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StateMinnesota (MN)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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55766Melrude, MNSaint Louis
56741Oak Island, MNLake of the Woods
55763Makinen, MNSaint Louis
55765Meadowlands, MNSaint Louis
55764Marble, MNItasca
55760Mcgregor, MNAitkin
55758Kinney, MNSaint Louis
55725Crane Lake, MNSaint Louis
55780Sawyer, MNCarlton
56742Oklee, MNRed Lake
55767Moose Lake, MNCarlton
56738Newfolden, MNMarshall
56736Mentor, MNPolk
55772Nett Lake, MNSaint Louis
56737Middle River, MNMarshall
55769Nashwauk, MNItasca
55771Orr, MNSaint Louis
55775Pengilly, MNItasca
56734Lake Bronson, MNKittson
56740Noyes, MNKittson
55768Mountain Iron, MNSaint Louis
55777Virginia, MNSaint Louis
55779Saginaw, MNSaint Louis
56735Lancaster, MNKittson
55731Ely, MNSaint Louis
55730Grand Rapids, MNItasca
55726Cromwell, MNCarlton
55732Embarrass, MNSaint Louis
55733Esko, MNCarlton
55724Cotton, MNSaint Louis
55723Cook, MNSaint Louis
55713Buhl, MNSaint Louis
55717Canyon, MNSaint Louis
55718Carlton, MNCarlton
55719Chisholm, MNSaint Louis
55720Cloquet, MNCarlton
55722Coleraine, MNItasca
55721Cohasset, MNItasca
55716Calumet, MNItasca
55734Eveleth, MNSaint Louis
55751Iron, MNSaint Louis
55750Hoyt Lakes, MNSaint Louis
55749Holyoke, MNCarlton
55752Jacobson, MNItasca
55757Kettle River, MNCarlton
55756Kerrick, MNPine
55753Keewatin, MNItasca
55748Hill City, MNAitkin
55741Gilbert, MNSaint Louis
55738Forbes, MNSaint Louis
55736Floodwood, MNSaint Louis
55742Goodland, MNItasca
55746Hibbing, MNSaint Louis
55745Grand Rapids, MNItasca
55744Grand Rapids, MNItasca
56744Oslo, MNMarshall
56762Warren, MNMarshall
56436Benedict, MNHubbard
56434Aldrich, MNWadena
56435Backus, MNCass
56440Clarissa, MNTodd
56441Crosby, MNCrow Wing
56763Warroad, MNRoseau
56437Bertha, MNTodd
56433Akeley, MNHubbard
55815Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55816Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55812Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55814Duluth, MNSaint Louis
56760Viking, MNMarshall
56761Wannaska, MNRoseau
56758Strandquist, MNMarshall
56759Strathcona, MNRoseau
56458Lake George, MNHubbard
56459Lake Hubert, MNCrow Wing
56455Ironton, MNCrow Wing
56456Jenkins, MNCrow Wing
56465Merrifield, MNCrow Wing
56733Kennedy, MNKittson
56461Laporte, MNHubbard
56464Menahga, MNWadena
56453Hewitt, MNTodd
56444Deerwood, MNCrow Wing
56446Eagle Bend, MNTodd
56442Crosslake, MNCrow Wing
56443Cushing, MNMorrison
56449Fort Ripley, MNCrow Wing
56452Hackensack, MNCass
56447Emily, MNCrow Wing
56448Fifty Lakes, MNCrow Wing
56431Aitkin, MNAitkin
55791Twig, MNSaint Louis
55792Virginia, MNSaint Louis
55787Tamarack, MNAitkin
55790Tower, MNSaint Louis
55796Winton, MNSaint Louis
55797Wrenshall, MNCarlton
55793Warba, MNItasca
55795Willow River, MNPine
55786Taconite, MNItasca
55783Sturgeon Lake, MNPine
56748Plummer, MNRed Lake
55781Side Lake, MNSaint Louis
55782Soudan, MNSaint Louis
55785Swatara, MNCass
56751Roseau, MNRoseau
56750Red Lake Falls, MNRed Lake
55784Swan River, MNItasca
55810Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55811Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55808Duluth, MNSaint Louis
56755Saint Vincent, MNKittson
56757Stephen, MNMarshall
56425Baxter, MNCrow Wing
56401Brainerd, MNCrow Wing
56756Salol, MNRoseau
55807Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55802Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55803Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55798Wright, MNCarlton
55801Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55805Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55806Duluth, MNSaint Louis
55804Duluth, MNSaint Louis
56754Saint Hilaire, MNPennington
56578Rochert, MNBecker
56579Rothsay, MNWilkin
56580Sabin, MNClay
56577Richwood, MNBecker
56574Perley, MNNorman
56575Ponsford, MNBecker
56576Richville, MNOtter Tail
56581Shelly, MNNorman
56587Vergas, MNOtter Tail
56588Vining, MNOtter Tail
56589Waubun, MNBecker
56586Underwood, MNOtter Tail
56583Tintah, MNTraverse
56584Twin Valley, MNNorman
56585Ulen, MNClay
56562Moorhead, MNClay
56563Moorhead, MNClay
56565Nashua, MNWilkin
56561Moorhead, MNClay
56556Mcintosh, MNPolk
56557Mahnomen, MNMahnomen
56560Moorhead, MNClay
56566Naytahwaush, MNMahnomen
