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StateOklahoma (OK)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA918
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/01/2011

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74060Prue, OKOsage
74061Ramona, OKWashington
74056Pawhuska, OKOsage
74058Pawnee, OKPawnee
74062Ripley, OKPayne
74107Tulsa, OKTulsa
74106Tulsa, OKTulsa
74965Westville, OKAdair
74966Wister, OKLe Flore
74055Owasso, OKTulsa
74047Mounds, OKCreek
74048Nowata, OKNowata
74045Maramec, OKPawnee
74046Milfay, OKCreek
74050Oakhurst, OKTulsa
74053Oologah, OKRogers
74054Osage, OKOsage
74051Ochelata, OKWashington
74052Oilton, OKCreek
74072S Coffeyville, OKNowata
74071Slick, OKCreek
74079Stroud, OKLincoln
74073Sperry, OKTulsa
74070Skiatook, OKTulsa
74066Sapulpa, OKCreek
74063Sand Springs, OKTulsa
74068Shamrock, OKCreek
74067Sapulpa, OKCreek
74650Ralston, OKPawnee
74085Yale, OKPayne
74084Wynona, OKOsage
74105Tulsa, OKTulsa
74104Tulsa, OKTulsa
74083Wann, OKNowata
74081Terlton, OKPawnee
74080Talala, OKRogers
74652Shidler, OKOsage
74082Vera, OKWashington
74015Catoosa, OKRogers
74016Chelsea, OKRogers
74013Broken Arrow, OKTulsa
74014Broken Arrow, OKWagoner
74017Claremore, OKRogers
74020Cleveland, OKPawnee
74021Collinsville, OKTulsa
74018Claremore, OKRogers
74019Claremore, OKRogers
74012Broken Arrow, OKTulsa
74003Bartlesville, OKWashington
74004Bartlesville, OKWashington
74001Avant, OKOsage
74002Barnsdall, OKOsage
74005Bartlesville, OKWashington
74010Bristow, OKCreek
74011Broken Arrow, OKTulsa
74006Bartlesville, OKWashington
74008Bixby, OKTulsa
74037Jenks, OKTulsa
74038Jennings, OKPawnee
74035Hominy, OKOsage
74036Inola, OKRogers
74039Kellyville, OKCreek
74043Leonard, OKTulsa
74044Mannford, OKCreek
74041Kiefer, OKCreek
74042Lenapah, OKNowata
74034Hallett, OKPawnee
74026Davenport, OKLincoln
74027Delaware, OKNowata
74022Copan, OKWashington
74023Cushing, OKPayne
74028Depew, OKCreek
74031Foyil, OKRogers
74033Glenpool, OKTulsa
74029Dewey, OKWashington
74030Drumright, OKCreek
74430Crowder, OKPittsburg
74429Coweta, OKWagoner
74431Dewar, OKOkmulgee
74432Eufaula, OKMcintosh
74578Wilburton, OKLatimer
74428Council Hill, OKMuskogee
74423Braggs, OKMuskogee
74422Boynton, OKMuskogee
74425Canadian, OKPittsburg
74427Cookson, OKCherokee
74426Checotah, OKMcintosh
74434Fort Gibson, OKMuskogee
74576Wardville, OKPittsburg
74440Hoyt, OKHaskell
74574Tuskahoma, OKPushmataha
74442Indianola, OKPittsburg
74441Hulbert, OKCherokee
74439Braggs, OKMuskogee
74436Haskell, OKMuskogee
74435Gore, OKSequoyah
74437Henryetta, OKOkmulgee
74438Hitchita, OKMcintosh
74577Whitesboro, OKLe Flore
74361Pryor, OKMayes
74360Picher, OKOttawa
74362Pryor, OKMayes
74364Rose, OKMayes
74363Quapaw, OKOttawa
74359Oaks, OKDelaware
74352Locust Grove, OKMayes
74350Langley, OKMayes
74354Miami, OKOttawa
74358North Miami, OKOttawa
74355Miami, OKOttawa
74365Salina, OKMayes
74402Muskogee, OKMuskogee
74637Fairfax, OKOsage
74403Muskogee, OKMuskogee
74421Beggs, OKOkmulgee
74633Burbank, OKOsage
74401Muskogee, OKMuskogee
