Area Code Details for: 919






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1954


27703Durham, NCDurham
27704Durham, NCDurham
27701Durham, NCDurham
27702Durham, NCDurham
27707Durham, NCDurham
27708Durham, NCDurham
27705Durham, NCDurham
27706Durham, NCDurham
27699Raleigh, NCWake
27690Raleigh, NCWake
27676Raleigh, NCWake
27697Raleigh, NCWake
27695Raleigh, NCWake
27661Raleigh, NCWake
27698Raleigh, NCWake
27675Raleigh, NCWake
27668Raleigh, NCWake
27709Durham, NCDurham
28326Cameron, NCHarnett
28333Dudley, NCWayne
27894Wilson, NCWilson
28325Calypso, NCDuplin
28368Olivia, NCHarnett
28508Albertson, NCDuplin
28355Lemon Springs, NCLee
28365Mount Olive, NCWayne
27863Pikeville, NCWayne
27712Durham, NCDurham
27713Durham, NCDurham
27710Durham, NCDurham
27711Durham, NCDurham
27722Durham, NCDurham
27830Fremont, NCWayne
27715Durham, NCDurham
27717Durham, NCDurham
27525Franklinton, NCFranklin
27524Four Oaks, NCJohnston
27523Apex, NCWake
27528Clayton, NCJohnston
27527Clayton, NCJohnston
27526Fuquay Varina, NCWake
27522Creedmoor, NCGranville
27517Chapel Hill, NCOrange
27516Chapel Hill, NCOrange
27515Chapel Hill, NCOrange
27520Clayton, NCJohnston
27519Cary, NCWake
27518Cary, NCWake
27529Garner, NCWake
27545Knightdale, NCWake
27543Kipling, NCHarnett
27542Kenly, NCJohnston
27559Moncure, NCChatham
27555Micro, NCJohnston
27549Louisburg, NCFranklin
27540Holly Springs, NCWake
27532Goldsboro, NCWayne
27531Goldsboro, NCWayne
27530Goldsboro, NCWayne
27539Apex, NCWake
27534Goldsboro, NCWayne
27533Goldsboro, NCWayne
27312Pittsboro, NCChatham
27302Mebane, NCAlamance
27278Hillsborough, NCOrange
27332Sanford, NCLee
27331Sanford, NCLee
27330Sanford, NCLee
27256Gulf, NCChatham
27228Bynum, NCChatham
27213Bonlee, NCChatham
27207Bear Creek, NCChatham
27252Goldston, NCChatham
27243Efland, NCOrange
27231Cedar Grove, NCOrange
27344Siler City, NCChatham
27511Cary, NCWake
27510Carrboro, NCOrange
27509Butner, NCGranville
27514Chapel Hill, NCOrange
27513Cary, NCWake
27512Cary, NCWake
27508Bunn, NCFranklin
27503Bahama, NCDurham
27502Apex, NCWake
27501Angier, NCHarnett
27507Bullock, NCGranville
27505Broadway, NCLee
27504Benson, NCJohnston
27619Raleigh, NCWake
27617Raleigh, NCWake
27616Raleigh, NCWake
27622Raleigh, NCWake
27621Raleigh, NCWake
27620Raleigh, NCWake
27615Raleigh, NCWake
27611Raleigh, NCWake
27610Raleigh, NCWake
27609Raleigh, NCWake
27614Raleigh, NCWake
27613Raleigh, NCWake
27612Raleigh, NCWake
27623Raleigh, NCWake
27640Raleigh, NCWake
27636Raleigh, NCWake
27635Raleigh, NCWake
27658Raleigh, NCWake
27656Raleigh, NCWake
27650Raleigh, NCWake
27634Raleigh, NCWake
27626Raleigh, NCWake
27625Raleigh, NCWake
27624Raleigh, NCWake
27629Raleigh, NCWake
27628Raleigh, NCWake
27627Raleigh, NCWake
27581Stem, NCGranville
27577Smithfield, NCJohnston
27576Selma, NCJohnston
27588Wake Forest, NCWake
27587Wake Forest, NCWake
27582Stovall, NCGranville
27572Rougemont, NCDurham
27565Oxford, NCGranville
27562New Hill, NCWake
27560Morrisville, NCWake
27571Rolesville, NCWake
27569Princeton, NCJohnston
27568Pine Level, NCJohnston
27591Wendell, NCWake
27605Raleigh, NCWake
27604Raleigh, NCWake
27603Raleigh, NCWake
27608Raleigh, NCWake
27607Raleigh, NCWake
27606Raleigh, NCWake
27602Raleigh, NCWake
27596Youngsville, NCFranklin
27593Wilsons Mills, NCJohnston
27592Willow Spring, NCWake
27601Raleigh, NCWake
27599Chapel Hill, NCOrange
27597Zebulon, NCWake

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