Area Code Details for: 816






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1947


64199Kansas City, MOJackson
64401Agency, MOBuchanan
64198Kansas City, MOJackson
64436Cosby, MOAndrew
64430Clarksdale, MODekalb
64440De Kalb, MOBuchanan
64439Dearborn, MOPlatte
64422Amity, MODekalb
64421Amazonia, MOAndrew
64429Cameron, MOClinton
64427Bolckow, MOAndrew
64197Kansas City, MOJackson
64164Kansas City, MOPlatte
64163Kansas City, MOPlatte
64162Kansas City, MOClay
64167Kansas City, MOClay
64166Kansas City, MOClay
64165Kansas City, MOClay
64156Kansas City, MOClay
64155Kansas City, MOClay
64154Kansas City, MOPlatte
64161Kansas City, MOClay
64158Kansas City, MOClay
64157Kansas City, MOClay
64190Kansas City, MOPlatte
64188Kansas City, MOClay
64187Kansas City, MOJackson
64196Kansas City, MOJackson
64195Kansas City, MOPlatte
64191Kansas City, MOJackson
64171Kansas City, MOJackson
64170Kansas City, MOJackson
64168Kansas City, MOPlatte
64184Kansas City, MOJackson
64180Kansas City, MOJackson
64179Kansas City, MOJackson
64443Easton, MOBuchanan
64644Hamilton, MOCaldwell
64624Braymer, MOCaldwell
64649Kidder, MOCaldwell
64701Harrisonville, MOCass
64650Kingston, MOCaldwell
64505Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64504Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64506Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64508Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64507Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64743East Lynne, MOCass
64742Drexel, MOBates
64746Freeman, MOCass
64999Kansas City, MOJackson
64747Garden City, MOCass
64725Archie, MOCass
64720Adrian, MOBates
64734Cleveland, MOCass
64739Creighton, MOCass
64739Creighton , MOHenry
64503Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64469Maysville, MODekalb
64465Lathrop, MOClinton
64474Osborn, MODekalb
64480Rea, MOAndrew
64477Plattsburg, MOClinton
64448Faucett, MOBuchanan
64444Edgerton, MOPlatte
64449Fillmore, MOAndrew
64459Helena, MOAndrew
64454Gower, MOClinton
64494Union Star, MODekalb
64493Turney, MOClinton
64497Weatherby, MODekalb
64502Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64501Saint Joseph, MOBuchanan
64484Rushville, MOBuchanan
64483Rosendale, MOAndrew
64485Savannah, MOAndrew
64492Trimble, MOClinton
64490Stewartsville, MODekalb
64069Liberty, MOClay
64068Liberty, MOClay
64066Levasy, MOJackson
64073Mosby, MOClay
64072Missouri City, MOClay
64070Lone Jack, MOJackson
64062Lawson, MORay
64061Kingsville, MOJohnson
64060Kearney, MOClay
64065Lees Summit, MOJackson
64064Lees Summit, MOJackson
64063Lees Summit, MOJackson
64082Lees Summit, MOJackson
64081Lees Summit, MOJackson
64080Pleasant Hill, MOCass
64086Lees Summit, MOJackson
64085Richmond, MORay
64083Raymore, MOCass
64076Odessa, MOLafayette
64075Oak Grove, MOJackson
64074Napoleon, MOLafayette
64079Platte City, MOPlatte
64078Peculiar, MOCass
64077Orrick, MORay
64058Independence, MOJackson
64024Excelsior Springs, MOClay
64018Camden Point, MOPlatte
64017Camden, MORay
64030Grandview, MOJackson
64029Grain Valley, MOJackson
64028Farley, MOPlatte
64013Blue Springs, MOJackson
64012Belton, MOCass
64011Bates City, MOLafayette
64016Buckner, MOJackson
64015Blue Springs, MOJackson
64014Blue Springs, MOJackson
64054Independence, MOJackson
64053Independence, MOJackson
64052Independence, MOJackson
64057Independence, MOJackson
64056Independence, MOJackson
64055Independence, MOJackson
64040Holden, MOJohnson
64036Henrietta, MORay
64034Greenwood, MOJackson
64051Independence, MOJackson
64050Independence, MOJackson
64048Holt, MOClay
64088Sibley, MOJackson
64134Kansas City, MOJackson
64133Kansas City, MOJackson
64132Kansas City, MOJackson
64138Kansas City, MOJackson
64137Kansas City, MOJackson
64136Kansas City, MOJackson
64128Kansas City, MOJackson
64127Kansas City, MOJackson
64126Kansas City, MOJackson
64131Kansas City, MOJackson
64130Kansas City, MOJackson
64129Kansas City, MOJackson
64150Riverside, MOPlatte
64149Kansas City, MOJackson
64148Kansas City, MOJackson
64153Kansas City, MOPlatte
64152Kansas City, MOPlatte
64151Kansas City, MOPlatte
64144Kansas City, MOClay
64141Kansas City, MOJackson
64139Kansas City, MOJackson
64147Kansas City, MOJackson
64146Kansas City, MOJackson
64145Kansas City, MOJackson
64125Kansas City, MOJackson
64106Kansas City, MOJackson
64105Kansas City, MOJackson
64102Kansas City, MOJackson
64110Kansas City, MOJackson
64109Kansas City, MOJackson
64108Kansas City, MOJackson
64092Waldron, MOPlatte
64090Strasburg, MOCass
64089Smithville, MOClay
64101Kansas City, MOJackson
64098Weston, MOPlatte
64097Wellington, MOLafayette
64120Kansas City, MOJackson
64119Kansas City, MOClay
64118Kansas City, MOClay
64124Kansas City, MOJackson
64123Kansas City, MOJackson
64121Kansas City, MOJackson
64113Kansas City, MOJackson
64112Kansas City, MOJackson
64111Kansas City, MOJackson
64117Kansas City, MOClay
64116Kansas City, MOClay
64114Kansas City, MOJackson

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