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StateIllinois (IL)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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62460Saint Francisville, ILLawrence
62425Dundas, ILRichland
62028Elsah, ILJersey
62478West York, ILCrawford
62459Sainte Marie, ILJasper
62426Edgewood, ILEffingham
62427Flat Rock, ILCrawford
62026Edwardsville, ILMadison
62458Saint Elmo, ILFayette
62454Robinson, ILCrawford
62476West Salem, ILEdwards
62295Valmeyer, ILMonroe
62294Troy, ILMadison
62293Trenton, ILClinton
62475West Liberty, ILJasper
62298Waterloo, ILMonroe
62030Fidelity, ILJersey
62297Walsh, ILRandolph
62246Greenville, ILBond
62292Tilden, ILRandolph
62999Zeigler, ILFranklin
62910Brookport, ILMassac
62912Buncombe, ILJohnson
62909Boles, ILJohnson
62908Belknap , ILMassac
62908Belknap, ILJohnson
62452Parkersburg, ILRichland
62917Carrier Mills, ILSaline
62916Campbell Hill, ILJackson
62914Cairo, ILAlexander
62915Cambria, ILWilliamson
62899Xenia, ILClay
62901Carbondale, ILJackson
62997Willisville, ILPerry
62431Herrick, ILShelby
62998Wolf Lake, ILUnion
62906Anna, ILUnion
62907Ava, ILJackson
62905Alto Pass, ILUnion
62902Carbondale, ILJackson
62903Carbondale, ILJackson
62231Carlyle, ILClinton
62001Alhambra, ILMadison
62046Hamel, ILMadison
62047Hardin, ILCalhoun
62221Belleville, ILSaint Clair
62222Belleville, ILSaint Clair
62040Granite City, ILMadison
62037Grafton, ILJersey
62890Thompsonville, ILFranklin
62889Texico, ILJefferson
62045Hamburg, ILCalhoun
62219Beckemeyer, ILClinton
62887Springerton, ILWhite
62048Hartford, ILMadison
62002Alton, ILMadison
62886Sims, ILWayne
62285Smithton, ILSaint Clair
62286Sparta, ILRandolph
62255Lenzburg, ILSaint Clair
62220Belleville, ILSaint Clair
62888Tamaroa, ILPerry
62036Golden Eagle, ILCalhoun
62034Glen Carbon, ILMadison
62471Vandalia, ILFayette
62898Woodlawn, ILJefferson
62288Steeleville, ILRandolph
62466Sumner, ILLawrence
62031Fieldon, ILJersey
62230Breese, ILClinton
62464Stoy, ILCrawford
62226Belleville, ILSaint Clair
62289Summerfield, ILSaint Clair
62892Vernon, ILMarion
62225Scott Air Force Base, ILSaint Clair
62891Valier, ILFranklin
62035Godfrey, ILMadison
62223Belleville, ILSaint Clair
62896West Frankfort, ILFranklin
62897Whittington, ILFranklin
62895Wayne City, ILWayne
62893Walnut Hill, ILMarion
62894Waltonville, ILJefferson
62960Metropolis, ILMassac
62961Millcreek, ILUnion
62959Marion, ILWilliamson
62957Mc Clure, ILAlexander
62958Makanda, ILJackson
62965Muddy, ILSaline
62966Murphysboro, ILJackson
62964Mounds, ILPulaski
62962Miller City, ILAlexander
62963Mound City, ILPulaski
62952Jonesboro, ILUnion
62953Joppa, ILMassac
62951Johnston City, ILWilliamson
62439Lawrenceville, ILLawrence
62950Jacob, ILJackson
62995Vienna, ILJohnson
62956Karnak, ILPulaski
62996Villa Ridge, ILPulaski
62954Junction, ILGallatin
62233Chester, ILRandolph
62967New Burnside, ILJohnson
62983Royalton, ILFranklin
62984Shawneetown, ILGallatin
62982Rosiclare, ILHardin
62977Raleigh, ILSaline
62979Ridgway, ILGallatin
