Area Code Details for: 315


New York




StateNew York (NY)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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13072Georgetown, NYMadison
13071Genoa, NYCayuga
13074Hannibal, NYOswego
13078Jamesville, NYOnondaga
13076Hastings, NYOswego
13069Fulton, NYOswego
13063Fabius, NYOnondaga
13061Erieville, NYMadison
13064Fair Haven, NYCayuga
13066Fayetteville, NYOnondaga
13065Fayette, NYSeneca
13090Liverpool, NYOnondaga
13089Liverpool, NYOnondaga
13092Locke, NYCayuga
13103Mallory, NYOswego
13093Lycoming, NYOswego
13088Liverpool, NYOnondaga
13081King Ferry, NYCayuga
13080Jordan, NYOnondaga
13082Kirkville, NYOnondaga
13084La Fayette, NYOnondaga
13083Lacona, NYOswego
13033Cato, NYCayuga
13032Canastota, NYMadison
13034Cayuga, NYCayuga
13036Central Square, NYOswego
13035Cazenovia, NYMadison
13031Camillus, NYOnondaga
13027Baldwinsville, NYOnondaga
13026Aurora, NYCayuga
13028Bernhards Bay, NYOswego
13030Bridgeport, NYOnondaga
13029Brewerton, NYOnondaga
13052De Ruyter, NYMadison
13051Delphi Falls, NYOnondaga
13054Durhamville, NYOneida
13060Elbridge, NYOnondaga
13057East Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13044Constantia, NYOswego
13039Cicero, NYOnondaga
13037Chittenango, NYMadison
13041Clay, NYOnondaga
13043Clockville, NYMadison
13042Cleveland, NYOswego
13143Red Creek, NYWayne
13142Pulaski, NYOswego
13144Richland, NYOswego
13146Savannah, NYWayne
13145Sandy Creek, NYOswego
13141Preble, NYCortland
13137Plainville, NYOnondaga
13135Phoenix, NYOswego
13138Pompey, NYOnondaga
13140Port Byron, NYCayuga
13139Poplar Ridge, NYCayuga
13157Sylvan Beach, NYOneida
13156Sterling, NYCayuga
13159Tully, NYOnondaga
13639Fine, NYSaint Lawrence
13640Wellesley Island, NYJefferson
13155South Otselic, NYChenango
13148Seneca Falls, NYSeneca
13147Scipio Center, NYCayuga
13152Skaneateles, NYOnondaga
13154South Butler, NYWayne
13153Skaneateles Falls, NYOnondaga
13114Mexico, NYOswego
13113Meridian, NYCayuga
13115Minetto, NYOswego
13117Montezuma, NYCayuga
13116Minoa, NYOnondaga
13112Memphis, NYOnondaga
13107Maple View, NYOswego
13104Manlius, NYOnondaga
13108Marcellus, NYOnondaga
13111Martville, NYCayuga
13110Marietta, NYOnondaga
13126Oswego, NYOswego
13124North Pitcher, NYChenango
13131Parish, NYOswego
13134Peterboro, NYMadison
13132Pennellville, NYOswego
13123North Bay, NYOneida
13119Mottville, NYOnondaga
13118Moravia, NYCayuga
13120Nedrow, NYOnondaga
13122New Woodstock, NYMadison
13121New Haven, NYOswego
14413Alton, NYWayne
14418Branchport, NYYates
13699Potsdam, NYSaint Lawrence
13696West Stockholm, NYSaint Lawrence
13697Winthrop, NYSaint Lawrence
14432Clifton Springs, NYOntario
14456Geneva, NYOntario
14478Keuka Park, NYYates
14449East Williamson, NYWayne
14433Clyde, NYWayne
14441Dresden, NYYates
13685Sackets Harbor, NYJefferson
13687South Colton, NYSaint Lawrence
13684Russell, NYSaint Lawrence
13682Rodman, NYJefferson
13683Rooseveltown, NYSaint Lawrence
13690Star Lake, NYSaint Lawrence
13694Waddington, NYSaint Lawrence
13695Wanakena, NYSaint Lawrence
13693Three Mile Bay, NYJefferson
13691Theresa, NYJefferson
13692Thousand Island Park, NYJefferson
14542Rose, NYWayne
14547Seneca Castle, NYOntario
14541Romulus, NYSeneca
14537Port Gibson, NYOntario
14538Pultneyville, NYWayne
14551Sodus, NYWayne
14590Wolcott, NYWayne
12927Cranberry Lake, NYSaint Lawrence
14589Williamson, NYWayne
14555Sodus Point, NYWayne
14568Walworth, NYWayne
14513Newark, NYWayne
14516North Rose, NYWayne
14505Marion, NYWayne
14489Lyons, NYWayne
14502Macedon, NYWayne
14518Oaks Corners, NYOntario
