Area Code Details for: 910






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA919
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date11/14/1993


28402Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28403Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28451Leland, NCBrunswick
28330Cordova, NCRichmond
28444Harrells, NCSampson
28443Hampstead, NCPender
28421Atkinson, NCPender
28420Ash, NCBrunswick
28445Holly Ridge, NCOnslow
28411Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28412Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28408Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28407Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28409Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28449Kure Beach, NCNew Hanover
28448Kelly, NCBladen
28450Lake Waccamaw, NCColumbus
28328Clinton, NCSampson
28404Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28447Ivanhoe, NCSampson
28329Clinton, NCSampson
28410Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28406Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28405Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28349Kenansville, NCDuplin
28348Hope Mills, NCCumberland
28350Lakeview, NCMoore
28352Laurinburg, NCScotland
28351Laurel Hill, NCScotland
28343Gibson, NCScotland
28342Falcon, NCCumberland
28344Godwin, NCSampson
28347Hoffman, NCRichmond
28345Hamlet, NCRichmond
28353Laurinburg, NCScotland
28363Marston, NCRichmond
28362Marietta, NCRobeson
28364Maxton, NCRobeson
28367Norman, NCRichmond
28366Newton Grove, NCSampson
28357Lumber Bridge, NCRobeson
28356Linden, NCCumberland
28358Lumberton, NCRobeson
28360Lumberton, NCRobeson
28359Lumberton, NCRobeson
28341Faison, NCDuplin
28331Cumberland, NCCumberland
28428Carolina Beach, NCNew Hanover
28429Castle Hayne, NCNew Hanover
28431Chadbourn, NCColumbus
28430Cerro Gordo, NCColumbus
28423Bolton, NCColumbus
28422Bolivia, NCBrunswick
28424Brunswick, NCColumbus
28425Burgaw, NCPender
28442Hallsboro, NCColumbus
28432Clarendon, NCColumbus
28337Elizabethtown, NCBladen
28335Dunn, NCHarnett
28338Ellerbe, NCRichmond
28340Fairmont, NCRobeson
28339Erwin, NCHarnett
28433Clarkton, NCBladen
28332Dublin, NCBladen
28434Council, NCBladen
28435Currie, NCPender
28334Dunn, NCHarnett
28393Turkey, NCSampson
28304Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28305Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28303Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28469Ocean Isle Beach, NCBrunswick
28468Sunset Beach, NCBrunswick
28467Calabash, NCBrunswick
28306Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28307Fort Bragg, NCCumberland
28470Shallotte, NCBrunswick
28479Winnabow, NCBrunswick
28301Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28480Wrightsville Beach, NCNew Hanover
27371Troy, NCMontgomery
28302Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28472Whiteville, NCColumbus
28478Willard, NCPender
27376West End, NCMoore
28308Pope Army Airfield, NCCumberland
27506Buies Creek, NCHarnett
28457Rocky Point, NCPender
28462Supply, NCBrunswick
27521Coats, NCHarnett
28460Sneads Ferry, NCOnslow
28461Southport, NCBrunswick
28458Rose Hill, NCDuplin
28459Shallotte, NCBrunswick
28309Fayetteville, NCCumberland
27546Lillington, NCHarnett
28465Oak Island, NCBrunswick
28466Wallace, NCDuplin
27552Mamers, NCHarnett
28394Vass, NCMoore
28463Tabor City, NCColumbus
28464Teachey, NCDuplin
28395Wade, NCCumberland
28319Barnesville, NCRobeson
28582Stella, NCCarteret
28323Bunnlevel, NCHarnett
28320Bladenboro, NCBladen
28547Camp Lejeune, NCOnslow
28318Autryville, NCSampson
28574Richlands, NCOnslow
28555Maysville, NCJones
28327Carthage, NCMoore
28399White Oak, NCBladen
28398Warsaw, NCDuplin
28452Longwood, NCBrunswick
28401Wilmington, NCNew Hanover
28454Maple Hill, NCPender
28455Nakina, NCColumbus
28396Wagram, NCScotland
28453Magnolia, NCDuplin
28546Jacksonville, NCOnslow
28311Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28456Riegelwood, NCColumbus
28521Chinquapin, NCDuplin
28312Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28518Beulaville, NCDuplin
27356Star, NCMontgomery
28230Charlotte, NCMecklenburg
28310Fort Bragg, NCCumberland
28314Fayetteville, NCCumberland
28544Midway Park, NCOnslow
28543Tarawa Terrace, NCOnslow
28315Aberdeen, NCMoore
28545Mccutcheon Field, NCOnslow
28540Jacksonville, NCOnslow
28539Hubert, NCOnslow
28542Camp Lejeune, NCOnslow
28541Jacksonville, NCOnslow
28441Garland, NCSampson
28390Spring Lake, NCCumberland
28388Southern Pines, NCMoore
28392Tar Heel, NCBladen
28391Stedman, NCCumberland
28385Salemburg, NCSampson
28384Saint Pauls, NCRobeson
28387Southern Pines, NCMoore
28386Shannon, NCRobeson
27242Eagle Springs, NCMoore
27247Ether, NCMontgomery
27209Biscoe, NCMontgomery
27229Candor, NCMontgomery
27306Mount Gilead, NCMontgomery
27325Robbins, NCMoore
27259Highfalls, NCMoore
27281Jackson Springs, NCMoore
28383Rowland, NCRobeson
28372Pembroke, NCRobeson
28371Parkton, NCRobeson
28374Pinehurst, NCMoore
28373Pinebluff, NCMoore
28370Pinehurst, NCMoore
28438Evergreen, NCColumbus
28439Fair Bluff, NCColumbus
28369Orrum, NCRobeson
28436Delco, NCColumbus
28379Rockingham, NCRichmond
28378Rex, NCRobeson
28382Roseboro, NCSampson
28380Rockingham, NCRichmond
28377Red Springs, NCRobeson
28376Raeford, NCHoke
28375Proctorville, NCRobeson

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