62990Thebes, ILAlexander
62992Ullin, ILPulaski
62988Tamms, ILAlexander
62985Simpson, ILJohnson
62987Stonefort, ILSaline
62993Unity, ILAlexander
62970Olmsted, ILPulaski
62234Collinsville, ILMadison
62969Olive Branch, ILAlexander
62994Vergennes, ILJackson
62975Pomona, ILJackson
62976Pulaski, ILPulaski
62974Pittsburg, ILWilliamson
62972Ozark, ILJohnson
62973Perks, ILPulaski
62232Caseyville, ILSaint Clair
62933Energy, ILWilliamson
62934Equality, ILGallatin
62932Elkville, ILJackson
62930Eldorado, ILSaline
62931Elizabethtown, ILHardin
62940Gorham, ILJackson
62451Palestine, ILCrawford
62939Goreville, ILJohnson
62935Galatia, ILSaline
62938Golconda, ILPope
62921Colp, ILWilliamson
62922Creal Springs, ILWilliamson
62920Cobden, ILUnion
62918Carterville, ILWilliamson
62919Cave in Rock, ILHardin
62927Dowell, ILJackson
62928Eddyville, ILPope
62926Dongola, ILUnion
62923Cypress, ILJohnson
62924De Soto, ILJackson
62941Grand Chain, ILPulaski
62947Herod, ILPope
62948Herrin, ILWilliamson
62254Lebanon, ILSaint Clair
62446Mount Erie, ILWayne
62253Keyesport, ILClinton
62949Hurst, ILWilliamson
62434Ingraham, ILClay
62433Hutsonville, ILCrawford
62432Hidalgo, ILJasper
62443Mason, ILEffingham
62481Yale, ILJasper
62946Harrisburg, ILSaline
62943Grantsburg, ILJohnson
62942Grand Tower, ILJackson
62480Willow Hill, ILJasper
62250Hoffman, ILClinton
62252Huey, ILClinton
62448Newton, ILJasper
62450Olney, ILRichland
62449Oblong, ILCrawford
62006Batchtown, ILCalhoun
62081Rockbridge, ILGreene
62414Beecher City, ILEffingham
62024East Alton, ILMadison
62058Livingston, ILMadison
62080Ramsey, ILFayette
62839Flora, ILClay
62418Brownstown, ILFayette
62838Farina, ILFayette
62417Bridgeport, ILLawrence
62025Edwardsville, ILMadison
62832Du Quoin, ILPerry
62833Ellery, ILEdwards
62831Du Bois, ILWashington
62829Dale, ILHamilton
62830Dix, ILJefferson
62836Ewing, ILFranklin
62837Fairfield, ILWayne
62079Piasa, ILMacoupin
62834Emma, ILWhite
62835Enfield, ILWhite
62840Frankfort Heights, ILFranklin
62095Wood River, ILMadison
62851Keenes, ILWayne
62850Johnsonville, ILWayne
62849Iuka, ILMarion
62090Venice, ILMadison
62201East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62854Kinmundy, ILMarion
62853Kell, ILMarion
62852Keensburg, ILWabash
62097Worden, ILMadison
62843Golden Gate, ILWayne
62844Grayville, ILWhite
62842Geff, ILWayne
62841Freeman Spur, ILWilliamson
62419Calhoun, ILRichland
62087South Roxana, ILMadison
62088Staunton, ILMacoupin
62084Roxana, ILMadison
62846Ina, ILJefferson
62848Irvington, ILWashington
62828Dahlgren, ILHamilton
62071National Stock Yards, ILSaint Clair
62249Highland, ILMadison
62809Barnhill, ILWayne
62807Alma, ILMarion
62808Ashley, ILWashington
62811Bellmont, ILWabash
62812Benton, ILFranklin
62810Belle Rive, ILJefferson
62070Mozier, ILCalhoun
62411Altamont, ILEffingham
62685Shipman, ILMacoupin
62630Chesterfield, ILMacoupin
62410Allendale, ILWabash
62649Hettick, ILMacoupin
62018Cottage Hills, ILMadison
62803Hoyleton, ILWashington
62806Albion, ILEdwards
