo
94014Daly City, CASan Mateo
94011Burlingame, CASan Mateo
94010Burlingame, CASan Mateo
94017Daly City, CASan Mateo
94016Daly City, CASan Mateo
94015Daly City, CASan Mateo
94030Millbrae, CASan Mateo
94028Portola Valley, CASan Mateo
94037Montara, CASan Mateo
94035Mountain View, CASanta Clara
94027Atherton, CASan Mateo
94025Menlo Park, CASan Mateo
94026Menlo Park, CASan Mateo
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