Area Code Details for: 832






StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA713
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/16/1999

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Current Time

3:31 PM


77203Houston, TXHarris
77202Houston, TXHarris
77201Houston, TXHarris
77207Houston, TXHarris
77206Houston, TXHarris
77204Houston, TXHarris
77010Houston, TXHarris
77004Houston, TXHarris
77003Houston, TXHarris
77060Houston, TXHarris
77052Houston, TXHarris
77042Houston, TXHarris
77219Houston, TXHarris
77218Houston, TXHarris
77217Houston, TXHarris
77222Houston, TXHarris
77221Houston, TXHarris
77220Houston, TXHarris
77212Houston, TXHarris
77210Houston, TXHarris
77208Houston, TXHarris
77216Houston, TXHarris
77215Houston, TXHarris
77213Houston, TXHarris
77429Cypress, TXHarris
77433Cypress, TXHarris
77449Katy, TXHarris
77389Spring, TXHarris
77406Richmond, TXFort Bend
77410Cypress, TXHarris
77523Baytown , TXChambers
77539Dickinson, TXGalveston
77580Mont Belvieu, TXChambers
77469Richmond, TXFort Bend
77471Rosenberg, TXFort Bend
77498Sugar Land, TXFort Bend
77297Houston, TXHarris
77299Houston, TXHarris
77328Cleveland, TXLiberty
77002Houston, TXHarris
77001Houston, TXHarris
77293Houston, TXHarris
77377Tomball, TXHarris
77383Spring, TXHarris
77388Spring, TXHarris
77357New Caney, TXMontgomery
77372Splendora, TXMontgomery
77373Spring, TXHarris
77223Houston, TXHarris
77268Houston, TXHarris
77267Houston, TXHarris
77266Houston, TXHarris
77269Houston, TXHarris
77272Houston, TXHarris
77271Houston, TXHarris
77270Houston, TXHarris
77259Houston, TXHarris
77258Houston, TXHarris
77257Houston, TXHarris
77261Houston, TXHarris
77265Houston, TXHarris
77263Houston, TXHarris
77262Houston, TXHarris
77282Houston, TXHarris
77280Houston, TXHarris
77290Houston, TXHarris
77289Houston, TXHarris
77287Houston, TXHarris
77284Houston, TXHarris
77288Houston, TXHarris
77275Houston, TXHarris
77274Houston, TXHarris
77273Houston, TXHarris
77277Houston, TXHarris
77291Houston, TXHarris
77279Houston, TXHarris
77292Houston, TXHarris
77234Houston, TXHarris
77233Houston, TXHarris
77231Houston, TXHarris
77235Houston, TXHarris
77238Houston, TXHarris
77237Houston, TXHarris
77236Houston, TXHarris
77226Houston, TXHarris
77225Houston, TXHarris
77224Houston, TXHarris
77227Houston, TXHarris
77230Houston, TXHarris
77229Houston, TXHarris
77228Houston, TXHarris
77252Houston, TXHarris
77251Houston, TXHarris
77249Houston, TXHarris
77253Houston, TXHarris
77256Houston, TXHarris
77255Houston, TXHarris
77254Houston, TXHarris
77242Houston, TXHarris
77241Houston, TXHarris
77240Houston, TXHarris
77243Houston, TXHarris
77248Houston, TXHarris
77245Houston, TXHarris
77244Houston, TXHarris
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