Area Code Details for: 803






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


29921Furman, SCHampton
29922Garnett, SCHampton
29038Cope, SCOrangeburg
29913Crocketville, SCHampton
29918Estill, SCHampton
29923Gifford, SCHampton
29042Denmark, SCBamberg
29924Hampton, SCHampton
29041Davis Station, SCClarendon
29039Cordova, SCOrangeburg
29040Dalzell, SCSumter
29020Camden, SCKershaw
29021Camden, SCKershaw
29018Bowman, SCOrangeburg
29015Blair, SCFairfield
29016Blythewood, SCRichland
29030Cameron, SCCalhoun
29036Chapin, SCLexington
29911Brunson, SCHampton
29033Cayce, SCLexington
29031Carlisle, SCUnion
29032Cassatt, SCKershaw
29044Eastover, SCRichland
29059Holly Hill, SCOrangeburg
29061Hopkins, SCRichland
29058Heath Springs, SCLancaster
29054Gilbert, SCLexington
29055Great Falls, SCChester
29062Horatio, SCSumter
29070Leesville, SCLexington
29071Lexington, SCLexington
29067Kershaw, SCLancaster
29063Irmo, SCRichland
29065Jenkinsville, SCFairfield
29939Scotia, SCHampton
29944Varnville, SCHampton
29045Elgin, SCKershaw
29932Luray, SCHampton
29933Miley, SCHampton
29046Elliott, SCLee
29052Gadsden, SCRichland
29053Gaston, SCLexington
29051Gable, SCClarendon
29047Elloree, SCOrangeburg
29048Eutawville, SCOrangeburg
29816Bath, SCAiken
29817Blackville, SCBarnwell
29813Hilda, SCBarnwell
29810Allendale, SCAllendale
29812Barnwell, SCBarnwell
29822Clearwater, SCAiken
29828Gloverville, SCAiken
29829Graniteville, SCAiken
29827Fairfax, SCAllendale
29824Edgefield, SCEdgefield
29826Elko, SCBarnwell
29745York, SCYork
29801Aiken, SCAiken
29744Van Wyck, SCLancaster
29742Sharon, SCYork
29743Smyrna, SCYork
29802Aiken, SCAiken
29808Aiken, SCAiken
29809New Ellenton, SCAiken
29805Aiken, SCAiken
29803Aiken, SCAiken
29804Aiken, SCAiken
29831Jackson, SCAiken
29860North Augusta, SCEdgefield
29861North Augusta, SCAiken
29856Windsor, SCAiken
29851Warrenville, SCAiken
29853Williston, SCBarnwell
29001Alcolu, SCClarendon
29010Bishopville, SCLee
29014Blackstock, SCChester
29006Batesburg, SCLexington
29002Ballentine, SCRichland
29003Bamberg, SCBamberg
29839Montmorenci, SCAiken
29841North Augusta, SCAiken
29836Martin, SCAllendale
29832Johnston, SCEdgefield
29834Langley, SCAiken
29842Beech Island, SCAiken
29849Ulmer, SCAllendale
29850Vaucluse, SCAiken
29847Trenton, SCEdgefield
29843Olar, SCBamberg
29846Sycamore, SCAllendale
29206Columbia, SCRichland
29207Columbia, SCRichland
29205Columbia, SCRichland
29203Columbia, SCRichland
29204Columbia, SCRichland
29208Columbia, SCRichland
29212Columbia, SCLexington
29214Columbia, SCRichland
29211Columbia, SCRichland
29209Columbia, SCRichland
29210Columbia, SCRichland
29171West Columbia, SCLexington
29172West Columbia, SCLexington
29170West Columbia, SCLexington
29168Wedgefield, SCSumter
29169West Columbia, SCLexington
29175Westville, SCKershaw
29201Columbia, SCRichland
29202Columbia, SCRichland
29180Winnsboro, SCFairfield
29177White Rock, SCRichland
29178Whitmire, SCNewberry
29215Columbia, SCRichland
29229Columbia, SCRichland
29230Columbia, SCRichland
29228Columbia, SCLexington
29226Columbia, SCRichland
29227Columbia, SCRichland
29240Columbia, SCRichland
29292Columbia, SCRichland
29355Kinards, SCNewberry
29290Columbia, SCRichland
29250Columbia, SCRichland
29260Columbia, SCRichland
29218Columbia, SCRichland
29219Columbia, SCRichland
29217Columbia, SCRichland
29216Columbia, SCRichland
29432Branchville, SCOrangeburg
29220Columbia, SCRichland
29224Columbia, SCRichland
29225Columbia, SCRichland
29223Columbia, SCRichland
29221Columbia, SCRichland
29222Columbia, SCRichland
29115Orangeburg, SCOrangeburg
29116Orangeburg, SCOrangeburg
29113Norway, SCOrangeburg
29108Newberry, SCNewberry
29112North, SCOrangeburg
29117Orangeburg, SCOrangeburg
29125Pinewood, SCSumter
29126Pomaria, SCNewberry
29123Pelion, SCLexington
29118Orangeburg, SCOrangeburg
29122Peak, SCNewberry
29075Little Mountain, SCNewberry
29078Lugoff, SCKershaw
29074Liberty Hill, SCKershaw
29072Lexington, SCLexington
29073Lexington, SCLexington
29080Lynchburg, SCLee
29105Monetta, SCAiken
29107Neeses, SCOrangeburg
29104Mayesville, SCSumter
29081Ehrhardt, SCBamberg
29102Manning, SCClarendon
29127Prosperity, SCNewberry
29151Sumter, SCSumter
29152Shaw Afb, SCSumter
29150Sumter, SCSumter
29147State Park, SCRichland
29148Summerton, SCClarendon
29153Sumter, SCSumter
29164Wagener, SCAiken
29166Ward, SCSaluda
29163Vance, SCOrangeburg
29154Sumter, SCSumter
29160Swansea, SCLexington
29132Rion, SCFairfield
29133Rowesville, SCOrangeburg
29130Ridgeway, SCFairfield
29128Rembert, SCSumter
29129Ridge Spring, SCSaluda
29135Saint Matthews, SCCalhoun
29145Silverstreet, SCNewberry
29146Springfield, SCOrangeburg
29143Sardinia, SCClarendon
29137Salley, SCAiken
29142Santee, SCOrangeburg
29703Bowling Green, SCYork
29714Fort Lawn, SCChester
29715Fort Mill, SCYork
29717Hickory Grove, SCYork
29716Fort Mill, SCYork
29712Edgemoor, SCChester
29710Clover, SCYork
29708Fort Mill, SCYork
29706Chester, SCChester
29704Catawba, SCYork
29707Fort Mill, SCLancaster
29730Rock Hill, SCYork
29729Richburg, SCChester
29726Mc Connells, SCYork
29731Rock Hill, SCYork
29734Rock Hill, SCYork
29733Rock Hill, SCYork
29732Rock Hill, SCYork
29722Lancaster, SCLancaster
29724Lando, SCChester
29720Lancaster, SCLancaster
29721Lancaster, SCLancaster

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