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StateUtah (UT)
Time ZoneMountain Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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84143Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84141Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84145Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84148Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84147Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84139Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84132Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84131Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84133Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84138Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84134Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84165S Salt Lake, UTSalt Lake
84165Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84165South Salt Lake, UTSalt Lake
84626Elberta, UTUtah
84170Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84158Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84151Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84150Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84152Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84157Murray, UTSalt Lake
84157Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84130Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84119West Valley, UTSalt Lake
84119West Valley City, UTSalt Lake
84119Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84119Taylorsville, UTSalt Lake
84120West Valley, UTSalt Lake
84121Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84120West Valley City , UTSalt Lake
84120Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84117Holladay, UTSalt Lake
84118Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84116Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84117Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84118West Valley City, UTSalt Lake
84119West Valley City , UTSalt Lake
84118Kearns, UTSalt Lake
84118Taylorsville, UTSalt Lake
84121Brighton, UTSalt Lake
84126Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84127Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84124Holladay, UTSalt Lake
84125Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84128West Valley, UTSalt Lake
84129Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84128West Valley City , UTSalt Lake
84128Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84121Holladay, UTSalt Lake
84122Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84121Cottonwood, UTSalt Lake
84121Cottonwood Heights, UTSalt Lake
84123Taylorsville, UTSalt Lake
84124Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84123Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84123Murray, UTSalt Lake
84401Ogden , UTWeber
84401Hooper, UTWeber
84401Marriott-slaterville City, UTWeber
84651Elk Ridge, UTUtah
84655Santaquin , UTUtah
84653Woodland Hills, UTUtah
84653Salem , UTUtah
84401Ms City, UTWeber
84403Ogden , UTWeber
84403South Ogden, UTWeber
84403South Weber, UTWeber
84402Ogden, UTWeber
84401Roy, UTWeber
84401Taylor, UTWeber
84401West Haven, UTWeber
84655Genola, UTUtah
84190Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84199Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84201Ogden, UTWeber
84184Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84171Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84171Cottonwood, UTSalt Lake
84180Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84244Ogden, UTWeber
84317Huntsville, UTWeber
84660Benjamin, UTUtah
84660Spanish Fork , UTUtah
84315Hooper, UTWeber
84664Mapleton, UTUtah
84310Eden, UTWeber
84663Springville, UTUtah
84170West Valley, UTSalt Lake
84414Pleasant View, UTWeber
84415Ogden, UTWeber
84414North Ogden, UTWeber
84409Ogden, UTWeber
84412Ogden, UTWeber
84414Ogden , UTWeber
84651Payson , UTUtah
84605Provo, UTUtah
84606Provo, UTUtah
84633Goshen, UTUtah
84604Provo, UTUtah
84601Provo, UTUtah
84602Provo, UTUtah
84603Provo, UTUtah
84408Ogden, UTWeber
84404Marriott-slaterville City, UTWeber
84404Ms City, UTWeber
84404North Ogden, UTWeber
84404Harrisville, UTWeber
84403Uintah, UTWeber
84404Ogden , UTWeber
84404Farr West, UTWeber
84404Plain City, UTWeber
84405South Weber, UTWeber
84405Washington Terrace, UTWeber
84407Ogden, UTWeber
84405South Ogden, UTWeber
84404Pleasant View, UTWeber
84405Ogden , UTWeber
84405Riverdale, UTWeber
84050Morgan , UTMorgan
84047Midvale, UTSalt Lake
84054North Salt Lake, UTDavis
84050Mountain Green, UTMorgan
84045Saratoga Springs, UTUtah
84043Eagle Mountain, UTUtah
84043Lehi , UTUtah
84044Magna, UTSalt Lake
84043Saratoga Springs, UTUtah
84056Hill Afb, UTDavis
84062Cedar Hills, UTUtah
84062Pleasant Grove , UTUtah
84065Bluffdale, UTSalt Lake
84065Riverton , UTSalt Lake
84059Orem, UTUtah
84058Orem , UTUtah
84057Orem, UTUtah
84059Vineyard , UTUtah
84058Vineyard, UTUtah
84014Centerville, UTDavis
84015Clearfield , UTDavis
84013Cedar Fort, UTUtah
84013Fairfield, UTUtah
84015Clinton, UTDavis
84016Clearfield, UTDavis
84018Croydon, UTMorgan
84015Sunset, UTDavis
84015West Point, UTDavis
84013Cedar Valley , UTUtah
84040Layton, UTDavis
84037Fruit Heights, UTDavis
84042Lindon, UTUtah
84041Layton, UTDavis
84037Kaysville , UTDavis
84010Woods Cross, UTDavis
84011Bountiful, UTDavis
84115South Salt Lake, UTSalt Lake
84010Bountiful , UTDavis
84105Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84104Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84107Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84106Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84103Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84097Orem, UTUtah
84096Herriman, UTSalt Lake
84102Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84101Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84107Murray, UTSalt Lake
84114Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84113Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84009South Jordan, UTSalt Lake
84115Salt Lake City , UTSalt Lake
84112Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84109Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84108Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84111Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84110Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake
84087Woods Cross , UTDavis
84084West Jordan, UTSalt Lake
84088West Jordan, UTSalt Lake
84087West Bountiful, UTDavis
84081West Jordan, UTSalt Lake
84067Roy, UTWeber
84065Herriman, UTSalt Lake
84075Syracuse, UTDavis
84070Sandy, UTSalt Lake
84089Clearfield, UTDavis
84094Sandy, UTSalt Lake
84093Sandy, UTSalt Lake
84095Riverton, UTSalt Lake
84095South Jordan , UTSalt Lake
84092Snowbird, UTSalt Lake
84091Sandy, UTSalt Lake
84090Sandy, UTSalt Lake
84092Alta, UTSalt Lake
84092Sandy , UTSalt Lake
84020Draper, UTSalt Lake
84004Alpine, UTUtah
84003Highland, UTUtah
84003American Fork , UTUtah
84005Eagle Mountain, UTUtah
84025Farmington, UTDavis
84006Copperton, UTSalt Lake
84006Bingham Canyon , UTSalt Lake
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