Area Code Details for: 763






StateMinnesota (MN)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA612
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/27/2000

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Current Time

5:48 AM


55422Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55421Minneapolis, MNAnoka
55377Santiago, MNSherburne
55376Saint Michael, MNWright
55398Zimmerman, MNSherburne
55390Waverly, MNWright
55448Minneapolis, MNAnoka
55449Minneapolis, MNAnoka
55447Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55445Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55446Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55569Osseo, MNHennepin
55593Maple Plain, MNHennepin
55599Loretto, MNHennepin
55592Maple Plain, MNWright
55572Rockford, MNHennepin
55577Rockford, MNHennepin
55430Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55432Minneapolis, MNAnoka
55429Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55427Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55428Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55433Minneapolis, MNAnoka
55443Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55444Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55442Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55434Minneapolis, MNAnoka
55441Minneapolis, MNHennepin
55304Andover, MNAnoka
55303Anoka, MNAnoka
55301Albertville, MNWright
55308Becker, MNSherburne
55311Osseo, MNHennepin
55311Maple Grove , MNHennepin
55309Big Lake, MNSherburne
55070Saint Francis, MNAnoka
55011Cedar, MNAnoka
55008Cambridge, MNIsanti
55005Bethel, MNAnoka
55014Circle Pines, MNAnoka
55040Isanti, MNIsanti
55029Grandy, MNIsanti
55017Dalbo, MNIsanti
55363Montrose, MNWright
55362Monticello, MNWright
55359Maple Plain, MNHennepin
55369Osseo, MNHennepin
55374Rogers, MNHennepin
55373Rockford, MNWright
55371Princeton, MNMille Lacs
55357Loretto, MNHennepin
55327Dayton, MNHennepin
55316Champlin, MNHennepin
55313Buffalo, MNWright
55328Delano, MNWright
55341Hanover, MNWright
55340Hamel, MNHennepin
55330Elk River, MNSherburne
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