Area Code Details for: 574






StateIndiana (IN)
Time ZoneUnknown
Parent NPA219
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/15/2002

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46570Tippecanoe, INMarshall
46567Syracuse, INKosciusko
46561Osceola, INSt Joseph
46556Notre Dame, INSt Joseph
46563Plymouth, INMarshall
46562Pierceton, INKosciusko
46582Warsaw, INKosciusko
46590Winona Lake, INKosciusko
46580Warsaw, INKosciusko
46581Warsaw, INKosciusko
46572Tyner, INMarshall
46573Wakarusa, INElkhart
46574Walkerton, INSt Joseph
46542Milford, INKosciusko
46543Millersburg, INElkhart
46544Mishawaka, INSt Joseph
46538Leesburg, INKosciusko
46539Mentone, INKosciusko
46540Middlebury, INElkhart
46545Mishawaka, INSt Joseph
46553New Paris, INElkhart
46554North Liberty, INSt Joseph
46555North Webster, INKosciusko
46546Mishawaka, INSt Joseph
46550Nappanee, INElkhart
46552New Carlisle, INSt Joseph
46994Walton, INCass
46699South Bend, INSt Joseph
46912Athens, INFulton
46637South Bend, INSt Joseph
46660South Bend, INSt Joseph
46680South Bend, INSt Joseph
46988Twelve Mile, INCass
46998Young America, INCass
47960Monticello, INWhite
46767Ligonier, INNoble
46910Akron, INFulton
46732Cromwell, INNoble
46996Winamac, INPulaski
46614South Bend, INSt Joseph
46615South Bend, INSt Joseph
46616South Bend, INSt Joseph
46595Wyatt, INSt Joseph
46601South Bend, INSt Joseph
46613South Bend, INSt Joseph
46617South Bend, INSt Joseph
46628South Bend, INSt Joseph
46634South Bend, INSt Joseph
46635South Bend, INSt Joseph
46619South Bend, INSt Joseph
46624South Bend, INSt Joseph
46626South Bend, INSt Joseph
46537Lapaz, INMarshall
46501Argos, INMarshall
46502Atwood, INKosciusko
46504Bourbon, INMarshall
47925Buffalo, INWhite
47926Burnettsville, INWhite
46921Deedsville, INMiami
46506Bremen, INMarshall
46510Claypool, INKosciusko
46511Culver, INMarshall
46513Donaldson, INMarshall
46507Bristol, INElkhart
46985Star City, INPulaski
46508Burket, INKosciusko
46931Fulton, INFulton
46366North Judson, INStarke
46942Lake Cicott, INCass
46913Bringhurst, INCarroll
46945Leiters Ford, INFulton
46950Lucerne, INCass
46947Logansport, INCass
46978Royal Center, INCass
46916Burrows, INCarroll
46917Camden, INCarroll
46975Rochester, INFulton
46939Kewanna, INFulton
46977Rockfield, INCarroll
46935Grass Creek, INFulton
46932Galveston, INCass
46967Onward, INCass
47997Yeoman, INCarroll
46527Goshen, INElkhart
46961New Waverly, INCass
46530Granger, INSt Joseph
46531Grovertown, INStarke
46532Hamlet, INStarke
46534Knox, INStarke
46929Flora, INCarroll
46528Goshen, INElkhart
46514Elkhart, INElkhart
46515Elkhart, INElkhart
46922Delong, INFulton
47950Idaville, INWhite
46536Lakeville, INSt Joseph
46951Macy, INMiami
46524Etna Green, INKosciusko
46968Ora, INStarke
46526Goshen, INElkhart
46516Elkhart, INElkhart
46517Elkhart, INElkhart
46960Monterey, INPulaski
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