74367Strang, OKMayes
74366Spavinaw, OKMayes
74368Twin Oaks, OKDelaware
74370Wyandotte, OKOttawa
74369Welch, OKCraig
74444Moodys, OKCherokee
74471Welling, OKCherokee
74470Webbers Falls, OKMuskogee
74472Whitefield, OKHaskell
74554Krebs, OKPittsburg
74477Wagoner, OKWagoner
74469Warner, OKMuskogee
74464Tahlequah, OKCherokee
74463Taft, OKMuskogee
74465Tahlequah, OKCherokee
74468Wainwright, OKMuskogee
74467Wagoner, OKWagoner
74553Kiowa, OKPittsburg
74536Clayton, OKPushmataha
74552Kinta, OKHaskell
74545Gowen, OKLatimer
74547Hartshorne, OKPittsburg
74546Haileyville, OKPittsburg
74529Blocker, OKPittsburg
74502Mcalester, OKPittsburg
74501Mcalester, OKPittsburg
74521Albion, OKPushmataha
74528Blanco, OKPittsburg
74522Alderson, OKPittsburg
74565Savanna, OKPittsburg
74451Park Hill, OKCherokee
74563Red Oak, OKLatimer
74454Porter, OKWagoner
74452Peggs, OKCherokee
74450Oktaha, OKMuskogee
74571Talihina, OKLatimer
74445Morris, OKOkmulgee
74570Stuart, OKHughes
74447Okmulgee, OKOkmulgee
74446Okay, OKWagoner
74455Porum, OKMuskogee
74459Rentiesville, OKMcintosh
74558Nashoba, OKPushmataha
74460Schulter, OKOkmulgee
74462Stigler, OKHaskell
74461Stidham, OKMcintosh
74559Panola, OKLatimer
74560Pittsburg, OKPittsburg
74561Quinton, OKPittsburg
74456Preston, OKOkmulgee
74458Redbird, OKWagoner
74457Proctor, OKAdair
74948Muldrow, OKSequoyah
74947Monroe, OKLe Flore
74951Panama, OKLe Flore
74949Muse, OKLe Flore
74946Moffett, OKSequoyah
74943Lequire, OKHaskell
74942Leflore, OKLe Flore
74945Marble City, OKSequoyah
74944Mccurtain, OKHaskell
74962Vian, OKSequoyah
74960Stilwell, OKAdair
74110Tulsa, OKTulsa
74108Tulsa, OKTulsa
74959Spiro, OKLe Flore
74954Roland, OKSequoyah
74953Poteau, OKLe Flore
74956Shady Point, OKLe Flore
74955Sallisaw, OKSequoyah
74824Agra, OKLincoln
74931Bunch, OKAdair
74932Cameron, OKLe Flore
74902Pocola, OKLe Flore
74930Bokoshe, OKLe Flore
74935Fanshawe, OKLe Flore
74939Hodgen, OKLe Flore
74940Howe, OKLe Flore
74936Gans, OKSequoyah
74937Heavener, OKLe Flore
74839Dustin, OKHughes
74845Hanna, OKMcintosh
74829Boley, OKOkfuskee
74833Castle, OKOkfuskee
74859Okemah, OKOkfuskee
74941Keota, OKHaskell
74901Arkoma, OKLe Flore
74869Sparks, OKLincoln
74875Tryon, OKLincoln
74112Tulsa, OKTulsa
74333Bluejacket, OKCraig
74332Big Cabin, OKCraig
74337Chouteau, OKMayes
74335Cardin, OKOttawa
74331Afton, OKOttawa
74171Tulsa, OKTulsa
74146Tulsa, OKTulsa
74330Adair, OKMayes
74301Vinita, OKCraig
74338Colcord, OKDelaware
74346Jay, OKDelaware
74345Grove, OKDelaware
74349Ketchum, OKMayes
74347Kansas, OKDelaware
74344Grove, OKDelaware
74340Disney, OKMayes
74339Commerce, OKOttawa
74343Fairland, OKOttawa
74342Eucha, OKDelaware
74145Tulsa, OKTulsa
74128Tulsa, OKTulsa
74127Tulsa, OKTulsa
74130Tulsa, OKTulsa
74129Tulsa, OKTulsa
74126Tulsa, OKTulsa
74115Tulsa, OKTulsa
74114Tulsa, OKTulsa
74117Tulsa, OKTulsa
74116Tulsa, OKTulsa
74135Tulsa, OKTulsa
74134Tulsa, OKTulsa
74137Tulsa, OKTulsa
74136Tulsa, OKTulsa
74133Tulsa, OKTulsa
74132Tulsa, OKTulsa
74131Tulsa, OKCreek
74964Watts, OKAdair
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