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StatePennsylvania (PA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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17110Harrisburg, PADauphin
17120Harrisburg, PADauphin
17098Williamstown, PADauphin
17111Harrisburg, PADauphin
17113Harrisburg, PADauphin
17099Yeagertown, PAMifflin
17112Harrisburg, PADauphin
17103Harrisburg, PADauphin
17102Harrisburg, PADauphin
17105Harrisburg, PADauphin
17104Harrisburg, PADauphin
17101Harrisburg, PADauphin
17108Harrisburg, PADauphin
17109Harrisburg, PADauphin
17106Harrisburg, PADauphin
17107Harrisburg, PADauphin
17061Millersburg, PADauphin
17062Millerstown, PAPerry
17059Mifflintown, PAJuniata
17057Middletown, PADauphin
17058Mifflin, PAJuniata
17067Myerstown, PALebanon
17090Shermans Dale, PAPerry
17065Mount Holly Springs, PACumberland
17063Milroy, PAMifflin
17064Mount Gretna, PALebanon
17049Mc Alisterville, PAJuniata
17050Mechanicsburg, PACumberland
17048Lykens, PADauphin
17046Lebanon, PALebanon
17047Loysville, PAPerry
17055Mechanicsburg, PACumberland
17056Mexico, PAJuniata
17054Mattawana, PAMifflin
17051Mc Veytown, PAMifflin
17053Marysville, PAPerry
17082Port Royal, PAJuniata
17081Plainfield, PACumberland
17083Quentin, PALebanon
17085Rexmont, PALebanon
17084Reedsville, PAMifflin
17076Oakland Mills, PAJuniata
17077Ono, PALebanon
17074Newport, PAPerry
17080Pillow, PADauphin
17078Palmyra, PALebanon
17069New Buffalo, PAPerry
17070New Cumberland , PAYork
17088Schaefferstown, PALebanon
17068New Bloomfield, PAPerry
17089Camp Hill, PACumberland
17087Richland, PALebanon
17086Richfield, PAJuniata
17072New Kingstown, PACumberland
17070New Cumberland, PACumberland
17071New Germantown, PAPerry
17045Liverpool, PAPerry
17016Cornwall, PALebanon
17018Dauphin, PADauphin
17015Carlisle, PACumberland
17013Carlisle, PACumberland
17014Cocolamus, PAJuniata
17022Elizabethtown, PALancaster
17023Elizabethville, PADauphin
17021East Waterford, PAJuniata
17019Dillsburg, PAYork
17020Duncannon, PAPerry
17004Belleville, PAMifflin
17005Berrysburg, PADauphin
17003Annville, PALebanon
17001Camp Hill, PACumberland
17002Allensville, PAMifflin
17010Campbelltown, PALebanon
17011Camp Hill, PACumberland
17009Burnham, PAMifflin
17006Blain, PAPerry
17007Boiling Springs, PACumberland
17038Jonestown, PALebanon
17039Kleinfeltersville, PALebanon
17037Ickesburg, PAPerry
17035Honey Grove, PAJuniata
17036Hummelstown, PADauphin
17043Lemoyne, PACumberland
17044Lewistown, PAMifflin
17042Lebanon, PALebanon
17040Landisburg, PAPerry
17041Lawn, PALebanon
17027Grantham, PACumberland
17028Grantville, PADauphin
17026Fredericksburg, PALebanon
17024Elliottsburg, PAPerry
17025Enola, PACumberland
17033Hershey, PADauphin
17034Highspire, PADauphin
17032Halifax, PADauphin
17029Granville, PAMifflin
17030Gratz, PADauphin
17121Harrisburg, PADauphin
17404York, PAYork
17403York, PAYork
17402York, PAYork
17405York, PAYork
17408York, PAYork
17407York, PAYork
17406York, PAYork
17401York, PAYork
17368Wrightsville, PAYork
17366Windsor, PAYork
17365Wellsville, PAYork
17370York Haven, PAYork
17375Peach Glen, PAAdams
17372York Springs, PAAdams
17371York New Salem, PAYork
17517Denver, PALancaster
17516Conestoga, PALancaster
17512Columbia, PALancaster
17518Drumore, PALancaster
17521Elm, PALancaster
17520East Petersburg, PALancaster
17519East Earl, PALancaster
17508Brownstown, PALancaster
17503Bart, PALancaster
17502Bainbridge, PALancaster
17501Akron, PALancaster
17504Bausman, PALancaster
17507Bowmansville, PALancaster
17506Blue Ball, PALancaster
17505Bird in Hand, PALancaster
17364Thomasville, PAYork
17335Hanover, PAYork
17334Hanover, PAYork
17333Hanover, PAYork
17337Idaville, PAAdams
17342Loganville, PAYork
17340Littlestown, PAAdams
17339Lewisberry, PAYork
17332Hanover, PAYork
17324Gardners, PAAdams
17323Franklintown, PAYork
17322Felton, PAYork
17325Gettysburg, PAAdams
17331Hanover, PAYork
17329Glenville, PAYork
17327Glen Rock, PAYork
17358Rossville, PAYork
17356Red Lion, PAYork
17355Railroad, PAYork
17360Seven Valleys, PAYork
