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StateFlorida (FL)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA904
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date12/03/1995

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32627Gainesville, FLAlachua
32626Chiefland, FLLevy
32628Cross City, FLDixie
32653Gainesville, FLAlachua
32662Lochloosa, FLAlachua
32663Lowell, FLMarion
32656Keystone Heights, FLClay
34484Oxford, FLSumter
32654Island Grove, FLAlachua
32648Horseshoe Beach, FLDixie
32635Gainesville, FLAlachua
32634Fairfield, FLMarion
34487Homosassa, FLCitrus
32639Gulf Hammock, FLLevy
32633Evinston, FLAlachua
32644Chiefland, FLLevy
32631Earleton, FLAlachua
32640Hawthorne, FLAlachua
32641Gainesville, FLAlachua
34483Ocala, FLMarion
32102Astor, FLLake
32610Gainesville, FLAlachua
32609Gainesville, FLAlachua
32611Gainesville, FLAlachua
34472Ocala, FLMarion
32614Gainesville, FLAlachua
32612Gainesville, FLAlachua
32359Steinhatchee, FLTaylor
34473Ocala, FLMarion
34474Ocala, FLMarion
34475Ocala, FLMarion
34477Ocala, FLMarion
32608Gainesville, FLAlachua
34476Ocala, FLMarion
34478Ocala, FLMarion
34481Ocala, FLMarion
32619Bell, FLGilchrist
32618Archer, FLAlachua
32621Bronson, FLLevy
34482Ocala, FLMarion
32625Cedar Key, FLLevy
32622Brooker, FLBradford
32042Graham, FLBradford
32601Gainesville, FLAlachua
34479Ocala, FLMarion
32617Anthony, FLMarion
32113Citra, FLMarion
32111Candler, FLMarion
34480Ocala, FLMarion
32664Mc Intosh, FLMarion
34441Hernando, FLCitrus
34436Floral City, FLCitrus
34442Hernando, FLCitrus
32702Altoona, FLLake
34432Dunnellon, FLMarion
34431Dunnellon, FLMarion
34434Dunnellon, FLCitrus
34433Dunnellon, FLCitrus
34449Inglis, FLLevy
34448Homosassa, FLCitrus
34450Inverness, FLCitrus
32694Waldo, FLAlachua
34446Homosassa, FLCitrus
34445Holder, FLCitrus
32696Williston, FLLevy
34447Homosassa Springs, FLCitrus
32735Grand Island, FLLake
32736Eustis, FLLake
32778Tavares, FLLake
32777Tangerine, FLOrange
32767Paisley, FLLake
32776Sorrento, FLLake
32756Mount Dora, FLLake
32757Mount Dora, FLLake
34428Crystal River, FLCitrus
34423Crystal River, FLCitrus
34430Dunnellon, FLMarion
34429Crystal River, FLCitrus
32726Eustis, FLLake
32727Eustis, FLLake
34421Belleview, FLMarion
34420Belleview, FLMarion
34451Inverness, FLCitrus
32182Orange Springs, FLMarion
32179Ocklawaha, FLMarion
32183Ocklawaha, FLMarion
32680Old Town, FLDixie
32162The Villages , FLSumter
32160Lake Geneva, FLClay
32163The Villages, FLSumter
32162Lady Lake, FLSumter
32668Morriston, FLLevy
32669Newberry, FLAlachua
32666Melrose, FLPutnam
32667Micanopy, FLAlachua
32192Sparr, FLMarion
32185Putnam Hall, FLPutnam
32195Weirsdale, FLMarion
32133Eastlake Weir, FLMarion
32686Reddick, FLMarion
34460Lecanto, FLCitrus
32683Otter Creek, FLLevy
34461Lecanto, FLCitrus
34452Inverness, FLCitrus
32693Trenton, FLGilchrist
32692Suwannee, FLDixie
34453Inverness, FLCitrus
32134Fort Mc Coy, FLMarion
34471Ocala, FLMarion
32159Lady Lake, FLLake
32158Lady Lake, FLLake
34464Beverly Hills, FLCitrus
32681Orange Lake, FLMarion
34470Ocala, FLMarion
34465Beverly Hills, FLCitrus
33593Trilby, FLPasco
33597Webster, FLSumter
33579Riverview, FLHillsborough
33585Sumterville, FLSumter
32784Umatilla, FLLake
34712Clermont, FLLake
34713Clermont, FLLake
34705Astatula, FLLake
34711Clermont, FLLake
33578Riverview, FLHillsborough
33523Dade City, FLPasco
33525Dade City, FLPasco
33514Center Hill, FLSumter
33521Coleman, FLSumter
33526Dade City, FLPasco
33574Saint Leo, FLPasco
33576San Antonio, FLPasco
33537Lacoochee, FLPasco
33538Lake Panasoffkee, FLSumter
34789Leesburg, FLLake
34797Yalaha, FLLake
34785Wildwood, FLSumter
34788Leesburg, FLLake
32606Gainesville, FLAlachua
32603Gainesville, FLAlachua
32602Gainesville, FLAlachua
32605Gainesville, FLAlachua
32604Gainesville, FLAlachua
34762The Villages, FLLake
34731Fruitland Park, FLLake
34736Groveland, FLLake
34714Clermont, FLLake
34715Clermont, FLLake
34737Howey in the Hills, FLLake
34753Mascotte, FLLake
34755Minneola, FLLake
34748Leesburg, FLLake
34749Leesburg, FLLake
34611Spring Hill, FLHernando
34498Yankeetown, FLLevy
34610Shady Hills, FLPasco
34610Spring Hill , FLPasco
34610Brooksville, FLPasco
34614Brooksville, FLHernando
34636Istachatta, FLHernando
34491Summerfield, FLMarion
34613Brooksville, FLHernando
34492Summerfield, FLMarion
34604Brooksville, FLHernando
34605Brooksville, FLHernando
34603Brooksville, FLHernando
34601Brooksville, FLHernando
34602Brooksville, FLHernando
34609Spring Hill , FLHernando
34609Brooksville, FLHernando
34608Spring Hill, FLHernando
34606Spring Hill, FLHernando
34607Spring Hill, FLHernando
34488Silver Springs, FLMarion
32607Gainesville, FLAlachua
34661Nobleton, FLHernando
34489Silver Springs, FLMarion
33513Bushnell, FLSumter
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