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StateOregon (OR)
Time ZoneUnknown
Parent NPA541
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/10/2010

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97810Adams, ORUmatilla
97812Arlington, ORGilliam
97491Wedderburn, ORCurry
97489Walterville, ORLane
97801Pendleton, ORUmatilla
97758Riley, ORHarney
97756Redmond, ORDeschutes
97759Sisters, ORDeschutes
97761Warm Springs, ORJefferson
97633Merrill, ORKlamath
97814Baker City, ORBaker
97496Winston, ORDouglas
97495Winchester, ORDouglas
97439Florence, ORLane
97442Glendale, ORDouglas
97441Gardiner, ORDouglas
97492Westfir, ORLane
97817Bates, ORGrant
97436Elkton, ORDouglas
97494Wilbur, ORDouglas
97493Westlake, ORLane
97741Madras, ORJefferson
97739La Pine, ORDeschutes
97345Foster, ORLinn
97470Roseburg, ORDouglas
97343Eddyville, ORLincoln
97348Halsey, ORLinn
97736Frenchglen, ORHarney
97457Myrtle Creek, ORDouglas
97738Hines, ORHarney
97737Gilchrist, ORKlamath
97473Scottsburg, ORDouglas
97484Tiller, ORDouglas
97481Tenmile, ORDouglas
97488Vida, ORLane
97752Post, ORCrook
97751Paulina, ORCrook
97478Springfield, ORLane
97476Sixes, ORCurry
97750Mitchell, ORWheeler
97480Swisshome, ORLane
97479Sutherlin, ORDouglas
97882Umatilla, ORUmatilla
97604Crater Lake, ORKlamath
97707Bend, ORDeschutes
97532Merlin, ORJosephine
97703Bend, ORDeschutes
97528Grants Pass, ORJosephine
97527Grants Pass, ORJosephine
97530Jacksonville, ORJackson
97531Kerby, ORJosephine
97620Adel, ORLake
97641Christmas Valley, ORLake
97819Bridgeport, ORBaker
97876Summerville, ORUnion
97820Canyon City, ORGrant
97824Cove, ORUnion
97823Condon, ORGilliam
97533Murphy, ORJosephine
97635New Pine Creek, ORLake
97449Lakeside, ORCoos
97880Ukiah, ORUmatilla
97640Summer Lake, ORLake
97526Grants Pass, ORJosephine
97444Gold Beach, ORCurry
97443Glide, ORDouglas
97446Harrisburg, ORLinn
97431Dexter, ORLane
97447Idleyld Park, ORDouglas
97435Drain, ORDouglas
97497Wolf Creek, ORJosephine
97434Dorena, ORLane
97498Yachats, ORLincoln
97432Dillard, ORDouglas
97499Yoncalla, ORDouglas
97523Cave Junction, ORJosephine
97522Butte Falls, ORJackson
97524Eagle Point, ORJackson
97525Gold Hill, ORJackson
97818Boardman, ORMorrow
97502Central Point, ORJackson
97501Medford, ORJackson
97503White City, ORJackson
97520Ashland, ORJackson
97504Medford, ORJackson
97907Huntington, ORBaker
97466Powers, ORCoos
97908Ironside, ORMalheur
97909Jamieson, ORMalheur
97622Bly, ORKlamath
97321Albany, ORLinn
97464Ophir, ORCurry
97465Port Orford, ORCurry
97906Harper, ORMalheur
97623Bonanza, ORKlamath
97467Reedsport, ORDouglas
97426Creswell, ORLane
97429Days Creek, ORDouglas
97424Cottage Grove, ORLane
97420Coos Bay, ORCoos
97423Coquille, ORCoos
97621Beatty, ORKlamath
97910Jordan Valley, ORMalheur
97911Juntura, ORMalheur
97430Deadwood, ORLane
97469Riddle, ORDouglas
97627Keno, ORKlamath
97326Blodgett, ORBenton
97626Fort Klamath, ORKlamath
97901Adrian, ORMalheur
97625Dairy, ORKlamath
97883Union, ORUnion
97327Brownsville, ORLinn
97884Unity, ORBaker
97885Wallowa, ORWallowa
97437Elmira, ORLane
97459North Bend, ORCoos
97324Alsea, ORBenton
97438Fall Creek, ORLane
97322Albany, ORLinn
97905Durkee, ORBaker
97904Drewsey, ORHarney
97902Arock, ORMalheur
97624Chiloquin, ORKlamath
