Area Code Details for: 973






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA201
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date06/01/1997


07184Newark, NJEssex
07188Newark, NJEssex
07175Newark, NJEssex
07112Newark, NJEssex
07114Newark, NJEssex
07193Newark, NJEssex
07195Newark, NJEssex
07192Newark, NJEssex
07189Newark, NJEssex
07191Newark, NJEssex
07105Newark, NJEssex
07106Newark, NJEssex
07104Newark, NJEssex
07102Newark, NJEssex
07103Newark, NJEssex
07110Nutley, NJEssex
07111Irvington, NJEssex
07109Belleville, NJEssex
07107Newark, NJEssex
07108Newark, NJEssex
07198Newark, NJEssex
07439Ogdensburg, NJSussex
07440Pequannock, NJMorris
07438Oak Ridge, NJPassaic
07428Mc Afee, NJSussex
07435Newfoundland, NJPassaic
07457Riverdale, NJMorris
07460Stockholm, NJSussex
07456Ringwood, NJPassaic
07442Pompton Lakes, NJPassaic
07444Pompton Plains, NJMorris
07416Franklin, NJSussex
07418Glenwood, NJSussex
07405Butler, NJMorris
07199Newark, NJEssex
07403Bloomingdale, NJPassaic
07422Highland Lakes, NJSussex
07424Little Falls, NJPassaic
07421Hewitt, NJPassaic
07419Hamburg, NJSussex
07420Haskell, NJPassaic
07040Maplewood, NJEssex
07039Livingston, NJEssex
07041Millburn, NJEssex
07043Montclair, NJEssex
07042Montclair, NJEssex
07028Glen Ridge, NJEssex
07026Garfield, NJBergen
07029Harrison, NJHudson
07035Lincoln Park, NJMorris
07034Lake Hiawatha, NJMorris
07054Parsippany, NJMorris
07052West Orange, NJEssex
07055Passaic, NJPassaic
07058Pine Brook, NJMorris
07057Wallington, NJBergen
07045Montville, NJMorris
07044Verona, NJEssex
07046Mountain Lakes, NJMorris
07051Orange, NJEssex
07050Orange, NJEssex
07021Essex Fells, NJEssex
07003Bloomfield, NJEssex
07068Roseland, NJEssex
07004Fairfield, NJEssex
07006Caldwell, NJEssex
07005Boonton, NJMorris
07082Towaco, NJMorris
07101Newark, NJEssex
07081Springfield, NJUnion
07078Short Hills, NJEssex
07079South Orange, NJEssex
07015Clifton, NJPassaic
07014Clifton, NJPassaic
07017East Orange, NJEssex
07019East Orange, NJEssex
07018East Orange, NJEssex
07009Cedar Grove, NJEssex
07007Caldwell, NJEssex
07011Clifton, NJPassaic
07013Clifton, NJPassaic
07012Clifton, NJPassaic
07461Sussex, NJSussex
07961Convent Station , NJMorris
07960Morristown, NJMorris
07961Morristown, NJMorris
07963Morristown, NJMorris
07962Morristown, NJMorris
07936East Hanover, NJMorris
07935Green Village, NJMorris
07940Madison, NJMorris
07950Morris Plains, NJMorris
07945Mendham, NJMorris
07848Lafayette, NJSussex
07849Lake Hopatcong, NJMorris
07847Kenvil, NJMorris
07843Hopatcong, NJSussex
07845Ironia, NJMorris
07976New Vernon, NJMorris
07970Mount Freedom, NJMorris
07981Whippany, NJMorris
07850Landing, NJMorris
07999Whippany, NJMorris
07932Florham Park, NJMorris
07866Rockaway, NJMorris
07860Newton, NJSussex
07869Randolph, NJMorris
07874Stanhope, NJSussex
07871Sparta, NJSussex
07852Ledgewood, NJMorris
07851Layton, NJSussex
07855Middleville, NJSussex
07857Netcong, NJMorris
07856Mount Arlington, NJMorris
07890Branchville, NJSussex
07885Wharton, NJMorris
07926Brookside, NJMorris
07928Chatham, NJMorris
07927Cedar Knolls, NJMorris
07876Succasunna, NJMorris
07875Stillwater, NJSussex
07877Swartswood, NJSussex
07881Wallpack Center, NJSussex
07878Mount Tabor, NJMorris
07509Paterson, NJPassaic
07510Paterson, NJPassaic
07508Haledon, NJPassaic
07506Hawthorne, NJPassaic
07507Hawthorne, NJPassaic
07514Paterson, NJPassaic
07522Paterson, NJPassaic
07513Paterson, NJPassaic
07511Totowa, NJPassaic
07512Totowa, NJPassaic
07474Wayne, NJPassaic
07480West Milford, NJPassaic
07470Wayne, NJPassaic
07462Vernon, NJSussex
07465Wanaque, NJPassaic
07504Paterson, NJPassaic
07505Paterson, NJPassaic
07503Paterson, NJPassaic
07501Paterson, NJPassaic
07502Paterson, NJPassaic
07524Paterson, NJPassaic
07828Budd Lake , NJMorris
07828Mount Olive, NJMorris
07827Montague, NJSussex
07822Augusta, NJSussex
07826Branchville, NJSussex
07839Greendell, NJSussex
07842Hibernia, NJMorris
07837Glasser, NJSussex
07834Denville, NJMorris
07836Flanders, NJMorris
07544Paterson, NJPassaic
07644Lodi, NJBergen
07543Paterson, NJPassaic
07533Paterson, NJPassaic
07538Haledon, NJPassaic
07806Picatinny Arsenal, NJMorris
07821Andover, NJSussex
07803Mine Hill, NJMorris
07801Dover, NJMorris
07802Dover, NJMorris

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