Area Code Details for: 231






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA616
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date06/05/1999


49653Lake Leelanau, MILeelanau
49654Leland, MILeelanau
49650Lake Ann, MIBenzie
49651Lake City, MIMissaukee
49657Mc Bain, MIMissaukee
49659Mancelona, MIAntrim
49655Leroy, MIOsceola
49656Luther, MILake
49649Kingsley, MIGrand Traverse
49642Idlewild, MILake
49643Interlochen, MIGrand Traverse
49639Hersey, MIOsceola
49640Honor, MIBenzie
49646Kalkaska, MIKalkaska
49648Kewadin, MIAntrim
49644Irons, MILake
49645Kaleva, MIManistee
49660Manistee, MIManistee
49452Rothbury, MIOceana
49451Ravenna, MIMuskegon
49675Onekama, MIManistee
49454Scottville, MIMason
49445Muskegon, MIMuskegon
49444Muskegon, MIMuskegon
49449Pentwater, MIOceana
49446New Era, MIOceana
49674Omena, MILeelanau
49665Marion, MIOsceola
49666Mayfield, MIGrand Traverse
49663Manton, MIWexford
49664Maple City, MILeelanau
49670Northport, MILeelanau
49673Old Mission, MIGrand Traverse
49667Merritt, MIMissaukee
49668Mesick, MIWexford
49614Bear Lake, MIManistee
49615Bellaire, MIAntrim
49612Alden, MIAntrim
49613Arcadia, MIManistee
49618Boon, MIWexford
49619Brethren, MIManistee
49616Benzonia, MIBenzie
49617Beulah, MIBenzie
49455Shelby, MIOceana
49601Cadillac, MIWexford
49463Sylvan Beach, MIMuskegon
49611Alba, MIAntrim
49610Acme, MIGrand Traverse
49458Walhalla, MIMason
49457Twin Lake, MIMuskegon
49461Whitehall, MIMuskegon
49459Walkerville, MIOceana
49620Buckley, MIWexford
49633Fife Lake, MIKalkaska
49634Filer City, MIManistee
49631Evart, MIOsceola
49632Falmouth, MIMissaukee
49637Grawn, MIGrand Traverse
49638Harrietta, MIWexford
49635Frankfort, MIBenzie
49636Glen Arbor, MILeelanau
49630Empire, MILeelanau
49623Chase, MILake
49625Copemish, MIManistee
49621Cedar, MILeelanau
49622Central Lake, MIAntrim
49628Elberta, MIBenzie
49629Elk Rapids, MIAntrim
49626Eastlake, MIManistee
49627Eastport, MIAntrim
49686Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse
49688Tustin, MIOsceola
49684Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse
49685Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse
49696Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse
49701Mackinaw City, MICheboygan
49689Wellston, MIManistee
49690Williamsburg, MIGrand Traverse
48838Greenville, MIMontcalm
49676Rapid City, MIKalkaska
49677Reed City, MIOsceola
49304Baldwin, MILake
49303Bailey, MIMuskegon
49682Suttons Bay, MILeelanau
49683Thompsonville, MIBenzie
49679Sears, MIOsceola
49680South Boardman, MIKalkaska
49705Afton, MICheboygan
49761Mullett Lake, MICheboygan
49770Petoskey, MIEmmet
49730Elmira, MIOtsego
49749Indian River, MICheboygan
49796Walloon Lake, MICharlevoix
49799Wolverine, MICheboygan
49775Pointe Aux Pins, MIMackinac
49791Topinabee, MICheboygan
49729Ellsworth, MIAntrim
49713Boyne Falls, MICharlevoix
49716Brutus, MIEmmet
49711Bay Shore, MICharlevoix
49712Boyne City, MICharlevoix
49721Cheboygan, MICheboygan
49727East Jordan, MICharlevoix
49717Burt Lake, MICheboygan
49720Charlevoix, MICharlevoix
49413Fremont, MINewaygo
49412Fremont, MINewaygo
49420Hart, MIOceana
49415Fruitport, MIMuskegon
49405Custer, MIMason
49402Branch, MIMason
49411Free Soil, MIMason
49410Fountain, MIMason
49421Hesperia, MIOceana
49441Muskegon, MIMuskegon
49440Muskegon, MIMuskegon
49443Muskegon, MIMuskegon
49442Muskegon, MIMuskegon
49431Ludington, MIMason
49425Holton, MIMuskegon
49437Montague, MIMuskegon
49436Mears, MIOceana
49349White Cloud, MINewaygo
49322Coral, MIMontcalm
49320Chippewa Lake, MIMecosta
49327Grant, MINewaygo
49326Gowen, MIKent
49309Bitely, MINewaygo
49307Big Rapids, MIMecosta
49318Casnovia, MIMuskegon
49312Brohman, MINewaygo
49329Howard City, MIMontcalm
49342Rodney, MIMecosta
49339Pierson, MIMontcalm
49347Trufant, MIMontcalm
49346Stanwood, MIMecosta
49336Morley, MIMecosta
49332Mecosta, MIMecosta
49338Paris, MIMecosta
49337Newaygo, MINewaygo

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