Area Code Details for: 979






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA409
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/19/2000


77474Sealy, TXAustin
77473San Felipe, TXAustin
77470Rock Island, TXColorado
77482Van Vleck, TXMatagorda
77480Sweeny, TXBrazoria
77475Sheridan, TXColorado
77468Pledger, TXMatagorda
77457Matagorda, TXMatagorda
77456Markham, TXMatagorda
77455Louise, TXWharton
77467Pierce, TXWharton
77463Old Ocean, TXBrazoria
77460Nada, TXColorado
77542Freeport, TXBrazoria
77541Freeport, TXBrazoria
77534Danbury, TXBrazoria
77802Bryan, TXBrazos
77801Bryan, TXBrazos
77566Lake Jackson, TXBrazoria
77531Clute, TXBrazoria
77486West Columbia, TXBrazoria
77485Wallis, TXAustin
77483Wadsworth, TXMatagorda
77516Angleton, TXBrazoria
77515Angleton, TXBrazoria
77488Wharton, TXWharton
77430Damon, TXBrazoria
77426Chappell Hill, TXWashington
77422Brazoria, TXBrazoria
77434Eagle Lake, TXColorado
77432Danevang, TXWharton
77431Danciger, TXBrazoria
77420Boling, TXWharton
77414Bay City, TXMatagorda
77412Altair, TXColorado
77404Bay City, TXMatagorda
77418Bellville, TXAustin
77417Beasley, TXFort Bend
77415Cedar Lane, TXMatagorda
77451Kendleton, TXFort Bend
77448Hungerford, TXWharton
77446Prairie View, TXWaller
77454Lissie, TXWharton
77453Lane City, TXWharton
77452Kenney, TXAustin
77445Hempstead, TXWaller
77437El Campo, TXWharton
77436Egypt, TXWharton
77435East Bernard, TXWharton
77444Guy, TXFort Bend
77443Glen Flora, TXWharton
77442Garwood, TXColorado
77803Bryan, TXBrazos
78940Fayetteville, TXFayette
78938Ellinger, TXFayette
78935Alleyton, TXColorado
78944Industry, TXAustin
78943Glidden, TXColorado
78942Giddings, TXLee
78934Columbus, TXColorado
77882Wheelock, TXRobertson
77881Wellborn, TXBrazos
77879Somerville, TXBurleson
78933Cat Spring, TXAustin
78932Carmine, TXFayette
78931Bleiblerville, TXAustin
78960Warda, TXFayette
78956Schulenburg, TXFayette
78954Round Top, TXFayette
78963West Point, TXFayette
78962Weimar, TXColorado
78961Warrenton, TXFayette
78952Plum, TXFayette
78947Lexington, TXLee
78946Ledbetter, TXFayette
78945La Grange, TXFayette
78951Oakland, TXColorado
78950New Ulm, TXAustin
78948Lincoln, TXLee
77878Snook, TXBurleson
77838Chriesman, TXBurleson
77837Calvert, TXRobertson
77836Caldwell, TXBurleson
77842College Station, TXBrazos
77841College Station, TXBrazos
77840College Station, TXBrazos
77835Burton, TXWashington
77807Bryan, TXBrazos
77806Bryan, TXBrazos
77805Bryan, TXBrazos
77834Brenham, TXWashington
77833Brenham, TXWashington
77808Bryan, TXBrazos
77863Lyons, TXBurleson
77862Kurten, TXBrazos
77859Hearne, TXRobertson
77870New Baden, TXRobertson
77867Mumford, TXRobertson
77866Millican, TXBrazos
77857Gause, TXMilam
77845College Station, TXBrazos
77844College Station, TXBrazos
77843College Station, TXBrazos
77856Franklin, TXRobertson
77853Dime Box, TXLee
77852Deanville, TXBurleson

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