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StateLouisiana (LA)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1957

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71156Shreveport, LACaddo
71161Shreveport, LACaddo
71162Shreveport, LACaddo
71152Shreveport, LACaddo
71153Shreveport, LACaddo
71154Shreveport, LACaddo
71172Bossier City, LABossier
71171Bossier City, LABossier
71202Monroe, LAOuachita
71201Monroe, LAOuachita
71164Shreveport, LACaddo
71163Shreveport, LACaddo
71166Shreveport, LACaddo
71165Shreveport, LACaddo
71129Shreveport, LACaddo
71120Shreveport, LACaddo
71133Shreveport, LACaddo
71130Shreveport, LACaddo
71119Shreveport, LACaddo
71112Bossier City, LABossier
71113Bossier City, LABossier
71118Shreveport, LACaddo
71115Shreveport, LACaddo
71149Shreveport, LACaddo
71148Shreveport, LACaddo
71151Shreveport, LACaddo
71150Shreveport, LACaddo
71138Shreveport, LACaddo
71135Shreveport, LACaddo
71134Shreveport, LACaddo
71137Shreveport, LACaddo
71136Shreveport, LACaddo
71203Monroe, LAOuachita
71237Epps, LAWest Carroll
71235Dubach, LALincoln
71240Fairbanks, LAOuachita
71238Eros, LAOuachita
71232Delhi, LARichland
71230Crowville, LAFranklin
71234Downsville, LAUnion
71233Delta, LAMadison
71249Jigger, LAFranklin
71247Hodge, LAJackson
71250Jones, LAMorehouse
71251Jonesboro, LAJackson
71242Forest, LAWest Carroll
71241Farmerville, LAUnion
71245Grambling, LALincoln
71243Fort Necessity, LAFranklin
71229Collinston, LAMorehouse
71213Monroe, LAOuachita
71212Monroe, LAOuachita
71218Archibald, LARichland
71217Monroe, LAOuachita
71209Monroe, LAOuachita
71207Monroe, LAOuachita
71211Monroe, LAOuachita
71210Monroe, LAOuachita
71225Calhoun, LAOuachita
71223Bonita, LAMorehouse
71227Choudrant, LALincoln
71226Chatham, LAJackson
71220Bastrop, LAMorehouse
71219Baskin, LAFranklin
71222Bernice, LAUnion
71221Bastrop, LAMorehouse
71111Bossier City, LABossier
71033Greenwood, LACaddo
71032Grand Cane, LADe Soto
71037Haughton, LABossier
71034Hall Summit, LARed River
71029Gilliam, LACaddo
71028Gibsland, LABienville
71031Goldonna, LANatchitoches
71030Gloster, LADe Soto
71038Haynesville, LAClaiborne
71046Keatchie, LADe Soto
71045Jamestown, LABienville
71048Lisbon, LAClaiborne
71047Keithville, LACaddo
71040Homer, LAClaiborne
71039Heflin, LAWebster
71044Ida, LACaddo
71043Hosston, LACaddo
71004Belcher, LACaddo
71003Athens, LAClaiborne
71007Bethany, LACaddo
71006Benton, LABossier
70656Pitkin, LAVernon
70638Elizabeth, LAAllen
71002Ashland, LANatchitoches
71001Arcadia, LABienville
71008Bienville, LABienville
71023Doyline, LAWebster
71021Cullen, LAWebster
71027Frierson, LADe Soto
71024Dubberly, LAWebster
71016Castor, LABienville
71009Blanchard, LACaddo
71019Coushatta, LARed River
71018Cotton Valley, LAWebster
71080Taylor, LABienville
71079Summerfield, LAClaiborne
71101Shreveport, LACaddo
71082Vivian, LACaddo
71073Sibley, LAWebster
71072Shongaloo, LAWebster
71078Stonewall, LADe Soto
71075Springhill, LAWebster
71102Shreveport, LACaddo
71108Shreveport, LACaddo
71107Shreveport, LACaddo
71110Barksdale Afb, LABossier
71109Shreveport, LACaddo
71104Shreveport, LACaddo
71103Shreveport, LACaddo
71106Shreveport, LACaddo
71105Shreveport, LACaddo
71058Minden, LAWebster
71055Minden, LAWebster
71061Oil City, LACaddo
71060Mooringsport, LACaddo
71050Longstreet, LADe Soto
71049Logansport, LADe Soto
71052Mansfield, LADe Soto
71051Elm Grove, LABossier
71063Pelican, LADe Soto
71069Rodessa, LACaddo
71068Ringgold, LABienville
71071Sarepta, LAWebster
71070Saline, LABienville
71065Pleasant Hill, LASabine
71064Plain Dealing, LABossier
