Area Code Details for: 906






StateMichigan (MI)
Time ZoneUnknown
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date03/19/1961

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49833Little Lake, MIMarquette
49834Foster City, MIDickinson
49829Escanaba, MIDelta
49831Felch, MIDickinson
49837Gladstone, MIDelta
49838Gould City, MIMackinac
49835Garden, MIDelta
49836Germfask, MISchoolcraft
49827Engadine, MIMackinac
49819Arnold, MIMarquette
49820Curtis, MIMackinac
49817Cooks, MISchoolcraft
49818Cornell, MIDelta
49825Eben Junction, MIAlger
49826Rumely, MIAlger
49821Daggett, MIMenominee
49822Deerton, MIAlger
49839Grand Marais, MIAlger
49861Michigamme, MIMarquette
49862Munising, MIAlger
49855Marquette, MIMarquette
49858Menominee, MIMenominee
49865National Mine, MIMarquette
49866Negaunee, MIMarquette
49863Nadeau, MIMenominee
49864Nahma, MIDelta
49854Manistique, MISchoolcraft
49845Harris, MIMenominee
49847Hermansville, MIMenominee
49840Gulliver, MISchoolcraft
49841Gwinn, MIMarquette
49852Loretto, MIDickinson
49853Mc Millan, MILuce
49848Ingalls, MIMenominee
49849Ishpeming, MIMarquette
49757Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
49760Moran, MIMackinac
49748Hulbert, MIChippewa
49752Kinross, MIChippewa
49774Pickford, MIChippewa
49780Rudyard, MIChippewa
49762Naubinway, MIMackinac
49768Paradise, MIChippewa
49745Hessel, MIMackinac
49719Cedarville, MIMackinac
49724Dafter, MIChippewa
49710Barbeau, MIChippewa
49715Brimley, MIChippewa
49728Eckerman, MIChippewa
49736Goetzville, MIChippewa
49725De Tour Village, MIChippewa
49726Drummond Island, MIChippewa
49781Saint Ignace, MIMackinac
49807Bark River, MIDelta
49808Big Bay, MIMarquette
49805Allouez, MIKeweenaw
49806Au Train, MIAlger
49815Channing, MIDickinson
49816Chatham, MIAlger
49812Carney, MIMenominee
49814Champion, MIMarquette
49802Kingsford, MIDickinson
49784Kincheloe, MIChippewa
49785Kincheloe, MIChippewa
49782Beaver Island, MICharlevoix
49783Sault Sainte Marie, MIChippewa
49793Trout Lake, MIChippewa
49801Iron Mountain, MIDickinson
49786Kincheloe, MIChippewa
49788Kincheloe, MIChippewa
49935Iron River, MIIron
49938Ironwood, MIGogebic
49931Houghton, MIHoughton
49934Hubbell, MIHoughton
49946Lanse, MIBaraga
49947Marenisco, MIGogebic
49942Kearsarge, MIHoughton
49945Lake Linden, MIHoughton
49930Hancock, MIHoughton
49920Crystal Falls, MIIron
49921Dodgeville, MIHoughton
49918Copper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
49919Covington, MIBaraga
49927Gaastra, MIIron
49929Greenland, MIOntonagon
49922Dollar Bay, MIHoughton
49925Ewen, MIOntonagon
49948Mass City, MIOntonagon
49965Toivola, MIHoughton
49967Trout Creek, MIOntonagon
49963South Range, MIHoughton
49964Stambaugh, MIIron
49970Watton, MIBaraga
49971White Pine, MIOntonagon
49968Wakefield, MIGogebic
49969Watersmeet, MIGogebic
49962Skanee, MIBaraga
49953Ontonagon, MIOntonagon
49955Painesdale, MIHoughton
49950Mohawk, MIKeweenaw
49952Nisula, MIHoughton
49960Rockland, MIOntonagon
49961Sidnaw, MIHoughton
49958Pelkie, MIHoughton
49959Ramsay, MIGogebic
49881Sagola, MIDickinson
49883Seney, MISchoolcraft
49879Republic, MIMarquette
49880Rock, MIDelta
49886Spalding, MIMenominee
49887Stephenson, MIMenominee
49884Shingleton, MIAlger
49885Skandia, MIMarquette
49878Rapid River, MIDelta
49871Palmer, MIMarquette
49872Perkins, MIDelta
49868Newberry, MILuce
49870Norway, MIDickinson
49876Quinnesec, MIDickinson
49877Ralph, MIDickinson
49873Perronville, MIMenominee
49874Powers, MIMenominee
49891Trenary, MIAlger
49911Bessemer, MIGogebic
49912Bruce Crossing, MIOntonagon
49908Baraga, MIBaraga
49910Bergland, MIOntonagon
49916Chassell, MIHoughton
49917Copper City, MIHoughton
49913Calumet, MIHoughton
49915Caspian, MIIron
49905Atlantic Mine, MIHoughton
49894Wells, MIDelta
49895Wetmore, MIAlger
49892Vulcan, MIDickinson
49893Wallace, MIMenominee
49902Alpha, MIIron
49903Amasa, MIIron
49896Wilson, MIMenominee
49901Ahmeek, MIKeweenaw
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