Area Code Details for: 308






Time ZoneCM
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1955


69356Minatare, NEScotts Bluff
69357Mitchell, NEScotts Bluff
69358Morrill, NEScotts Bluff
69353Mcgrew, NEScotts Bluff
69354Marsland, NEDawes
69355Melbeta, NEScotts Bluff
69365Whiteclay, NESheridan
69366Whitman, NEGrant
69367Whitney, NEDawes
69360Rushville, NESheridan
69361Scottsbluff, NEScotts Bluff
69363Scottsbluff, NEScotts Bluff
68878Sumner, NEDawson
68879Taylor, NELoup
68881Westerville, NECuster
68874Sargent, NECuster
68875Scotia, NEGreeley
68876Shelton, NEBuffalo
68922Arapahoe, NEFurnas
68923Atlanta, NEPhelps
68924Axtell, NEKearney
68882Wolbach, NEGreeley
68883Wood River, NEHall
68920Alma, NEHarlan
68862Ord, NEValley
68863Overton, NEDawson
68864Palmer, NEMerrick
68859North Loup, NEValley
68860Oconto, NECuster
68861Odessa, NEBuffalo
68871Rockville, NESherman
68872Saint Libory, NEHoward
68873Saint Paul, NEHoward
68866Pleasanton, NEBuffalo
68869Ravenna, NEBuffalo
68870Riverdale, NEBuffalo
68966Orleans, NEHarlan
68967Oxford, NEFurnas
68969Ragan, NEHarlan
68958Loomis, NEPhelps
68959Minden, NEKearney
68960Naponee, NEFranklin
68982Wilcox, NEKearney
69001Mc Cook, NERed Willow
69020Bartley, NERed Willow
68971Republican City, NEHarlan
68976Smithfield, NEGosper
68977Stamford, NEHarlan
68936Edison, NEFurnas
68937Elwood, NEGosper
68939Franklin, NEFranklin
68926Beaver City, NEFurnas
68927Bertrand, NEPhelps
68929Bloomington, NEFranklin
68947Hildreth, NEFranklin
68948Holbrook, NEFurnas
68949Holdrege, NEPhelps
68940Funk, NEPhelps
68945Heartwell, NEKearney
68946Hendley, NEFurnas
68655Primrose, NEBoone
68638Fullerton, NENance
68637Ericson, NEWheeler
68801Grand Island, NEHall
68665Spalding, NEGreeley
68663Silver Creek, NEMerrick
68622Bartlett, NEWheeler
68823Burwell, NEGarfield
68824Cairo, NEHall
68628Clarks, NEMerrick
68627Cedar Rapids, NEBoone
68623Belgrade, NEBoone
68817Ashton, NESherman
68816Archer, NEMerrick
68815Arcadia, NEValley
68822Broken Bow, NECuster
68821Brewster, NEBlaine
68820Boelus, NEHoward
68810Alda, NEHall
68803Grand Island, NEHall
68802Grand Island, NEHall
68814Ansley, NECuster
68813Anselmo, NECuster
68812Amherst, NEBuffalo
68847Kearney, NEBuffalo
68848Kearney, NEBuffalo
68849Kearney, NEBuffalo
68842Greeley, NEGreeley
68844Hazard, NESherman
68845Kearney, NEBuffalo
68855Mason City, NECuster
68856Merna, NECuster
68858Miller, NEBuffalo
68850Lexington, NEDawson
68852Litchfield, NESherman
68853Loup City, NESherman
68828Comstock, NECuster
68831Dannebrog, NEHoward
68833Dunning, NEBlaine
68825Callaway, NECuster
68826Central City, NEMerrick
68827Chapman, NEMerrick
68837Elyria, NEValley
68838Farwell, NEHoward
68840Gibbon, NEBuffalo
68834Eddyville, NEDawson
68835Elba, NEHoward
68836Elm Creek, NEBuffalo
69021Benkelman, NEDundy
69146Lemoyne, NEKeith
69335Bingham, NESheridan
69145Kimball, NEKimball
69336Bridgeport, NEMorrill
69144Keystone, NEKeith
69147Lewellen, NEGarden
69150Madrid, NEPerkins
69151Maxwell, NELincoln
69334Bayard, NEMorrill
69148Lisco, NEGarden
69149Lodgepole, NECheyenne
69134Elsie, NEPerkins
69135Elsmere, NECherry
69133Dix, NEKimball
69339Crawford, NEDawes
69132Dickens, NELincoln
69138Gothenburg, NEDawson
69142Halsey, NEThomas
69143Hershey, NELincoln
69141Gurley, NECheyenne
69337Chadron, NEDawes
69140Grant, NEPerkins
69162Sidney, NECheyenne
69170Wellfleet, NELincoln
69161Seneca, NEThomas
69157Purdum, NEBlaine
69160Sidney, NECheyenne
69163Stapleton, NELogan
69168Venango, NEPerkins
69169Wallace, NELincoln
69167Tryon, NEMcpherson
69165Sutherland, NELincoln
69166Thedford, NEThomas
69154Oshkosh, NEGarden
69331Angora, NEMorrill
69153Ogallala, NEKeith
69333Ashby, NEGrant
69152Mullen, NEHooker
69301Alliance, NEBox Butte
69171Willow Island, NEDawson
69156Potter, NECheyenne
69155Paxton, NEKeith
69218Merriman, NECherry
69190Oshkosh, NEGarden
69131Dalton, NECheyenne
69034Indianola, NERed Willow
69036Lebanon, NERed Willow
69346Harrison, NESioux
69032Hayes Center, NEHayes
69033Imperial, NEChase
69347Hay Springs, NESheridan
69039Moorefield, NEFrontier
69040Palisade, NEHitchcock
69041Parks, NEDundy
69037Max, NEDundy
69345Harrisburg, NEBanner
69038Maywood, NEFrontier
69030Haigler, NEDundy
69350Hyannis, NEGrant
69023Champion, NEChase
69348Hemingford, NEBox Butte
69022Cambridge, NEFurnas
69352Lyman, NEScotts Bluff
69351Lakeside, NESheridan
69027Enders, NEChase
69028Eustis, NEFrontier
69029Farnam, NEDawson
69024Culbertson, NEHitchcock
69025Curtis, NEFrontier
69026Danbury, NERed Willow
69122Big Springs, NEDeuel
69121Arthur, NEArthur
69046Wilsonville, NEFurnas
69340Ellsworth, NESheridan
69343Gordon, NESheridan
69103North Platte, NELincoln
69101North Platte, NELincoln
69341Gering, NEScotts Bluff
69120Arnold, NECuster
69045Wauneta, NEChase
69127Brule, NEKeith
69125Broadwater, NEMorrill
69128Bushnell, NEKimball
69130Cozad, NEDawson
69129Chappell, NEDeuel
69123Brady, NELincoln
69044Trenton, NEHitchcock
69042Stockville, NEFrontier
69043Stratton, NEHitchcock

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