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StateUtah (UT)
Time ZoneMountain Time
Parent NPA801
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date09/21/1997

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84026Ouray, UTUintah
84027Fruitland, UTDuchesne
84333Richmond, UTCache
84330Plymouth, UTBox Elder
84331Portage, UTBox Elder
84766Sevier, UTSevier
84765Santa Clara, UTWashington
84764Bryce, UTGarfield
84770Saint George, UTWashington
84767Zion National Park, UTWashington
84767Springdale , UTWashington
84329Park Valley, UTBox Elder
84328Paradise, UTCache
84026Gusher, UTUintah
84763Rockville, UTWashington
84762Duck Creek Village, UTKane
84761Parowan, UTIron
84008Bonanza, UTUintah
84754Austin, UTSevier
84325Mendon, UTCache
84752Minersville, UTBeaver
84754Monroe , UTSevier
84754Central Valley, UTSevier
84755Mount Carmel, UTKane
84332Providence, UTCache
84757New Harmony, UTWashington
84756Newcastle, UTIron
84758Orderville, UTKane
84751Milford, UTBeaver
84327Newton, UTCache
84007Bluebell, UTDuchesne
84029Grantsville , UTTooele
84326Millville, UTCache
84759Panguitch, UTGarfield
84334Riverside, UTBox Elder
84753Modena, UTIron
84760Paragonah, UTIron
84535Monticello, UTSan Juan
84534Montezuma Creek, UTSan Juan
84537Orangeville, UTEmery
84536Monument Valley New, UTSan Juan
84533Halls Crossing, UTSan Juan
84533Bullfrog, UTSan Juan
84533Ticaboo, UTSan Juan
84533Hite, UTSan Juan
84539Sunnyside, UTCarbon
84622Centerfield, UTSanpete
84621Axtell, UTSanpete
84624Delta, UTMillard
84623Chester, UTSanpete
84540Green River, UTGrand
84540Thompson , UTGrand
84620Aurora, UTSevier
84542Wellington, UTCarbon
84724Elsinore, UTSevier
84522Emery, UTEmery
84725Enterprise, UTWashington
84523Ferron, UTEmery
84722Central, UTWashington
84721Cedar City, UTIron
84521Elmo, UTEmery
84723Circleville, UTPiute
84525Green River, UTEmery
84532Moab , UTGrand
84531Mexican Hat, UTSan Juan
84533Lake Powell , UTSan Juan
84532Castle Valley, UTGrand
84528Huntington, UTEmery
84526Helper, UTCarbon
84530La Sal, UTSan Juan
84529Kenilworth, UTCarbon
84647Mount Pleasant, UTSanpete
84646Moroni, UTSanpete
84649Oak City, UTMillard
84648Nephi, UTJuab
84728Garrison, UTMillard
84643Mayfield, UTSanpete
84645Mona, UTJuab
84644Meadow, UTMillard
84652Redmond, UTSevier
84667Wales, UTSanpete
84665Sterling, UTSanpete
84730Glenwood, UTSevier
84729Glendale, UTKane
84656Scipio, UTMillard
84654Salina, UTSevier
84662Spring City, UTSanpete
84657Sigurd, UTSevier
84726Escalante, UTGarfield
84630Fayette, UTSanpete
84632Fountain Green, UTSanpete
84631Fillmore, UTMillard
84628Eureka, UTJuab
84627Ephraim, UTSanpete
84629Thistle, UTSanpete
84629Fairview , UTSanpete
84634Gunnison, UTSanpete
84639Levan, UTJuab
84638Leamington, UTMillard
84642Manti, UTSanpete
84640Lynndyl, UTMillard
84635Abraham, UTMillard
84635Hinckley , UTMillard
84637Kanosh, UTMillard
84636Holden, UTMillard
84720Pintura, UTIron
84337Penrose, UTBox Elder
84337Tremonton , UTBox Elder
84029Lakeside, UTTooele
84750Marysvale, UTPiute
84002Altonah, UTDuchesne
84001Altamont, UTDuchesne
84336Snowville, UTBox Elder
84335Amalga, UTCache
84028Garden City, UTRich
84338Trenton, UTCache
84739Joseph, UTSevier
84738Ivins, UTWashington
84339Wellsville, UTCache
84741Kanab , UTKane
84741Big Water, UTKane
84740Junction, UTPiute
84337Thatcher, UTBox Elder
84776Tropic, UTGarfield