97903Brogan, ORMalheur
97462Oakland, ORDouglas
97461Noti, ORLane
97419Cheshire, ORLane
97366South Beach, ORLincoln
97367Lincoln City, ORLincoln
97365Newport, ORLincoln
97720Burns, ORHarney
97364Neotsu, ORLincoln
97370Philomath, ORBenton
97376Seal Rock, ORLincoln
97711Ashwood, ORJefferson
97368Otis, ORLincoln
97369Otter Rock, ORLincoln
97721Princeton, ORHarney
97733Crescent, ORKlamath
97355Lebanon, ORLinn
97634Midland, ORKlamath
97735Fort Rock, ORLake
97352Jefferson, ORMarion
97730Camp Sherman, ORJefferson
97722Diamond, ORHarney
97731Chemult, ORKlamath
97357Logsden, ORLincoln
97732Crane, ORHarney
97410Azalea, ORDouglas
97411Bandon, ORCoos
97409Alvadore, ORLane
97710Fields, ORHarney
97408Eugene, ORLane
97415Brookings, ORCurry
97416Camas Valley, ORDouglas
97414Broadbent, ORCoos
97412Blachly, ORLane
97413Blue River, ORLane
97407Allegany, ORCoos
97388Gleneden Beach, ORLincoln
97389Tangent, ORLinn
97386Sweet Home, ORLinn
97377Shedd, ORLinn
97380Siletz, ORLincoln
97404Eugene, ORLane
97406Agness, ORCurry
97402Eugene, ORLane
97390Tidewater, ORLincoln
97394Waldport, ORLincoln
97341Depoe Bay, ORLincoln
97339Corvallis, ORBenton
97861Mikkalo, ORGilliam
97857Lostine, ORWallowa
97859Meacham, ORUmatilla
97867North Powder, ORUnion
97335Crabtree, ORLinn
97336Crawfordsville, ORLinn
97864Monument, ORGrant
97865Mount Vernon, ORGrant
97856Long Creek, ORGrant
97842Imnaha, ORWallowa
97843Ione, ORMorrow
97841Imbler, ORUnion
97456Monroe, ORBenton
97603Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
97848Kimberly, ORGrant
97850La Grande, ORUnion
97846Joseph, ORWallowa
97844Irrigon, ORMorrow
97845John Day, ORGrant
97333Corvallis, ORBenton
97918Vale, ORMalheur
97920Westfall, ORMalheur
97917Riverside, ORMalheur
97544Williams, ORJosephine
97541Trail, ORJackson
97458Myrtle Point, ORCoos
97913Nyssa, ORMalheur
97450Langlois, ORCurry
97632Malin, ORKlamath
97639Sprague River, ORKlamath
97065Wasco, ORSherman
97602Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
97329Cascadia, ORLinn
97330Corvallis, ORBenton
97331Corvallis, ORBenton
97868Pilot Rock, ORUmatilla
97870Richland, ORBaker
97539Shady Cove, ORJackson
97601Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
97869Prairie City, ORGrant
97538Selma, ORJosephine
97834Halfway, ORBaker
97835Helix, ORUmatilla
97833Haines, ORBaker
97050Rufus, ORSherman
97044Odell, ORHood River
97837Hereford, ORBaker
97838Hermiston, ORUmatilla
97040Mosier, ORWasco
97836Heppner, ORMorrow
97041Mount Hood Parkdale, ORHood River
97534O Brien, ORJosephine
97630Lakeview, ORLake
97063Tygh Valley, ORWasco
97827Elgin, ORUnion
97825Dayville, ORGrant
97826Echo, ORUmatilla
97874Spray, ORWheeler
97830Fossil, ORWheeler
97057Shaniko, ORWasco
97058The Dalles, ORWasco
97828Enterprise, ORWallowa
97454Marcola, ORLane
97001Antelope, ORWasco
97455Pleasant Hill, ORLane
97637Plush, ORLake
97636Paisley, ORLake
97452Lowell, ORLane
97873Seneca, ORGrant
97638Silver Lake, ORLake
97453Mapleton, ORLane
97875Stanfield, ORUmatilla
97039Moro, ORSherman
97037Maupin, ORWasco
97839Lexington, ORMorrow
97840Oxbow, ORBaker
97029Grass Valley, ORSherman
97031Hood River, ORHood River
97033Kent, ORSherman
97021Dufur, ORWasco
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