Area Code Details for: 575






Time ZoneM
Parent NPA505
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date10/07/2007


87729Miami, NMColfax
87730Mills, NMHarding
87732Mora, NMMora
87728Maxwell, NMColfax
87722Guadalupita, NMMora
87723Holman, NMMora
87724La Loma, NMGuadalupe
87740Raton, NMColfax
87743Roy, NMHarding
87746Solano, NMHarding
87736Rainsville, NMMora
87733Mosquero, NMHarding
87734Ocate, NMMora
87735Ojo Feliz, NMMora
87718Eagle Nest, NMColfax
87579Vadito, NMTaos
87580Valdez, NMTaos
87581Vallecitos, NMRio Arriba
87577Tres Piedras, NMTaos
87571Taos, NMTaos
87575Tierra Amarilla, NMRio Arriba
87576Trampas, NMTaos
87713Chacon, NMMora
87714Cimarron, NMColfax
87715Cleveland, NMMora
87712Buena Vista, NMMora
87583Villanueva, NMSan Miguel
87710Angel Fire, NMColfax
87711Anton Chico, NMGuadalupe
87931Caballo, NMSierra
87933Derry, NMSierra
87935Elephant Butte, NMSierra
87930Arrey, NMSierra
87831San Acacia, NMSocorro
87832San Antonio, NMSocorro
87901Truth or Consequences, NMSierra
87941Salem, NMDona Ana
87942Williamsburg, NMSierra
87943Winston, NMSierra
87940Rincon, NMDona Ana
87936Garfield, NMDona Ana
87937Hatch, NMDona Ana
87939Monticello, NMSierra
87830Reserve, NMCatron
87753Watrous, NMMora
87801Socorro, NMSocorro
87820Aragon, NMCatron
87752Wagon Mound, NMMora
87747Springer, NMColfax
87749Ute Park, NMColfax
87750Valmora, NMMora
87827Pie Town, NMCatron
87828Polvadera, NMSocorro
87829Quemado, NMCatron
87825Magdalena, NMSocorro
87821Datil, NMCatron
87823Lemitar, NMSocorro
87824Luna, NMCatron
88342Orogrande, NMOtero
88341Nogal, NMLincoln
88340Mescalero, NMOtero
88343Picacho, NMLincoln
88346Ruidoso Downs, NMLincoln
88345Ruidoso, NMLincoln
88344Pinon, NMOtero
87515Canjilon, NMRio Arriba
87516Canones, NMRio Arriba
87517Carson, NMTaos
88336Hondo, NMLincoln
88339Mayhill, NMOtero
88338Lincoln, NMLincoln
88337La Luz, NMOtero
88347Sacramento, NMOtero
88410Amistad, NMUnion
88401Tucumcari, NMQuay
88355Ruidoso, NMLincoln
88411Bard, NMQuay
88416Conchas Dam, NMSan Miguel
88415Clayton, NMUnion
88414Capulin, NMUnion
88350Timberon, NMOtero
88349Sunspot, NMOtero
88348San Patricio, NMLincoln
88351Tinnie, NMLincoln
88354Weed, NMOtero
88353Vaughn, NMGuadalupe
88352Tularosa, NMOtero
87554Petaca, NMRio Arriba
87556Questa, NMTaos
87557Ranchos de Taos, NMTaos
87553Penasco, NMTaos
87548Medanales, NMRio Arriba
87549Ojo Caliente, NMTaos
87551Los Ojos, NMRio Arriba
87566Ohkay Owingeh , NMRio Arriba
87566San Juan Pueblo, NMRio Arriba
87569Serafina, NMSan Miguel
87565San Jose, NMSan Miguel
87558Red River, NMTaos
87560Ribera, NMSan Miguel
87564San Cristobal, NMTaos
87543Llano, NMTaos
87522Chimayo, NMRio Arriba
87523Cordova, NMRio Arriba
87524Costilla, NMTaos
87521Chamisal, NMTaos
87518Cebolla, NMRio Arriba
87519Cerro, NMTaos
87520Chama, NMRio Arriba
87531Embudo, NMRio Arriba
87537Hernandez, NMRio Arriba
87539La Madera, NMRio Arriba
87530El Rito, NMRio Arriba
87525Taos Ski Valley, NMTaos
87528Dulce, NMRio Arriba
87529El Prado, NMTaos
88001Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88046Mesilla, NMDona Ana
88135Texico, NMCurry
88134Taiban, NMDe Baca
88136Yeso, NMDe Baca
88201Roswell, NMChaves
88044La Mesa, NMDona Ana
88045Lordsburg, NMHidalgo
88125Milnesand, NMRoosevelt
88124Melrose, NMCurry
88123Lingo, NMRoosevelt
88126Pep, NMRoosevelt
88133Saint Vrain, NMCurry
88132Rogers, NMRoosevelt
88130Portales, NMRoosevelt
88202Roswell, NMChaves
88232Hagerman, NMChaves
88231Eunice, NMLea
88230Dexter, NMChaves
88240Hobbs, NMLea
88244Hobbs, NMLea
