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StateMinnesota (MN)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1954

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55979Utica, MNWinona
55982Waltham, MNMower
56003Mankato, MNNicollet
56002Mankato, MNBlue Earth
56001Mankato, MNBlue Earth
56010Amboy, MNBlue Earth
56009Alden, MNFreeborn
56007Albert Lea, MNFreeborn
55987Winona, MNWinona
55985West Concord, MNDodge
55983Wanamingo, MNGoodhue
55992Zumbrota, MNGoodhue
55991Zumbro Falls, MNWabasha
55990Wykoff, MNFillmore
55977Taopi, MNMower
55964Plainview, MNWabasha
55963Pine Island, MNGoodhue
55967Racine, MNMower
55965Preston, MNFillmore
55960Oronoco, MNOlmsted
55959Minnesota City, MNWinona
55962Peterson, MNFillmore
55961Ostrander, MNFillmore
55974Spring Grove, MNHouston
55973Sargeant, MNMower
55976Stewartville, MNOlmsted
55975Spring Valley, MNFillmore
55970Rose Creek, MNMower
55969Rollingstone, MNWinona
55972Saint Charles, MNWinona
55971Rushford, MNFillmore
56013Blue Earth, MNFaribault
56039Granada, MNMartin
56037Good Thunder, MNBlue Earth
56036Glenville, MNFreeborn
56041Hanska, MNBrown
56044Henderson, MNSibley
56043Hayward, MNFreeborn
56042Hartland, MNFreeborn
56028Elysian, MNLe Sueur
56031Fairmont, MNMartin
56030Essig, MNBrown
56029Emmons, MNFreeborn
56032Freeborn, MNFreeborn
56035Geneva, MNFreeborn
56034Garden City, MNBlue Earth
56033Frost, MNFaribault
56045Hollandale, MNFreeborn
56020Conger, MNFreeborn
56021Courtland, MNNicollet
56022Darfur, MNWatonwan
56019Comfrey, MNBrown
56014Bricelyn, MNFaribault
56016Clarks Grove, MNFreeborn
56017Cleveland, MNLe Sueur
56023Delavan, MNFaribault
56027Elmore, MNFaribault
56047Huntley, MNFaribault
56046Hope, MNSteele
56026Ellendale, MNSteele
56024Eagle Lake, MNBlue Earth
56048Janesville, MNWaseca
56025Easton, MNFaribault
55957Millville, MNWabasha
55902Rochester, MNOlmsted
55903Rochester, MNOlmsted
55904Rochester, MNOlmsted
55901Rochester, MNOlmsted
55065Randolph, MNDakota
55087Warsaw, MNRice
55396Winthrop, MNSibley
55905Rochester, MNOlmsted
55917Blooming Prairie, MNSteele
55918Brownsdale, MNMower
55919Brownsville, MNHouston
55912Austin, MNMower
55906Rochester, MNOlmsted
55909Adams, MNMower
55910Altura, MNWinona
55060Owatonna, MNSteele
55338Green Isle, MNSibley
55009Cannon Falls, MNGoodhue
55307Arlington, MNSibley
55332Fairfax, MNRenville
55335Gibbon, MNSibley
55334Gaylord, MNSibley
55333Franklin, MNRenville
55018Dennison, MNGoodhue
55052Morristown, MNRice
55053Nerstrand, MNRice
55057Northfield, MNRice
55049Medford, MNSteele
55019Dundas, MNRice
55021Faribault, MNRice
55046Lonsdale, MNRice
55920Byron, MNOlmsted
55945Kellogg, MNWabasha
55946Kenyon, MNGoodhue
55947La Crescent, MNHouston
55944Kasson, MNDodge
55941Hokah, MNHouston
55942Homer, MNWinona
55943Houston, MNHouston
55949Lanesboro, MNFillmore
55954Mabel, MNFillmore
55955Mantorville, MNDodge
55956Mazeppa, MNWabasha
55953Lyle, MNMower
55950Lansing, MNMower
55951Le Roy, MNMower
55952Lewiston, MNWinona
55940Hayfield, MNDodge
55925Dakota, MNWinona
55926Dexter, MNMower
55927Dodge Center, MNDodge
55924Claremont, MNDodge
55921Caledonia, MNHouston
55922Canton, MNFillmore
55923Chatfield, MNFillmore
55929Dover, MNOlmsted
55935Fountain, MNFillmore