14527Penn Yan, NYYates
14532Phelps, NYOntario
14522Palmyra, NYWayne
14519Ontario, NYWayne
14520Ontario Center, NYWayne
13649Helena, NYSaint Lawrence
13650Henderson, NYJefferson
13648Harrisville, NYLewis
13646Hammond, NYSaint Lawrence
13647Hannawa Falls, NYSaint Lawrence
13651Henderson Harbor, NYJefferson
13657Limerick, NYJefferson
13658Lisbon, NYSaint Lawrence
13656La Fargeville, NYJefferson
13652Hermon, NYSaint Lawrence
13654Heuvelton, NYSaint Lawrence
13020Apulia Station, NYOnondaga
12967North Lawrence, NYSaint Lawrence
13021Auburn, NYCayuga
13024Auburn, NYCayuga
13022Auburn, NYCayuga
12965Nicholville, NYSaint Lawrence
13643Great Bend, NYJefferson
13645Hailesboro, NYSaint Lawrence
13642Gouverneur, NYSaint Lawrence
12949Lawrenceville, NYSaint Lawrence
13641Fishers Landing, NYJefferson
13674Pierrepont Manor, NYJefferson
13675Plessis, NYJefferson
13673Philadelphia, NYJefferson
13671Antwerp, NYJefferson
13672Parishville, NYSaint Lawrence
13676Potsdam, NYSaint Lawrence
13680Rensselaer Falls, NYSaint Lawrence
13681Richville, NYSaint Lawrence
13679Redwood, NYJefferson
13677Pyrites, NYSaint Lawrence
13678Raymondville, NYSaint Lawrence
13662Massena, NYSaint Lawrence
13664Morristown, NYSaint Lawrence
13661Mannsville, NYJefferson
13659Lorraine, NYJefferson
13660Madrid, NYSaint Lawrence
13665Natural Bridge, NYJefferson
13669Ogdensburg, NYSaint Lawrence
13670Oswegatchie, NYSaint Lawrence
13668Norwood, NYSaint Lawrence
13666Newton Falls, NYSaint Lawrence
13667Norfolk, NYSaint Lawrence
13638Felts Mills, NYJefferson
13361Jordanville, NYHerkimer
13360Inlet, NYHamilton
13362Knoxboro, NYOneida
13364Leonardsville, NYMadison
13363Lee Center, NYOneida
13357Ilion, NYHerkimer
13352Hinckley, NYOneida
13350Herkimer, NYHerkimer
13353Hoffmeister, NYHamilton
13355Hubbardsville, NYMadison
13354Holland Patent, NYOneida
13406Middleville, NYHerkimer
13404Martinsburg, NYLewis
13407Mohawk, NYHerkimer
13409Munnsville, NYMadison
13408Morrisville, NYMadison
13403Marcy, NYOneida
13367Lowville, NYLewis
13365Little Falls, NYHerkimer
13368Lyons Falls, NYLewis
13402Madison, NYMadison
13401Mc Connellsville, NYOneida
13323Clinton, NYOneida
13322Clayville, NYOneida
13324Cold Brook, NYHerkimer
13327Croghan, NYLewis
13325Constableville, NYLewis
13321Clark Mills, NYOneida
13314Brookfield, NYMadison
13313Bridgewater, NYOneida
13316Camden, NYOneida
13319Chadwicks, NYOneida
13318Cassville, NYOneida
13341Franklin Springs, NYOneida
13340Frankfort, NYHerkimer
13343Glenfield, NYLewis
13346Hamilton, NYMadison
13345Greig, NYLewis
13338Forestport, NYOneida
13329Dolgeville, NYHerkimer
13328Deansboro, NYOneida
13331Eagle Bay, NYHerkimer
13334Eaton, NYMadison
13332Earlville, NYChenango
13471Taberg, NYOneida
13470Stratford, NYFulton
13472Thendara, NYHerkimer
13475Van Hornesville, NYHerkimer
13473Turin, NYLewis
13469Stittville, NYOneida
13457Schuyler Lake, NYOtsego
13456Sauquoit, NYOneida
13461Sherrill, NYOneida
13468Springfield Center, NYOtsego
13465Solsville, NYMadison
13485West Edmeston, NYMadison
13484West Eaton, NYMadison
13486Westernville, NYOneida
13490Westmoreland, NYOneida
13489West Leyden, NYLewis
13483Westdale, NYOneida
13477Vernon Center, NYOneida
13476Vernon, NYOneida
13478Verona, NYOneida
13480Waterville, NYOneida
13479Washington Mills, NYOneida
13425Oriskany Falls, NYOneida
13424Oriskany, NYOneida
13426Orwell, NYOswego
13433Port Leyden, NYLewis
13431Poland, NYHerkimer
13421Oneida, NYMadison
13416Newport, NYHerkimer
13413New Hartford, NYOneida
13417New York Mills, NYOneida
13420Old Forge, NYHerkimer
