Area Code Details for: 785






StateKansas (KS)
Time ZoneUnknown
Parent NPA913
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date07/20/1997

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66546Wakarusa, KSShawnee
66544Vermillion, KSMarshall
66547Wamego, KSPottawatomie
66549Westmoreland, KSPottawatomie
66548Waterville, KSMarshall
66540Soldier, KSJackson
66539Silver Lake, KSShawnee
66541Summerfield, KSMarshall
66543Vassar, KSOsage
66542Tecumseh, KSShawnee
66605Topeka, KSShawnee
66604Topeka, KSShawnee
66606Topeka, KSShawnee
66608Topeka, KSShawnee
66607Topeka, KSShawnee
66552Whiting, KSJackson
66550Wetmore, KSNemaha
66554Randolph, KSRiley
66603Topeka, KSShawnee
66601Topeka, KSShawnee
66522Oneida, KSNemaha
66521Onaga, KSPottawatomie
66523Osage City, KSOsage
66526Paxico, KSWabaunsee
66524Overbrook, KSOsage
66516Netawaka, KSJackson
66515Morrill, KSBrown
66517Ogden, KSRiley
66520Olsburg, KSPottawatomie
66518Oketo, KSMarshall
66535Saint George, KSPottawatomie
66534Sabetha, KSNemaha
66536Saint Marys, KSPottawatomie
66538Seneca, KSNemaha
66537Scranton, KSOsage
66528Quenemo, KSOsage
66527Powhattan, KSBrown
66531Riley, KSRiley
66533Rossville, KSShawnee
66532Robinson, KSBrown
66609Topeka, KSShawnee
66859Lost Springs, KSMarion
66849Dwight, KSMorris
66871Waverly, KSCoffey
66873Wilsey, KSMorris
66872White City, KSMorris
66683Topeka, KSShawnee
66675Topeka, KSShawnee
66699Topeka, KSShawnee
66838Burdick, KSMorris
66834Alta Vista, KSWabaunsee
66937Clifton, KSWashington
66936Burr Oak, KSJewell
66938Clyde, KSCloud
66940Cuba, KSRepublic
66939Courtland, KSRepublic
66930Agenda, KSRepublic
66901Concordia, KSCloud
66932Athol, KSSmith
66935Belleville, KSRepublic
66933Barnes, KSWashington
66617Topeka, KSShawnee
66616Topeka, KSShawnee
66618Topeka, KSShawnee
66620Topeka, KSShawnee
66619Topeka, KSShawnee
66611Topeka, KSShawnee
66610Topeka, KSShawnee
66612Topeka, KSShawnee
66615Topeka, KSShawnee
66614Topeka, KSShawnee
66630Topeka, KSShawnee
66629Topeka, KSShawnee
66636Topeka, KSShawnee
66667Topeka, KSShawnee
66647Topeka, KSShawnee
66622Topeka, KSShawnee
66621Topeka, KSShawnee
66624Topeka, KSShawnee
66626Topeka, KSShawnee
66625Topeka, KSShawnee
66088Valley Falls, KSJefferson
66087Troy, KSDoniphan
66090Wathena, KSDoniphan
66092Wellsville, KSFranklin
66091Welda, KSAnderson
66076Pomona, KSFranklin
66073Perry, KSJefferson
66078Princeton, KSFranklin
66080Richmond, KSFranklin
66079Rantoul, KSFranklin
66404Baileyville, KSNemaha
66403Axtell, KSMarshall
66406Beattie, KSMarshall
66408Bern, KSNemaha
66407Belvue, KSPottawatomie
66094White Cloud, KSDoniphan
66093Westphalia, KSAnderson
66095Williamsburg, KSFranklin
66402Auburn, KSShawnee
66401Alma, KSWabaunsee
66033Greeley, KSAnderson
66032Garnett, KSAnderson
66035Highland, KSDoniphan
66044Lawrence, KSDouglas
66042Lane, KSFranklin
66008Bendena, KSDoniphan
66006Baldwin City, KSDouglas
66017Denton, KSDoniphan
66025Eudora, KSDouglas
66024Elwood, KSDoniphan
66060Nortonville, KSJefferson
66058Muscotah, KSAtchison
66066Oskaloosa, KSJefferson
66070Ozawkie, KSJefferson
66067Ottawa, KSFranklin
66046Lawrence, KSDouglas
66045Lawrence, KSDouglas
66047Lawrence, KSDouglas
66050Lecompton, KSDouglas
66049Lawrence, KSDouglas
66409Berryton, KSShawnee
66442Fort Riley, KSGeary
66441Junction City, KSGeary
66449Leonardville, KSRiley
66501Mc Farland, KSWabaunsee
66451Lyndon, KSOsage
66436Holton, KSJackson
66434Hiawatha, KSBrown
66438Home, KSMarshall
66440Hoyt, KSJackson
66439Horton, KSBrown
66509Mayetta, KSJackson
66508Marysville, KSMarshall
66510Melvern, KSOsage
66514Milford, KSGeary
66512Meriden, KSJefferson
66503Manhattan, KSRiley
66502Manhattan, KSRiley
66505Manhattan, KSRiley
66507Maple Hill, KSWabaunsee
66506Manhattan, KSRiley
66417Corning, KSNemaha
66416Circleville, KSJackson
66418Delia, KSJackson
66420Dover, KSShawnee
66419Denison, KSJackson
66412Bremen, KSMarshall
66411Blue Rapids, KSMarshall
66413Burlingame, KSOsage
66415Centralia, KSNemaha
66414Carbondale, KSOsage
66428Goff, KSNemaha
66427Frankfort, KSMarshall
66429Grantville, KSJefferson
66432Havensville, KSPottawatomie