55936Grand Meadow, MNMower
55939Harmony, MNFillmore
55934Eyota, MNOlmsted
55931Eitzen, MNHouston
55932Elgin, MNWabasha
55933Elkton, MNMower
56050Kasota, MNLe Sueur
56164Pipestone, MNPipestone
56165Reading, MNNobles
56166Revere, MNRedwood
56162Ormsby, MNMartin
56159Mountain Lake, MNCottonwood
56160Odin, MNWatonwan
56161Okabena, MNJackson
56167Round Lake, MNNobles
56172Slayton, MNMurray
56173Steen, MNRock
56174Storden, MNCottonwood
56171Sherburn, MNMartin
56168Rushmore, MNNobles
56169Russell, MNLyon
56170Ruthton, MNPipestone
56146Kanaranzi, MNNobles
56147Kenneth, MNRock
56149Lake Benton, MNLincoln
56145Jeffers, MNCottonwood
56142Ivanhoe, MNLincoln
56143Jackson, MNJackson
56144Jasper, MNRock
56150Lakefield, MNJackson
56156Luverne, MNRock
56157Lynd, MNLyon
56158Magnolia, MNRock
56155Lismore, MNNobles
56151Lake Wilson, MNMurray
56152Lamberton, MNRedwood
56153Leota, MNNobles
56264Minneota, MNLyon
56266Morgan, MNRedwood
56270Morton, MNRenville
56263Milroy, MNRedwood
56245Hanley Falls, MNYellow Medicine
56255Lucan, MNRedwood
56258Marshall, MNLyon
56280Porter, MNYellow Medicine
56293Wabasso, MNRedwood
56294Wanda, MNRedwood
56297Wood Lake, MNYellow Medicine
56292Vesta, MNRedwood
56283Redwood Falls, MNRedwood
56287Seaforth, MNRedwood
56291Taunton, MNLyon
56181Welcome, MNMartin
56183Westbrook, MNCottonwood
56185Wilmont, MNNobles
56180Walnut Grove, MNRedwood
56175Tracy, MNLyon
56176Trimont, MNMartin
56178Tyler, MNLincoln
56186Woodstock, MNPipestone
56229Cottonwood, MNLyon
56237Echo, MNYellow Medicine
56239Ghent, MNLyon
56224Clements, MNRedwood
56187Worthington, MNNobles
56214Belview, MNRedwood
56220Canby, MNYellow Medicine
56081Saint James, MNWatonwan
56082Saint Peter, MNNicollet
56083Sanborn, MNRedwood
56080Saint Clair, MNBlue Earth
56074Nicollet, MNNicollet
56075Northrop, MNMartin
56078Pemberton, MNBlue Earth
56084Searles, MNBrown
56090Vernon Center, MNBlue Earth
56091Waldorf, MNWaseca
56093Waseca, MNWaseca
56089Twin Lakes, MNFreeborn
56085Sleepy Eye, MNBrown
56087Springfield, MNBrown
56088Truman, MNMartin
56056La Salle, MNWatonwan
56057Le Center, MNLe Sueur
56058Le Sueur, MNLe Sueur
56055Lake Crystal, MNBlue Earth
56051Kiester, MNFaribault
56052Kilkenny, MNRice
56054Lafayette, MNNicollet
56060Lewisville, MNWatonwan
56069Montgomery, MNLe Sueur
56072New Richland, MNWaseca
56073New Ulm, MNBrown
56068Minnesota Lake, MNFaribault
56062Madelia, MNWatonwan
56063Madison Lake, MNBlue Earth
56065Mapleton, MNBlue Earth
56096Waterville, MNLe Sueur
56127Dunnell, MNMartin
56125Dovray, MNMurray
56129Ellsworth, MNNobles
56128Edgerton, MNPipestone
56121Ceylon, MNMartin
56120Butterfield, MNWatonwan
56123Currie, MNMurray
56122Chandler, MNMurray
56131Fulda, MNMurray
56139Holland, MNPipestone
56138Hills, MNRock
56141Iona, MNMurray
56140Ihlen, MNPipestone
56134Hardwick, MNRock
56132Garvin, MNLyon
56137Heron Lake, MNJackson
56136Hendricks, MNLincoln
56115Balaton, MNLyon
56114Avoca, MNMurray
56116Beaver Creek, MNRock
56118Bingham Lake, MNCottonwood
56117Bigelow, MNNobles
56113Arco, MNLincoln
56098Winnebago, MNFaribault
56097Wells, MNFaribault
56101Windom, MNCottonwood
56111Alpha, MNJackson
56110Adrian, MNNobles
56119Brewster, MNNobles
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