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StateIowa (IA)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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50233Redfield, IADallas
50273Winterset, IAMadison
50235Rippey, IAGreene
50276Woodward, IADallas
50301Des Moines, IAPolk
50306Des Moines, IAPolk
50307Des Moines, IAPolk
50308Des Moines, IAPolk
50305Des Moines, IAPolk
50302Des Moines, IAPolk
50303Des Moines, IAPolk
50304Des Moines, IAPolk
50271Williams, IAHamilton
50237Runnells, IAPolk
50236Roland, IAStory
50249Stratford, IAHamilton
50243Sheldahl, IAPolk
50248Story City, IAStory
50246Stanhope, IAHamilton
50244Slater, IAStory
50265West Des Moines, IAPolk
50266West Des Moines , IAPolk
50266West Des Moines, IADallas
50263Waukee, IADallas
50250Stuart, IAGuthrie
50252Swan, IAMarion
50261Van Meter, IADallas
50363Des Moines, IAPolk
50364Des Moines, IAPolk
50332Des Moines, IAPolk
50362Des Moines, IAPolk
50367Des Moines, IAPolk
50329Des Moines, IAPolk
50328Des Moines, IAPolk
50331Des Moines, IAPolk
50330Des Moines, IAPolk
50339Des Moines, IAPolk
50336Des Moines, IAPolk
50359Des Moines, IAPolk
50340Des Moines, IAPolk
50335Des Moines, IAPolk
50333Des Moines, IAPolk
50361Des Moines, IAPolk
50334Des Moines, IAPolk
50360Des Moines, IAPolk
50327Des Moines, IAPolk
50315Des Moines, IAPolk
50314Des Moines, IAPolk
50317Des Moines, IAPolk
50316Des Moines, IAPolk
50313Des Moines, IAPolk
50310Des Moines, IAPolk
50309Des Moines, IAPolk
50312Des Moines, IAPolk
50311Des Moines, IAPolk
50324Windsor Heights, IAPolk
50323Urbandale, IAPolk
50327Pleasant Hill , IAPolk
50325Clive, IAPolk
50322Urbandale, IAPolk
50319Des Moines, IAPolk
50318Des Moines, IAPolk
50321Des Moines, IAPolk
50320Des Moines, IAPolk
50231Randall, IAHamilton
50047Carlisle, IAWarren
50046Cambridge, IAStory
50054Colfax, IAJasper
50050Churdan, IAGreene
50039Bouton, IADallas
50038Booneville, IADallas
50043Buckeye, IAHardin
50040Boxholm, IABoone
50059Cooper, IAGreene
50070Dexter, IADallas
50069De Soto, IADallas
50072Earlham, IAMadison
50071Dows, IAWright
50063Dallas Center, IADallas
50061Cumming, IAWarren
50066Dawson, IADallas
50064Dana, IAGreene
50037Boone, IABoone
50010Ames, IAStory
50009Altoona, IAPolk
50012Ames, IAStory
50011Ames, IAStory
50003Adel, IADallas
50001Ackworth, IAWarren
50007Alleman, IAPolk
50006Alden, IAHardin
50013Ames, IAStory
50034Blairsburg, IAHamilton
50032Berwick, IAPolk
50036Boone, IABoone
50035Bondurant, IAPolk
50021Ankeny, IAPolk
50014Ames, IAStory
50031Beaver, IABoone
50023Ankeny, IAPolk
50201Nevada, IAStory
50169Mitchellville, IAPolk
50212Ogden, IABoone
50211Norwalk, IAWarren
50156Madrid, IABoone
50154Mc Callsburg, IAStory
50167Minburn, IADallas
50161Maxwell, IAStory
50217Paton, IAGreene
50228Prairie City, IAJasper
50227Popejoy, IAFranklin
50230Radcliffe, IAHardin
50229Prole, IAWarren
50223Pilot Mound, IABoone
50220Perry, IADallas
50226Polk City, IAPolk
50225Pleasantville, IAMarion
50152Luther, IABoone
50105Gilbert, IAStory
50102Garden City, IAHardin
50109Granger, IADallas
50107Grand Junction, IAGreene
50075Ellsworth, IAHamilton
50073Elkhart, IAPolk
50101Galt, IAWright
50099Boone, IABoone
50111Grimes, IAPolk
50131Johnston, IAPolk
50130Jewell, IAHamilton
50134Kelley, IAStory
50132Kamrar, IAHamilton
50124Huxley, IAStory
50118Hartford, IAWarren
50129Jefferson, IAGreene
50125Indianola, IAWarren
50368Des Moines, IAPolk
50543Gowrie, IAWebster
50544Harcourt, IAWebster
50541Gilmore City, IAPocahontas
50542Goldfield, IAWright
50545Hardy, IAHumboldt
50552Knierim, IACalhoun
50982Des Moines, IAPolk
50936Des Moines, IAPolk
50548Humboldt, IAHumboldt
50529Dakota City, IAHumboldt
50530Dayton, IAWebster
50525Clarion, IAWright
50526Clarion, IAWright
50532Duncombe, IAWebster
50539Fenton, IAKossuth
50940Boone , IABoone
50533Eagle Grove, IAWright
50538Farnhamville, IACalhoun
50556Ledyard, IAKossuth
50590Swea City, IAKossuth
50591Thor, IAHumboldt
50582Rutland, IAHumboldt
50586Somers, IACalhoun
50594Vincent, IAWebster
50598Whittemore, IAKossuth
50599Woolstock, IAWright
50595Webster City, IAHamilton
50597West Bend, IAPalo Alto
50559Lone Rock, IAKossuth
50560Lu Verne, IAKossuth
50557Lehigh, IAWebster
50558Livermore, IAHumboldt
50566Moorland, IAWebster
50570Ottosen, IAHumboldt
50577Renwick, IAHumboldt
50569Otho, IAWebster
50983Des Moines, IAPolk
50524Clare, IAWebster
50947Des Moines, IAPolk
50391Des Moines, IAPolk
50392Des Moines, IAPolk
50950Boone , IABoone
50380Des Moines, IAPolk
50483Wesley, IAKossuth
50480Titonka, IAKossuth
50381Des Moines, IAPolk
50950Des Moines, IAPolk
50395Des Moines, IAPolk
50980Des Moines, IAPolk
50393Des Moines, IAPolk
50394Des Moines, IAPolk
50430Corwith, IAHancock
50451Lakota, IAKossuth
50396Des Moines, IAPolk
50398Urbandale, IAPolk
50940Des Moines, IAPolk
50518Barnum, IAWebster
50517Bancroft, IAKossuth
50516Badger, IAWebster
50519Bode, IAHumboldt
50520Bradgate, IAHumboldt
50522Burt, IAKossuth
50501Fort Dodge, IAWebster
50981Des Moines, IAPolk
50369Des Moines, IAPolk
50521Burnside, IAWebster
50523Callender, IAWebster
50511Algona, IAKossuth
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