Area Code Details for: 480






Time ZoneM
Parent NPA602
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date03/01/1999


85282Tempe, AZMaricopa
85283Tempe, AZMaricopa
85287Tempe, AZMaricopa
85295Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85296Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85284Tempe, AZMaricopa
85285Tempe, AZMaricopa
85286Chandler, AZMaricopa
85275Mesa, AZMaricopa
85277Mesa, AZMaricopa
85268Fountain Hills, AZMaricopa
85269Fountain Hills, AZMaricopa
85271Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85274Mesa, AZMaricopa
85267Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85263Rio Verde, AZMaricopa
85262Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85281Tempe, AZMaricopa
85266Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85264Fort Mcdowell, AZMaricopa
85280Tempe, AZMaricopa
85297Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85248Chandler, AZMaricopa
85249Chandler, AZMaricopa
85256Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85258Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85257Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85250Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85251Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85331Cave Creek, AZMaricopa
85252Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85255Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85327Cave Creek, AZMaricopa
85236Higley, AZMaricopa
85244Chandler, AZMaricopa
85261Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85298Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85299Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85260Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85259Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85246Chandler, AZMaricopa
85253Paradise Valley, AZMaricopa
85254Scottsdale, AZMaricopa
85225Chandler, AZMaricopa
85224Chandler, AZMaricopa
85226Chandler, AZMaricopa
85377Carefree, AZMaricopa
85233Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85216Mesa, AZMaricopa
85212Mesa, AZMaricopa
85211Mesa, AZMaricopa
85213Mesa, AZMaricopa
85215Mesa, AZMaricopa
85214Mesa, AZMaricopa
85234Gilbert, AZMaricopa
85048Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85054Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85045Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85024Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85044Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85117Apache Junction, AZPinal
85121Bapchule, AZPinal
85122Casa Grande, AZPinal
85120Apache Junction, AZPinal
85118Gold Canyon, AZPinal
85119Apache Junction, AZPinal
85203Mesa, AZMaricopa
85202Mesa, AZMaricopa
85204Mesa, AZMaricopa
85206Mesa, AZMaricopa
85205Mesa, AZMaricopa
85201Mesa, AZMaricopa
85173Superior, AZPinal
85172Stanfield, AZPinal
85147Sacaton, AZPinal
85178Apache Junction, AZPinal
85145Red Rock, AZPinal
85127Chandler Heights, AZMaricopa
85128Coolidge, AZPinal
85140San Tan Valley, AZPinal
85209Mesa, AZMaricopa
85123Arizona City, AZPinal
85210Mesa, AZMaricopa
85208Mesa, AZMaricopa
85143San Tan Valley, AZPinal
85207Mesa, AZMaricopa
85142Queen Creek, AZMaricopa
85141Picacho, AZPinal

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