88242Hobbs, NMLea
88241Hobbs, NMLea
88211Artesia, NMEddy
88210Artesia, NMEddy
88203Roswell, NMChaves
88213Caprock, NMLea
88043Hurley, NMGrant
88221Carlsbad, NMEddy
88220Carlsbad, NMEddy
88072Vado, NMDona Ana
88081Chaparral, NMDona Ana
88101Clovis, NMCurry
88065Tyrone, NMGrant
88061Silver City, NMGrant
88062Silver City, NMGrant
88063Sunland Park, NMDona Ana
88114Crossroads, NMLea
88115Dora, NMRoosevelt
88116Elida, NMRoosevelt
88113Causey, NMRoosevelt
88102Clovis, NMCurry
88103Cannon Afb, NMCurry
88112Broadview, NMCurry
88058San Miguel, NMDona Ana
88047Mesilla Park, NMDona Ana
88048Mesquite, NMDona Ana
88049Mimbres, NMGrant
88119Fort Sumner, NMDe Baca
88122Kenna, NMRoosevelt
88121House, NMQuay
88120Grady, NMCurry
88054Radium Springs, NMDona Ana
88055Redrock, NMGrant
88056Rodeo, NMHidalgo
88053Pinos Altos, NMGrant
88051Mule Creek, NMGrant
88052Organ, NMDona Ana
88118Floyd, NMRoosevelt
88028Cliff, NMGrant
88029Columbus, NMLuna
88030Deming, NMLuna
88027Chamberino, NMDona Ana
88024Berino, NMDona Ana
88025Buckhorn, NMGrant
88026Santa Clara, NMGrant
88036Fort Bayard, NMGrant
88038Gila, NMGrant
88039Glenwood, NMCatron
88034Faywood, NMGrant
88031Deming, NMLuna
88032Dona Ana, NMDona Ana
88033Fairacres, NMDona Ana
88023Bayard, NMGrant
88006Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88007Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88008Santa Teresa, NMDona Ana
88005Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88002White Sands Missile Range, NMDona Ana
88003Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88004Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88020Animas, NMHidalgo
88021Anthony, NMDona Ana
88022Arenas Valley, NMGrant
88013Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88009Playas, NMHidalgo
88011Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88012Las Cruces, NMDona Ana
88264Maljamar, NMLea
88263Malaga, NMEddy
88262Mcdonald, NMLea
88265Monument, NMLea
88301Carrizozo, NMLincoln
88268Whites City, NMEddy
88267Tatum, NMLea
88253Lake Arthur, NMChaves
88252Jal, NMLea
88250Hope, NMEddy
88254Lakewood, NMEddy
88260Lovington, NMLea
88256Loving, NMEddy
88255Loco Hills, NMEddy
88310Alamogordo, NMOtero
88325High Rolls Mountain Park, NMOtero
88324Glencoe, NMLincoln
88323Fort Stanton, NMLincoln
88330Holloman Air Force Base, NMOtero
88040Hachita, NMGrant
88041Hanover, NMGrant
88042Hillsboro, NMSierra
88314Bent, NMOtero
88312Alto, NMLincoln
88311Alamogordo, NMOtero
88316Capitan, NMLincoln
88321Encino, NMTorrance
88318Corona, NMLincoln
88317Cloudcroft, NMOtero
87046Regina, NMSandoval
87044Ponderosa, NMSandoval
87514Arroyo Seco, NMTaos
88435Santa Rosa, NMGuadalupe
87029Lindrith, NMRio Arriba
87027La Jara, NMSandoval
87025Jemez Springs, NMSandoval
87028La Joya, NMSocorro
88421Garita, NMSan Miguel
88422Gladstone, NMUnion
88433Quay, NMQuay
88434San Jon, NMQuay
88431Newkirk, NMGuadalupe
87510Abiquiu, NMRio Arriba
87511Alcalde, NMRio Arriba
87513Arroyo Hondo, NMTaos
88427Mcalister, NMQuay
88430Nara Visa, NMQuay
87512Amalia, NMTaos
87012Coyote, NMRio Arriba
87011Claunch, NMSocorro
88419Folsom, NMUnion
88424Grenville, NMUnion
88418Des Moines, NMUnion
88417Cuervo, NMGuadalupe
87062Veguita, NMSocorro
87053San Ysidro, NMSandoval
87064Youngsville, NMRio Arriba
87024Jemez Pueblo, NMSandoval
88426Logan, NMQuay
88436Sedan, NMUnion
87018Counselor, NMSandoval
88439Trementina, NMSan Miguel
87013Cuba, NMSandoval
87017Gallina, NMRio Arriba

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