13418North Brookfield, NYMadison
13442Rome, NYOneida
13441Rome, NYOneida
13449Rome, NYOneida
13455Sangerfield, NYOneida
13454Salisbury Center, NYHerkimer
13440Rome, NYOneida
13436Raquette Lake, NYHamilton
13435Prospect, NYOneida
13437Redfield, NYOswego
13439Richfield Springs, NYOtsego
13438Remsen, NYOneida
13605Adams, NYJefferson
13606Adams Center, NYJefferson
13603Watertown, NYJefferson
13601Watertown, NYJefferson
13602Fort Drum, NYJefferson
13607Alexandria Bay, NYJefferson
13613Brasher Falls, NYSaint Lawrence
13614Brier Hill, NYSaint Lawrence
13612Black River, NYJefferson
13608Antwerp, NYJefferson
13611Belleville, NYJefferson
13494Woodgate, NYOneida
13495Yorkville, NYOneida
13493Williamstown, NYOswego
13491West Winfield, NYHerkimer
13492Whitesboro, NYOneida
13501Utica, NYOneida
13505Utica, NYOneida
13599Utica, NYOneida
13504Utica, NYOneida
13502Utica, NYOneida
13503Utica, NYOneida
13630De Kalb Junction, NYSaint Lawrence
13631Denmark, NYLewis
13628Deferiet, NYJefferson
13626Copenhagen, NYLewis
13627Deer River, NYLewis
13632Depauville, NYJefferson
13636Ellisburg, NYJefferson
13637Evans Mills, NYJefferson
13635Edwards, NYSaint Lawrence
13633De Peyster, NYSaint Lawrence
13634Dexter, NYJefferson
13618Cape Vincent, NYJefferson
13619Carthage, NYJefferson
13617Canton, NYSaint Lawrence
13615Brownville, NYJefferson
13616Calcium, NYJefferson
13620Castorland, NYLewis
13624Clayton, NYJefferson
13625Colton, NYSaint Lawrence
13623Chippewa Bay, NYSaint Lawrence
13621Chase Mills, NYSaint Lawrence
13622Chaumont, NYJefferson
13244Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13235Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13250Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13252Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13251Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13225Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13219Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13218Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13220Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13224Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13221Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13308Blossvale, NYOneida
13305Beaver Falls, NYLewis
13309Boonville, NYOneida
13312Brantingham, NYLewis
13310Bouckville, NYMadison
13304Barneveld, NYOneida
13290Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13261Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13301Alder Creek, NYOneida
13303Ava, NYOneida
13302Altmar, NYOswego
13201Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13167West Monroe, NYOswego
13202Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13204Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13203Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13166Weedsport, NYCayuga
13162Verona Beach, NYOneida
13160Union Springs, NYCayuga
13163Wampsville, NYMadison
13165Waterloo, NYSeneca
13164Warners, NYOnondaga
13212Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13211Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13214Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13217Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13215Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13210Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13206Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13205Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13207Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13209Syracuse, NYOnondaga
13208Syracuse, NYOnondaga
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