62801Centralia, ILMarion
62021Dorsey, ILMadison
62022Dow, ILJersey
62814Bluford, ILJefferson
62822Christopher, ILFranklin
62060Madison, ILMadison
62413Annapolis, ILCrawford
62820Burnt Prairie, ILWhite
62821Carmi, ILWhite
62825Coello, ILFranklin
62827Crossville, ILWhite
62824Clay City, ILClay
62059Lovejoy, ILSaint Clair
62823Cisne, ILWayne
62816Bonnie, ILJefferson
62063Medora, ILJersey
62065Michael, ILCalhoun
62815Bone Gap, ILEdwards
62067Moro, ILMadison
62818Browns, ILEdwards
62819Buckner, ILFranklin
62817Broughton, ILHamilton
62062Maryville, ILMadison
62061Marine, ILMadison
62013Brussels, ILCalhoun
62876Radom, ILWashington
62014Bunker Hill, ILMacoupin
62208Fairview Heights, ILSaint Clair
62875Patoka, ILMarion
62274Pinckneyville, ILPerry
62878Rinard, ILWayne
62273Pierron, ILBond
62214Addieville, ILWashington
62877Richview, ILWashington
62271Okawville, ILWashington
62872Opdyke, ILJefferson
62269O Fallon, ILSaint Clair
62266New Memphis, ILClinton
62268Oakdale, ILWashington
62421Claremont, ILRichland
62207East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62272Percy, ILRandolph
62874Orient, ILFranklin
62206East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62275Pocahontas, ILBond
62217Baldwin, ILRandolph
62218Bartelso, ILClinton
62281Saint Jacob, ILMadison
62279Renault, ILMonroe
62280Rockwood, ILRandolph
62884Sesser, ILFranklin
62885Shobonier, ILFayette
62883Scheller, ILJefferson
62282Saint Libory, ILSaint Clair
62284Smithboro, ILBond
62879Sailor Springs, ILClay
62880Saint Peter, ILFayette
62012Brighton, ILMacoupin
62277Prairie du Rocher, ILRandolph
62215Albers, ILClinton
62882Sandoval, ILMarion
62216Aviston, ILClinton
62278Red Bud, ILRandolph
62881Salem, ILMarion
62010Bethalto, ILMadison
62248Hecker, ILMonroe
62237Coulterville, ILRandolph
62238Cutler, ILPerry
62236Columbia, ILMonroe
62864Mount Vernon, ILJefferson
62865Mulkeytown, ILFranklin
62204East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62241Ellis Grove, ILRandolph
62866Nason, ILJefferson
62239Dupo, ILSaint Clair
62240East Carondelet, ILSaint Clair
62858Louisville, ILClay
62859Mc Leansboro, ILHamilton
62856Logan, ILFranklin
62053Kampsville, ILCalhoun
62202East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62862Mill Shoals, ILWhite
62863Mount Carmel, ILWabash
62861Maunie, ILWhite
62203East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62860Macedonia, ILHamilton
62258Mascoutah, ILSaint Clair
62262Mulberry Grove, ILBond
62052Jerseyville, ILJersey
62870Odin, ILMarion
62261Modoc, ILRandolph
62869Norris City, ILWhite
62265New Baden, ILClinton
62871Omaha, ILGallatin
62205East Saint Louis, ILSaint Clair
62263Nashville, ILWashington
62264New Athens, ILSaint Clair
62257Marissa, ILSaint Clair
62243Freeburg, ILSaint Clair
62242Evansville, ILRandolph
62867New Haven, ILGallatin
62868Noble, ILRichland
62245Germantown, ILClinton
62260Millstadt, ILSaint Clair
62244Fults, ILMonroe
62259Menard, ILRandolph
62256Maeystown, ILMonroe
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