84775Torrey, UTWayne
84779Springdale, UTWashington
84779Virgin , UTWashington
84772Summit, UTIron
84771Saint George, UTWashington
84774Toquerville, UTWashington
84773Teasdale, UTWayne
84780Washington, UTWashington
84335Smithfield , UTCache
84784Hildale, UTWashington
84791Saint George, UTWashington
84790Saint George, UTWashington
84782Veyo , UTWashington
84781Pine Valley, UTWashington
84783Dammeron Valley, UTWashington
84782Brookside, UTWashington
84701Venice, UTSevier
84520East Carbon, UTCarbon
84711Annabella, UTSevier
84710Alton, UTKane
84516Clawson, UTEmery
84515Cisco, UTGrand
84701Richfield , UTSevier
84518Cleveland, UTEmery
84712Antimony, UTGarfield
84719Brian Head, UTIron
84718Cannonville, UTGarfield
84720Enoch, UTIron
84720Cedar City , UTIron
84714Beryl, UTIron
84713Beaver, UTBeaver
84716Boulder, UTGarfield
84715Bicknell, UTWayne
84732Greenwich, UTPiute
84733Gunlock, UTWashington
84731Adamsville, UTBeaver
84340Willard, UTBox Elder
84736Henrieville, UTGarfield
84737Hurricane, UTWashington
84734Hanksville, UTWayne
84735Hatch, UTGarfield
84341Logan , UTCache
84511White Mesa, UTSan Juan
84511Blanding , UTSan Juan
84513Castle Dale, UTEmery
84512Bluff, UTSan Juan
84341North Logan, UTCache
84731Greenville , UTBeaver
84510Aneth, UTSan Juan
84501Price, UTCarbon
84074Erda, UTTooele
84074Tooele , UTTooele
84074Lake Point, UTTooele
84076Tridell, UTUintah
84074Stansbury Park, UTTooele
84071Stockton , UTTooele
84069Rush Valley, UTTooele
84071Ophir, UTTooele
84073Talmage, UTDuchesne
84072Tabiona, UTDuchesne
84083Greenhaven, UTTooele
84083Wendover , UTTooele
84083Partoun, UTTooele
84085Whiterocks, UTUintah
84083Trout Creek, UTTooele
84078Naples, UTUintah
84078Vernal , UTUintah
84079Vernal, UTUintah
84082Wallsburg, UTWasatch
84080Vernon, UTTooele
84068Park City, UTSummit
84039Lapoint, UTUintah
84038Laketown, UTRich
84046Manila, UTDaggett
84051Mountain Home, UTDuchesne
84049Midway, UTWasatch
84033Henefer, UTSummit
84032Heber City, UTWasatch
84034Ibapah, UTTooele
84036Kamas, UTSummit
84035Jensen, UTUintah
84063Randlett, UTUintah
84061Peoa, UTSummit
84064Randolph, UTRich
84066Ballard, UTDuchesne
84066Roosevelt , UTDuchesne
84053Neola, UTDuchesne
84052Myton, UTDuchesne
84055Oakley, UTSummit
84060Deer Valley, UTSummit
84060Park City , UTSummit
84305Clarkston, UTCache
84306Collinston, UTBox Elder
84304Cache Junction, UTCache
84302Perry, UTBox Elder
84031Hanna, UTDuchesne
84311Fielding, UTBox Elder
84312Garland, UTBox Elder
84309Deweyville, UTBox Elder
84307Corinne, UTBox Elder
84308Cornish, UTCache
84745La Verkin, UTWashington
84746Leeds, UTWashington
84744Koosharem, UTSevier
84742Kanarraville, UTIron
84743Kingston, UTPiute
84301Bear River City, UTBox Elder
84302Brigham City , UTBox Elder
84749Lyman, UTWayne
84747Loa , UTWayne
84747Fremont, UTWayne
84313Grouse Creek, UTBox Elder
84022Dugway, UTTooele
84021Bridgeland, UTDuchesne
84024Echo, UTSummit
84023Dutch John, UTDaggett
84021Duchesne , UTDuchesne
84098Park City, UTSummit
84086Woodruff, UTRich
84017Wanship, UTSummit
84017Coalville , UTSummit
84026Fort Duchesne , UTUintah
84318Hyde Park, UTCache
84319Hyrum, UTCache
84314Honeyville, UTBox Elder
84316Howell, UTBox Elder
84320Lewiston, UTCache
84323Logan, UTCache
84324Mantua, UTBox Elder
84321Logan, UTCache
84322Logan, UTCache
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