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StateOregon (OR)
Time ZonePacific Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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97138Seaside, ORClatsop
97140Sherwood, ORWashington
97141Tillamook, ORTillamook
97135Pacific City, ORTillamook
97136Rockaway Beach, ORTillamook
97137Saint Paul, ORMarion
97143Netarts, ORTillamook
97147Wheeler, ORTillamook
97148Yamhill, ORYamhill
97149Neskowin, ORTillamook
97144Timber, ORWashington
97145Tolovana Park, ORClatsop
97146Warrenton, ORClatsop
97134Oceanside, ORTillamook
97123Hillsboro, ORWashington
97124Hillsboro, ORWashington
97125Manning, ORWashington
97119Gaston, ORWashington
97121Hammond, ORClatsop
97122Hebo, ORTillamook
97127Lafayette, ORYamhill
97131Nehalem, ORTillamook
97132Newberg, ORYamhill
97133North Plains, ORWashington
97128Mcminnville, ORYamhill
97129Hillsboro, ORWashington
97130Manzanita, ORTillamook
97016Clatskanie, ORColumbia
97015Clackamas, ORClackamas
97013Canby, ORClackamas
97214Portland, ORMultnomah
97018Columbia City, ORColumbia
97017Colton, ORClackamas
97011Brightwood, ORClackamas
97009Boring, ORClackamas
97216Portland, ORMultnomah
97217Portland, ORMultnomah
97215Portland, ORMultnomah
97010Bridal Veil, ORMultnomah
97396Willamina, ORYamhill
97213Portland, ORMultnomah
97204Portland, ORMultnomah
97205Portland, ORMultnomah
97206Portland, ORMultnomah
97201Portland, ORMultnomah
97202Portland, ORMultnomah
97203Portland, ORMultnomah
97207Portland, ORMultnomah
97210Portland, ORMultnomah
97211Portland, ORMultnomah
97212Portland, ORMultnomah
97346Gates, ORMarion
97208Portland, ORMultnomah
97209Portland, ORMultnomah
97118Garibaldi, ORTillamook
97049Rhododendron, ORClackamas
97051Saint Helens, ORColumbia
97053Warren, ORColumbia
97042Mulino, ORClackamas
97045Oregon City, ORClackamas
97048Rainier, ORColumbia
97054Deer Island, ORColumbia
97062Tualatin, ORWashington
97064Vernonia, ORColumbia
97347Grand Ronde, ORPolk
97055Sandy, ORClackamas
97056Scappoose, ORColumbia
97060Troutdale, ORMultnomah
97038Molalla, ORClackamas
97023Estacada, ORClackamas
97024Fairview, ORMultnomah
97026Gervais, ORMarion
97019Corbett, ORMultnomah
97020Donald, ORMarion
97022Eagle Creek, ORClackamas
97027Gladstone, ORClackamas
97034Lake Oswego, ORClackamas
97035Lake Oswego, ORClackamas
97036Marylhurst, ORClackamas
97028Government Camp, ORClackamas
97030Gresham, ORMultnomah
97032Hubbard, ORMarion
97108Beaver, ORTillamook
97109Buxton, ORWashington
97110Cannon Beach, ORClatsop
97103Astoria, ORClatsop
97106Banks, ORWashington
97107Bay City, ORTillamook
97111Carlton, ORYamhill
97115Dundee, ORYamhill
97116Forest Grove, ORWashington
97117Gales Creek, ORWashington
97112Cloverdale, ORTillamook
97113Cornelius, ORWashington
97114Dayton, ORYamhill
97102Arch Cape, ORClatsop
97071Woodburn, ORMarion
97075Beaverton, ORWashington
97076Beaverton, ORWashington
97067Welches, ORClackamas
97068West Linn, ORClackamas
97070Wilsonville, ORClackamas
97077Beaverton, ORWashington
97086Happy Valley, ORClackamas
97089Damascus, ORClackamas
97101Amity, ORYamhill
97078Beaverton, ORWashington
97079Beaverton, ORWashington
97080Gresham, ORMultnomah
97218Portland, ORMultnomah
97266Portland, ORMultnomah
97267Portland, ORClackamas
97268Portland, ORClackamas
97003Beaverton, ORWashington
97254Portland, ORMultnomah
97256Portland, ORMultnomah
97004Beavercreek, ORClackamas
97269Portland, ORClackamas
97286Portland, ORMultnomah
97290Portland, ORMultnomah
97291Portland, ORWashington
97283Portland, ORMultnomah
97280Portland, ORMultnomah
97281Portland, ORWashington
97282Portland, ORMultnomah
97233Portland, ORMultnomah
97236Portland, ORMultnomah
97238Portland, ORMultnomah
97232Portland, ORMultnomah
97229Portland, ORWashington
97230Portland, ORMultnomah
97231Portland, ORMultnomah
97239Portland, ORMultnomah
97251Portland, ORMultnomah
97252Portland, ORMultnomah
97253Portland, ORMultnomah
97250Portland, ORMultnomah
97240Portland, ORMultnomah
97005Beaverton, ORWashington
97242Portland, ORMultnomah
97317Salem, ORMarion
97314Salem, ORMarion
97312Salem, ORMarion
97325Aumsville, ORMarion
97338Dallas, ORPolk
97361Monmouth, ORPolk
97307Keizer, ORMarion
97360Mill City, ORLinn
97309Salem, ORMarion
97350Idanha, ORMarion
97308Salem, ORMarion
97351Independence, ORPolk
97358Lyons, ORLinn
97311Salem, ORMarion
97310Salem, ORMarion
97362Mount Angel, ORMarion
97296Portland, ORMultnomah
97298Portland, ORWashington
97294Portland, ORMultnomah
97002Aurora, ORMarion
97292Portland, ORMultnomah
97293Portland, ORMultnomah
97301Salem, ORMarion
97306Salem, ORMarion
97344Falls City, ORPolk
97342Detroit, ORMarion
97305Salem, ORMarion
97302Salem, ORMarion
97303Salem, ORMarion
97304Salem, ORPolk
97375Scotts Mills, ORMarion
97378Sheridan, ORYamhill
97392Turner, ORMarion
97373Saint Benedict, ORMarion
97374Scio, ORLinn
97219Portland, ORMultnomah
97225Portland, ORWashington
97384Mehama, ORMarion
97385Sublimity, ORMarion
97008Beaverton, ORWashington
97381Silverton, ORMarion
97383Stayton, ORMarion
97220Portland, ORMultnomah
97006Beaverton, ORWashington
97222Portland, ORClackamas
97223Portland, ORWashington
97228Portland, ORMultnomah
97224Portland, ORWashington
97227Portland, ORMultnomah
97221Portland, ORMultnomah
97371Rickreall, ORPolk
97007Beaverton, ORWashington
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