56571Ottertail, MNOtter Tail
56572Pelican Rapids, MNOtter Tail
56573Perham, MNOtter Tail
56570Osage, MNBecker
56567New York Mills, MNOtter Tail
56568Nielsville, MNPolk
56569Ogema, MNBecker
56639Effie, MNItasca
56641Federal Dam, MNCass
56644Gonvick, MNClearwater
56637Talmoon, MNItasca
56633Cass Lake, MNCass
56634Clearbrook, MNClearwater
56636Deer River, MNItasca
56646Gully, MNPolk
56652Leonard, MNClearwater
56653Littlefork, MNKoochiching
56654Loman, MNKoochiching
56651Lengby, MNMahnomen
56647Hines, MNBeltrami
56649International Falls, MNKoochiching
56650Kelliher, MNBeltrami
56594Wolverton, MNWilkin
56601Bemidji, MNBeltrami
56619Bemidji, MNBeltrami
56593Wolf Lake, MNBecker
56590Wendell, MNGrant
56591White Earth, MNBecker
56592Winger, MNPolk
56621Bagley, MNClearwater
56629Birchdale, MNKoochiching
56630Blackduck, MNBeltrami
56631Bowstring, MNItasca
56628Bigfork, MNItasca
56623Baudette, MNLake of the Woods
56626Bena, MNCass
56627Big Falls, MNKoochiching
56501Detroit Lakes, MNBecker
56502Detroit Lakes, MNBecker
56510Ada, MNNorman
56484Walker, MNCass
56479Staples, MNTodd
56481Verndale, MNWadena
56482Wadena, MNWadena
56511Audubon, MNBecker
56518Bluffton, MNOtter Tail
56519Borup, MNNorman
56520Breckenridge, MNWilkin
56517Beltrami, MNPolk
56514Barnesville, MNClay
56515Battle Lake, MNOtter Tail
56516Bejou, MNMahnomen
56361Parkers Prairie, MNOtter Tail
56466Motley, MNMorrison
56467Nevis, MNHubbard
56354Miltona, MNDouglas
56309Ashby, MNGrant
56324Dalton, MNOtter Tail
56326Evansville, MNDouglas
56468Nisswa, MNCrow Wing
56474Pine River, MNCass
56477Sebeka, MNWadena
56479Staples , MNWadena
56473Pillager, MNCass
56469Palisade, MNAitkin
56470Park Rapids, MNHubbard
56472Pequot Lakes, MNCrow Wing
56544Frazee, MNBecker
56545Gary, MNNorman
56546Georgetown, MNClay
56543Foxhome, MNWilkin
56540Fertile, MNPolk
56541Flom, MNNorman
56542Fosston, MNPolk
56547Glyndon, MNClay
56552Hitterdal, MNClay
56553Kent, MNWilkin
56554Lake Park, MNBecker
56551Henning, MNOtter Tail
56548Halstad, MNNorman
56549Hawley, MNClay
56550Hendrum, MNNorman
56525Comstock, MNClay
56527Deer Creek, MNOtter Tail
56528Dent, MNOtter Tail
56524Clitherall, MNOtter Tail
56521Callaway, MNBecker
56522Campbell, MNWilkin
56523Climax, MNPolk
56529Dilworth, MNClay
56536Felton, MNClay
56537Fergus Falls, MNOtter Tail
56538Fergus Falls, MNOtter Tail
56535Erskine, MNPolk
56531Elbow Lake, MNGrant
56533Elizabeth, MNOtter Tail
56534Erhard, MNOtter Tail
56687Wilton, MNBeltrami
56688Wirt, MNItasca
56685Waskish, MNBeltrami
56686Williams, MNLake of the Woods
56701Thief River Falls, MNPennington
56713Argyle, MNMarshall
56714Badger, MNRoseau
56710Alvarado, MNMarshall
56711Angle Inlet, MNLake of the Woods
56684Trail, MNPolk
56678Solway , MNBeltrami
56678Solway, MNHubbard
56673Roosevelt, MNRoseau
56676Shevlin, MNClearwater
56678Becida, MNHubbard
56681Squaw Lake, MNItasca
56683Tenstrike, MNBeltrami
56679South International Falls, MNKoochiching
56680Spring Lake, MNItasca
56715Brooks, MNRed Lake
55603Finland, MNLake
55602Brimson, MNSaint Louis
55605Grand Portage, MNCook
55604Grand Marais, MNCook
55601Beaver Bay, MNLake
56729Halma, MNKittson
56728Hallock, MNKittson
56732Karlstad, MNKittson
56731Humboldt, MNKittson
55606Hovland, MNCook
56721East Grand Forks, MNPolk
56722Euclid, MNPolk
56716Crookston, MNPolk
56720Donaldson, MNKittson
56723Fisher, MNPolk
56726Greenbush, MNRoseau
56727Grygla, MNMarshall
56724Gatzke, MNMarshall
56725Goodridge, MNPennington
55703Angora, MNSaint Louis
56655Longville, MNCass
56657Marcell, MNItasca
56667Puposky, MNBeltrami
55702Alborn, MNSaint Louis
56668Ranier, MNKoochiching
55614Silver Bay, MNLake
55616Two Harbors, MNLake
55615Tofte, MNCook
56661Northome, MNKoochiching
56660Mizpah, MNKoochiching
56662Outing, MNCass
56663Pennington, MNBeltrami
56659Max, MNItasca
56658Margie, MNKoochiching
55705Aurora, MNSaint Louis
56666Ponemah, MNBeltrami
55706Babbitt, MNSaint Louis
55710Britt, MNSaint Louis
56669Ray, MNKoochiching
55709Bovey, MNItasca
56672Remer, MNCass
55607Isabella, MNLake
56671Red Lake, MNBeltrami
56670Redby, MNBeltrami
55708Biwabik, MNSaint Louis
55612Lutsen, MNCook
55613Schroeder, MNCook
56669Kabetogama , MNKoochiching
56669Gateway, MNKoochiching
55707Barnum, MNCarlton
55711Brookston, MNSaint Louis
55609Knife River, MNLake
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