Area Code Details for: 510






Time ZoneP
Parent NPA415
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date09/02/1991


94580San Lorenzo, CAAlameda
94709Berkeley, CAAlameda
94801Richmond, CAContra Costa
94579San Leandro, CAAlameda
94543Hayward, CAAlameda
94708Berkeley, CAAlameda
94537Fremont, CAAlameda
94602Oakland, CAAlameda
94538Fremont, CAAlameda
94603Oakland, CAAlameda
94530El Cerrito, CAContra Costa
94536Fremont, CAAlameda
94601Oakland, CAAlameda
94542Hayward, CAAlameda
94587Union City, CAAlameda
94707Berkeley, CAAlameda
94539Fremont, CAAlameda
94540Hayward, CAAlameda
94541Hayward, CAAlameda
94557Hayward, CAAlameda
94555Fremont, CAAlameda
94544Hayward, CAAlameda
94804Richmond, CAContra Costa
94802Richmond, CAContra Costa
94803El Sobrante, CAContra Costa
95101San Jose, CASanta Clara
94548Knightsen, CAContra Costa
94552Castro Valley, CAAlameda
94720Berkeley, CAAlameda
94545Hayward, CAAlameda
94546Castro Valley, CAAlameda
94547Hercules, CAContra Costa
94710Berkeley, CAAlameda
95036Milpitas, CASanta Clara
94712Berkeley, CAAlameda
95131San Jose, CASanta Clara
95134San Jose, CASanta Clara
94578San Leandro, CAAlameda
94577San Leandro, CAAlameda
94569Port Costa, CAContra Costa
94564Pinole, CAContra Costa
94560Newark, CAAlameda
94572Rodeo, CAContra Costa
94806San Pablo, CAContra Costa
94805Richmond, CAContra Costa
94624Oakland, CAAlameda
94623Oakland, CAAlameda
94649Oakland, CAAlameda
94660Oakland, CAAlameda
94659Oakland, CAAlameda
94622Oakland, CAAlameda
94807Richmond, CAContra Costa
94618Oakland, CAAlameda
94619Oakland, CAAlameda
94621Oakland, CAAlameda
94620Piedmont, CAAlameda
94661Oakland, CAAlameda
94704Berkeley, CAAlameda
94820El Sobrante, CAContra Costa
94705Berkeley, CAAlameda
94706Albany, CAAlameda
94850Richmond, CAContra Costa
94703Berkeley, CAAlameda
94666Oakland, CAAlameda
94662Emeryville, CAAlameda
94701Berkeley, CAAlameda
94808Richmond, CAContra Costa
94702Berkeley, CAAlameda
94505Discovery Bay, CAContra Costa
94609Oakland, CAAlameda
94610Oakland, CAAlameda
94501Alameda, CAAlameda
94502Alameda, CAAlameda
94525Crockett, CAContra Costa
94605Oakland, CAAlameda
94604Oakland, CAAlameda
94606Oakland, CAAlameda
94608Emeryville, CAAlameda
94607Oakland, CAAlameda
94134San Francisco, CASan Francisco
94613Oakland, CAAlameda
94612Oakland, CAAlameda
94614Oakland, CAAlameda
94617Oakland, CAAlameda
94615Oakland, CAAlameda
94611Oakland, CAAlameda
94111San Francisco, CASan Francisco
94124San Francisco, CASan Francisco
94108San Francisco, CASan Francisco
94104San Francisco, CASan Francisco
94105San Francisco, CASan Francisco

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