66431Harveyville, KSWabaunsee
66423Eskridge, KSWabaunsee
66422Emmett, KSPottawatomie
66424Everest, KSBrown
66426Fostoria, KSPottawatomie
66425Fairview, KSBrown
67643Jennings, KSDecatur
67642Hill City, KSGraham
67644Kirwin, KSPhillips
67646Logan, KSPhillips
67645Lenora, KSNorton
67637Ellis, KSEllis
67635Dresden, KSDecatur
67638Gaylord, KSSmith
67640Gorham, KSRussell
67639Glade, KSPhillips
67654Norton, KSNorton
67653Norcatur, KSDecatur
67656Ogallah, KSTrego
67658Paradise, KSRussell
67657Palco, KSRooks
67648Lucas, KSRussell
67647Long Island, KSPhillips
67649Luray, KSRussell
67651Natoma, KSOsborne
67650Morland, KSGraham
67575Rush Center, KSRush
67572Ransom, KSNess
67584Utica, KSNess
67621Agra, KSPhillips
67601Hays, KSEllis
67556Mc Cracken, KSRush
67553Liebenthal, KSRush
67559Nekoma, KSRush
67565Otis, KSRush
67560Ness City, KSNess
67629Clayton, KSNorton
67628Cedar, KSSmith
67631Collyer, KSTrego
67634Dorrance, KSRussell
67632Damar, KSRooks
67623Alton, KSOsborne
67622Almena, KSNorton
67625Bogue, KSGraham
67627Catharine, KSEllis
67626Bunker Hill, KSRussell
67659Penokee, KSGraham
67744Ludell, KSRawlins
67743Levant, KSThomas
67745Mc Donald, KSRawlins
67748Oakley, KSLogan
67747Monument, KSLogan
67738Grinnell, KSGove
67737Grainfield, KSGove
67739Herndon, KSRawlins
67741Kanorado, KSSherman
67740Hoxie, KSSheridan
67758Sharon Springs, KSWallace
67757Selden, KSSheridan
67761Wallace, KSWallace
67764Winona, KSLogan
67762Weskan, KSWallace
67751Park, KSGove
67749Oberlin, KSDecatur
67752Quinter, KSGove
67756Saint Francis, KSCheyenne
67753Rexford, KSThomas
67669Stockton, KSRooks
67667Schoenchen, KSEllis
67671Victoria, KSEllis
67673Waldo, KSRussell
67672Wakeeney, KSTrego
67661Phillipsburg, KSPhillips
67660Pfeifer, KSEllis
67663Plainville, KSRooks
67665Russell, KSRussell
67664Prairie View, KSPhillips
67733Edson, KSSherman
67732Brewster, KSThomas
67734Gem, KSThomas
67736Gove, KSGove
67735Goodland, KSSherman
67675Woodston, KSRooks
67674Walker, KSEllis
67701Colby, KSThomas
67731Bird City, KSCheyenne
67730Atwood, KSRawlins
67410Abilene, KSDickinson
67402Salina, KSSaline
67416Assaria, KSSaline
67418Barnard, KSLincoln
67417Aurora, KSCloud
66967Smith Center, KSSmith
66966Scandia, KSRepublic
66968Washington, KSWashington
67401Salina, KSSaline
66970Webber, KSJewell
67432Clay Center, KSClay
67431Chapman, KSDickinson
67436Delphos, KSOttawa
67439Ellsworth, KSEllsworth
67437Downs, KSOsborne
67422Bennington, KSOttawa
67420Beloit, KSMitchell
67423Beverly, KSLincoln
67430Cawker City, KSMitchell
67425Brookville, KSSaline
66948Jamestown, KSCloud
66946Hollenberg, KSWashington
66949Jewell, KSJewell
66952Lebanon, KSSmith
66951Kensington, KSSmith
66942Formoso, KSJewell
66941Esbon, KSJewell
66943Greenleaf, KSWashington
66945Hanover, KSWashington
66944Haddam, KSWashington
66961Norway, KSRepublic
66960Narka, KSRepublic
66962Palmer, KSWashington
66964Republic, KSRepublic
66963Randall, KSJewell
66955Mahaska, KSWashington
66953Linn, KSWashington
66956Mankato, KSJewell
66959Munden, KSRepublic
66958Morrowville, KSWashington
67441Enterprise, KSDickinson
67482Talmage, KSDickinson
67481Sylvan Grove, KSLincoln
67483Tampa, KSMarion
67485Tipton, KSMitchell
67484Tescott, KSOttawa
67475Ramona, KSMarion
67474Portis, KSOsborne
67476Roxbury, KSMcpherson
67480Solomon, KSDickinson
67478Simpson, KSMitchell
67518Beeler, KSNess
67516Bazine, KSNess
67520Bison, KSRush
67548La Crosse, KSRush
67521Brownell, KSNess
67490Wilson, KSEllsworth
67487Wakefield, KSClay
67492Woodbine, KSDickinson
67515Arnold, KSNess
67513Alexander, KSRush
67450Holyrood, KSEllsworth
67449Herington, KSDickinson
67451Hope, KSDickinson
67454Kanopolis, KSEllsworth
67452Hunter, KSMitchell
67445Glasco, KSCloud
67442Falun, KSSaline
67446Glen Elder, KSMitchell
67448Gypsum, KSSaline
67447Green, KSClay
67467Minneapolis, KSOttawa
67466Miltonvale, KSCloud
67468Morganville, KSClay
67473Osborne, KSOsborne
67470New Cambria, KSSaline
67456Lindsborg, KSMcpherson
67455Lincoln, KSLincoln
67458Longford, KSClay
67464Marquette, KSMcpherson
67459Lorraine, KSEllsworth
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