Area Code Details for: 734






StateMichigan (MI)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA313
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date12/13/1997

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Current Time

7:12 AM


48239Redford, MIWayne
48198Ypsilanti, MIWashtenaw
48197Ypsilanti, MIWashtenaw
49267Ottawa Lake, MIMonroe
48111Belleville, MIWayne
48112Belleville, MIWayne
48113Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48195Southgate, MIWayne
48189Whitmore Lake, MIWashtenaw
48188Canton, MIWayne
48187Canton, MIWayne
48190Whittaker, MIWashtenaw
48193Riverview, MIWayne
48192Wyandotte, MIWayne
48191Willis, MIWashtenaw
48110Azalia, MIMonroe
48134Flat Rock, MIWayne
48135Garden City, MIWayne
48117Carleton, MIMonroe
48133Erie, MIMonroe
48118Chelsea, MIWashtenaw
48130Dexter, MIWashtenaw
48131Dundee, MIMonroe
48115Bridgewater, MIWashtenaw
48107Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48108Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48109Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48106Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48103Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48104Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48105Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw
48186Westland, MIWayne
48154Livonia, MIWayne
48157Luna Pier, MIMonroe
48152Livonia, MIWayne
48153Livonia, MIWayne
48160Milan, MIMonroe
48161Monroe, MIMonroe
48158Manchester, MIWashtenaw
48159Maybee, MIMonroe
48140Ida, MIMonroe
48144Lambertville, MIMonroe
48137Gregory, MILivingston
48136Garden City, MIWayne
48138Grosse Ile, MIWayne
48151Livonia, MIWayne
48145La Salle, MIMonroe
48150Livonia, MIWayne
48162Monroe, MIMonroe
48183Trenton, MIWayne
48185Westland, MIWayne
48182Temperance, MIMonroe
48177Samaria, MIMonroe
48184Wayne, MIWayne
48176Saline, MIWashtenaw
49270Petersburg, MIMonroe
48174Romulus, MIWayne
48179South Rockwood, MIMonroe
48166Newport, MIMonroe
48164New Boston, MIWayne
48173Rockwood, MIWayne
48170Plymouth, MIWayne
48169Pinckney, MILivingston
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