71067Princeton, LABossier
71066Powhatan, LANatchitoches
71253Kilbourne, LAWest Carroll
71422Dodson, LAWinn
71419Converse, LASabine
71424Elmer, LARapides
71423Dry Prong, LAGrant
71416Cloutierville, LANatchitoches
71415Clarks, LACaldwell
71418Columbia, LACaldwell
71417Colfax, LAGrant
71430Forest Hill, LARapides
71429Florien, LASabine
71432Georgetown, LAGrant
71431Gardner, LARapides
71426Fisher, LASabine
71425Enterprise, LACatahoula
71428Flora, LANatchitoches
71427Flatwoods, LARapides
71414Clarence, LANatchitoches
71375Waterproof, LATensas
71373Vidalia, LAConcordia
71378Wisner, LAFranklin
71377Wildsville, LAConcordia
71368Sicily Island, LACatahoula
71366Saint Joseph, LATensas
71371Trout, LALa Salle
71369Simmesport, LAAvoyelles
71409Boyce, LARapides
71407Bentley, LAGrant
71411Campti, LANatchitoches
71410Calvin, LAWinn
71404Atlanta, LAWinn
71401Aimwell, LACatahoula
71406Belmont, LASabine
71405Ball, LARapides
71467Pollock, LAGrant
71497Natchitoches, LANatchitoches
71471Saint Maurice, LAWinn
71469Robeline, LANatchitoches
71463Oakdale, LAAllen
71462Noble, LASabine
71466Otis, LARapides
71465Olla, LALa Salle
71483Winnfield, LAWinn
71480Urania, LALa Salle
71486Zwolle, LASabine
71485Woodworth, LARapides
71473Sikes, LAWinn
71472Sieper, LARapides
71479Tullos, LALa Salle
71477Tioga, LARapides
71460Negreet, LASabine
71441Kelly, LACaldwell
71440Joyce, LAWinn
71448Longleaf, LARapides
71447Lena, LARapides
71434Gorum, LANatchitoches
71433Glenmora, LARapides
71438Hineston, LARapides
71435Grayson, LACaldwell
71456Natchez, LANatchitoches
71455Mora, LARapides
71458Natchitoches, LANatchitoches
71457Natchitoches, LANatchitoches
71450Marthaville, LANatchitoches
71449Many, LASabine
71454Montgomery, LAGrant
71452Melrose, LANatchitoches
71280Sterlington, LAOuachita
71279Start, LARichland
71301Alexandria, LARapides
71281Swartz, LAOuachita
71276Sondheimer, LAEast Carroll
71294West Monroe, LAOuachita
71277Spearsville, LAUnion
71295Winnsboro, LAFranklin
71307Alexandria, LARapides
71306Alexandria, LARapides
71315Alexandria, LARapides
71309Alexandria, LARapides
71282Tallulah, LAMadison
71302Alexandria, LARapides
71303Alexandria, LARapides
71284Tallulah, LAMadison
71275Simsboro, LALincoln
71263Oak Grove, LAWest Carroll
71261Mer Rouge, LAMorehouse
71266Pioneer, LAWest Carroll
71264Oak Ridge, LAMorehouse
71256Lillie, LAUnion
71254Lake Providence, LAEast Carroll
71260Marion, LAUnion
71259Mangham, LARichland
71272Ruston, LALincoln
71291West Monroe, LAOuachita
71273Ruston, LALincoln
71292West Monroe, LAOuachita
71269Rayville, LARichland
71268Quitman, LAJackson
71270Ruston, LALincoln
71286Transylvania, LAEast Carroll
71350Mansura, LAAvoyelles
71348Libuse, LARapides
71354Monterey, LAConcordia
71351Marksville, LAAvoyelles
71342Jena, LALa Salle
71341Hessmer, LAAvoyelles
71346Lecompte, LARapides
71343Jonesville, LACatahoula
71362Plaucheville, LAAvoyelles
71361Pineville, LARapides
71365Ruby, LARapides
71363Rhinehart, LACatahoula
71357Newellton, LATensas
71355Moreauville, LAAvoyelles
71360Pineville, LARapides
71359Pineville, LARapides
71340Harrisonburg, LACatahoula
71325Cheneyville, LARapides
71324Chase, LAFranklin
71327Cottonport, LAAvoyelles
71326Clayton, LAConcordia
71320Bordelonville, LAAvoyelles
71316Acme, LAConcordia
71323Center Point, LAAvoyelles
71322Bunkie, LAAvoyelles
71334Ferriday, LAConcordia
71333Evergreen, LAAvoyelles
71339Hamburg, LAAvoyelles
71336Gilbert, LAFranklin
71329Dupont, LAAvoyelles
71328Deville, LARapides
71331Effie, LAAvoyelles
71330Echo, LARapides
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