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StateConnecticut (CT)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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06540New Haven, CTNew Haven
06601Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06537New Haven, CTNew Haven
06538New Haven, CTNew Haven
06602Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06606Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06607Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06604Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06605Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06536New Haven, CTNew Haven
06525Woodbridge, CTNew Haven
06530New Haven, CTNew Haven
06521New Haven, CTNew Haven
06524Bethany, CTNew Haven
06531New Haven, CTNew Haven
06534New Haven, CTNew Haven
06535New Haven, CTNew Haven
06532New Haven, CTNew Haven
06533New Haven, CTNew Haven
06608Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06507New Haven, CTNew Haven
06508New Haven, CTNew Haven
06505New Haven, CTNew Haven
06506New Haven, CTNew Haven
06509New Haven, CTNew Haven
06615Stratford, CTFairfield
06673Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06510New Haven, CTNew Haven
06614Stratford, CTFairfield
06504New Haven, CTNew Haven
06612Easton, CTFairfield
06493Wallingford, CTNew Haven
06610Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06611Trumbull, CTFairfield
06494Wallingford, CTNew Haven
06502New Haven, CTNew Haven
06503New Haven, CTNew Haven
06495Wallingford, CTNew Haven
06501New Haven, CTNew Haven
06418Derby, CTNew Haven
06437Guilford, CTNew Haven
06410Cheshire, CTNew Haven
06411Cheshire, CTNew Haven
06440Hawleyville, CTFairfield
06451Meriden, CTNew Haven
06460Milford, CTNew Haven
06443Madison, CTNew Haven
06450Meriden, CTNew Haven
06515New Haven, CTNew Haven
06514Hamden, CTNew Haven
06401Ansonia, CTNew Haven
06512East Haven, CTNew Haven
06513New Haven, CTNew Haven
06403Beacon Falls, CTNew Haven
06405Branford, CTNew Haven
06408Cheshire, CTNew Haven
06511New Haven, CTNew Haven
06404Botsford, CTFairfield
06461Milford, CTNew Haven
06491Stevenson, CTFairfield
06492Wallingford, CTNew Haven
06487South Britain, CTNew Haven
06488Southbury, CTNew Haven
06516West Haven, CTNew Haven
06519New Haven, CTNew Haven
06520New Haven, CTNew Haven
06517Hamden, CTNew Haven
06518Hamden, CTNew Haven
06484Shelton, CTFairfield
06471North Branford, CTNew Haven
06472Northford, CTNew Haven
06468Monroe, CTFairfield
06470Newtown, CTFairfield
06473North Haven, CTNew Haven
06482Sandy Hook, CTFairfield
06483Seymour, CTNew Haven
06477Orange, CTNew Haven
06478Oxford, CTNew Haven
06699Bridgeport, CTFairfield
06875Redding Center, CTFairfield
06876Redding Ridge, CTFairfield
06870Old Greenwich, CTFairfield
06858Norwalk, CTFairfield
06860Norwalk, CTFairfield
06880Westport, CTFairfield
06881Westport, CTFairfield
06879Ridgefield, CTFairfield
06877Ridgefield, CTFairfield
06878Riverside, CTFairfield
06851Norwalk, CTFairfield
06852Norwalk, CTFairfield
06850Norwalk, CTFairfield
06838Greens Farms, CTFairfield
06840New Canaan, CTFairfield
06856Norwalk, CTFairfield
06857Norwalk, CTFairfield
06855Norwalk, CTFairfield
06853Norwalk, CTFairfield
06854Norwalk, CTFairfield
06910Stamford, CTFairfield
06911Stamford, CTFairfield
06907Stamford, CTFairfield
06905Stamford, CTFairfield
06906Stamford, CTFairfield
06926Stamford, CTFairfield
06927Stamford, CTFairfield
06914Stamford, CTFairfield
06912Stamford, CTFairfield
06913Stamford, CTFairfield
06890Southport, CTFairfield
06896Redding, CTFairfield
06889Westport, CTFairfield
06883Weston, CTFairfield
06888Westport, CTFairfield
06903Stamford, CTFairfield
06904Stamford, CTFairfield
06902Stamford, CTFairfield
06897Wilton, CTFairfield
06901Stamford, CTFairfield
06722Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06723Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06720Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06721Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06724Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06751Bethlehem, CTLitchfield
06762Middlebury, CTNew Haven
06725Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06726Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06716Wolcott, CTNew Haven
06703Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06704Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06701Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06702Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06705Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06710Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06712Prospect, CTNew Haven
06706Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06708Waterbury, CTNew Haven
06824Fairfield, CTFairfield
06825Fairfield, CTFairfield
06813Danbury, CTFairfield
06820Darien, CTFairfield
06828Fairfield, CTFairfield
06831Greenwich, CTFairfield
06830Greenwich, CTFairfield
06829Georgetown, CTFairfield
06836Greenwich, CTFairfield
06812New Fairfield, CTFairfield
06784Sherman, CTFairfield
06798Woodbury, CTLitchfield
06770Naugatuck, CTNew Haven
06783Roxbury, CTLitchfield
06801Bethel, CTFairfield
06807Cos Cob, CTFairfield
06811Danbury, CTFairfield
06804Brookfield, CTFairfield
06810Danbury, CTFairfield
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