17363Stewartstown, PAYork
17362Spring Grove, PAYork
17361Shrewsbury, PAYork
17353Orrtanna, PAAdams
17345Manchester, PAYork
17344Mc Sherrystown, PAAdams
17343Mc Knightstown, PAAdams
17347Mount Wolf, PAYork
17352New Park, PAYork
17350New Oxford, PAAdams
17349New Freedom, PAYork
17522Ephrata, PALancaster
17585Witmer, PALancaster
17584Willow Street, PALancaster
17582Washington Boro, PALancaster
17601Lancaster, PALancaster
17604Lancaster, PALancaster
17603Lancaster, PALancaster
17602Lancaster, PALancaster
17581Terre Hill, PALancaster
17575Silver Spring, PALancaster
17573Lancaster, PALancaster
17572Ronks, PALancaster
17576Smoketown, PALancaster
17580Talmage, PALancaster
17579Strasburg, PALancaster
17578Stevens, PALancaster
17094Thompsontown, PAJuniata
17097Wiconisco, PADauphin
19501Adamstown, PALancaster
17093Summerdale, PACumberland
19507Bethel, PABerks
19544Mount Aetna, PABerks
19550Rehrersburg, PABerks
17729Cross Fork, PAPotter
17607Lancaster, PALancaster
17606Lancaster, PALancaster
17605Lancaster, PALancaster
17608Lancaster, PALancaster
17699Lancaster, PALancaster
17622Lancaster, PALancaster
17611Lancaster, PALancaster
17570Rheems, PALancaster
17540Leola, PALancaster
17538Landisville, PALancaster
17537Lampeter, PALancaster
17543Lititz, PALancaster
17549Martindale, PALancaster
17547Marietta, PALancaster
17545Manheim, PALancaster
17536Kirkwood, PALancaster
17529Gordonville, PALancaster
17528Goodville, PALancaster
17527Gap, PALancaster
17532Holtwood, PALancaster
17535Kinzers, PALancaster
17534Intercourse, PALancaster
17533Hopeland, PALancaster
17565Pequea, PALancaster
17564Penryn, PALancaster
17563Peach Bottom, PALancaster
17566Quarryville, PALancaster
17569Reinholds, PALancaster
17568Refton, PALancaster
17567Reamstown, PALancaster
17562Paradise, PALancaster
17552Mount Joy, PALancaster
17551Millersville, PALancaster
17550Maytown, PALancaster
17554Mountville, PALancaster
17560New Providence, PALancaster
17557New Holland, PALancaster
17555Narvon, PALancaster
17237Mont Alto, PAFranklin
17236Mercersburg, PAFranklin
17238Needmore, PAFulton
17241Newville, PACumberland
17240Newburg, PACumberland
17231Lemasters, PAFranklin
17229Hustontown, PAFulton
17232Lurgan, PAFranklin
17235Marion, PAFranklin
17233Mc Connellsburg, PAFulton
17126Harrisburg, PADauphin
17251Roxbury, PAFranklin
17252Saint Thomas, PAFranklin
17256Shady Grove, PAFranklin
17254Scotland, PAFranklin
17244Orrstown, PAFranklin
17127Harrisburg, PADauphin
17246Pleasant Hall, PAFranklin
17250Rouzerville, PAFranklin
17247Quincy, PAFranklin
17228Harrisonville, PAFulton
17177Harrisburg, PADauphin
17201Chambersburg, PAFranklin
17140Harrisburg, PADauphin
17129Harrisburg, PADauphin
17130Harrisburg, PADauphin
17213Blairs Mills, PAHuntingdon
17214Blue Ridge Summit, PAFranklin
17212Big Cove Tannery, PAFulton
17202Chambersburg, PAFranklin
17210Amberson, PAFranklin
17222Fayetteville, PAFranklin
17221Fannettsburg, PAFranklin
17223Fort Littleton, PAFulton
17225Greencastle, PAFranklin
17224Fort Loudon, PAFranklin
17215Burnt Cabins, PAFulton
17128Harrisburg, PADauphin
17217Concord, PAFranklin
17220Dry Run, PAFranklin
17219Doylesburg, PAFranklin
17257Shippensburg, PACumberland
17311Codorus, PAYork
17310Cashtown, PAAdams
17312Craley, PAYork
17314Delta, PAYork
17313Dallastown, PAYork
17304Aspers, PAAdams
17303Arendtsville, PAAdams
17306Bendersville, PAAdams
17309Brogue, PAYork
17307Biglerville, PAAdams
17123Harrisburg, PADauphin
17319Etters, PAYork
17122Harrisburg, PADauphin
17321Fawn Grove, PAYork
17320Fairfield, PAAdams
17316East Berlin, PAAdams
17315Dover, PAYork
17317East Prospect, PAYork
17124Harrisburg, PADauphin
17318Emigsville, PAYork
17265Upperstrasburg, PAFranklin
17266Walnut Bottom, PACumberland
17263State Line, PAFranklin
17261South Mountain, PAFranklin
17262Spring Run, PAFranklin
17267Warfordsburg, PAFulton
17268Waynesboro, PAFranklin
17271Willow Hill, PAFranklin
17272Zullinger, PAFranklin
17301Abbottstown, PAAdams
17125Harrisburg, PADauphin
17302Airville, PAYork
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