Area Code Details for: 660






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA816
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date10/12/1997


65239Cairo, MORandolph
65244Clifton Hill, MORandolph
65333Houstonia, MOPettis
65334Hughesville, MOPettis
63557New Boston, MOLinn
65248Fayette, MOHoward
65246Dalton, MOChariton
65247Excello, MOMacon
65332Green Ridge, MOPettis
65233Boonville, MOCooper
65236Brunswick, MOChariton
65081Tipton, MOMoniteau
65230Armstrong, MOHoward
65330Gilliam, MOSaline
65237Bunceton, MOCooper
65327Emma, MOLafayette
65329Florence, MOMorgan
63567Worthington, MOPutnam
63566Winigan, MOSullivan
65263Madison, MOMonroe
65270Moberly, MORandolph
63561Queen City, MOSchuyler
63560Pollock, MOSullivan
63565Unionville, MOPutnam
63563Rutledge, MOScotland
65261Keytesville, MOChariton
65254Glasgow, MOHoward
65257Higbee, MORandolph
65250Franklin, MOHoward
63558New Cambria, MOMacon
65260Jacksonville, MORandolph
63559Novinger, MOAdair
65258Holliday, MOMonroe
65259Huntsville, MORandolph
65068Prairie Home, MOCooper
64723Amsterdam, MOBates
64724Appleton City, MOSaint Clair
64689Winston, MODaviess
64722Amoret, MOBates
65323Calhoun, MOHenry
65325Cole Camp, MOBenton
65321Blackburn, MOSaline
65322Blackwater, MOCooper
64688Wheeling, MOLivingston
64679Spickard, MOGrundy
64680Stet, MOCarroll
64674Purdin, MOLinn
64676Rothville, MOChariton
64683Trenton, MOGrundy
64686Utica, MOLivingston
64681Sumner, MOChariton
64682Tina, MOCarroll
64788Urich, MOHenry
65034Fortuna , MOMorgan
64770Montrose, MOHenry
64780Rockville, MOBates
65046Jamestown, MOMoniteau
65050Latham, MOMoniteau
65034Fortuna, MOMoniteau
65042High Point, MOMoniteau
64761Leeton, MOJohnson
64730Butler, MOBates
64733Chilhowee, MOJohnson
65326Edwards, MOBenton
64726Blairstown, MOHenry
64745Foster, MOBates
64752Hume, MOBates
64735Clinton, MOHenry
64740Deepwater, MOHenry
63465Revere, MOClark
65278Renick, MORandolph
65276Pilot Grove, MOCooper
63466Saint Patrick, MOClark
63460Novelty, MOKnox
65286Triplett, MOChariton
65281Salisbury, MOChariton
65320Arrow Rock, MOSaline
65275Paris, MOMonroe
65360Windsor, MOHenry
63530Atlanta, MOMacon
63532Bevier, MOMacon
63531Baring, MOKnox
65274New Franklin, MOHoward
63472Wayland, MOClark
63501Kirksville, MOAdair
63474Wyaconda, MOClark
63458Newark, MOKnox
63437Clarence, MOShelby
63434Bethel, MOShelby
65302Sedalia, MOPettis
64402Albany, MOGentry
63431Anabel, MOMacon
63430Alexandria, MOClark
65305Whiteman Air Force Base, MOJohnson
63432Arbela, MOScotland
64420Allendale, MOWorth
63451Leonard, MOShelby
65301Sedalia, MOPettis
65287Wooldridge, MOCooper
63453Luray, MOClark
63445Kahoka, MOClark
63442Granger, MOScotland
63447La Belle, MOLewis
63446Knox City, MOKnox
65344Miami, MOSaline
63548Lancaster, MOSchuyler
65339Malta Bend, MOSaline
65340Marshall, MOSaline
63546Greentop, MOAdair
65347Nelson, MOSaline
63547Hurdland, MOKnox
65345Mora, MOPettis
65338Lincoln, MOBenton
63552Macon, MOMacon
63551Livonia, MOPutnam
63556Milan, MOSullivan
63555Memphis, MOScotland
65336Knob Noster, MOJohnson
65337La Monte, MOPettis
63549La Plata, MOMacon
65335Ionia, MOBenton
65348Otterville, MOCooper
63538Elmer, MOMacon
63537Edina, MOKnox
65354Syracuse, MOMorgan
65355Warsaw, MOBenton
63534Callao, MOMacon
63533Brashear, MOAdair
63536Downing, MOSchuyler
63535Coatsville, MOSchuyler
65351Sweet Springs, MOSaline
65350Smithton, MOPettis
63544Green Castle, MOSullivan
65349Slater, MOSaline
63545Green City, MOSullivan
63540Gibbs, MOAdair
63539Ethel, MOMacon
63543Gorin, MOScotland
63541Glenwood, MOSchuyler
64673Princeton, MOMercer
64019Centerview, MOJohnson
64020Concordia, MOLafayette
64021Corder, MOLafayette
64096Waverly, MOLafayette
64486Sheridan, MOWorth
64482Rock Port, MOAtchison
64481Ridgeway, MOHarrison
64093Warrensburg, MOJohnson
64035Hardin, MORay
64473Oregon, MOHolt
64475Parnell, MONodaway
64022Dover, MOLafayette
64479Ravenwood, MONodaway
64476Pickering, MONodaway
64620Altamont, MODaviess
64601Chillicothe, MOLivingston
64499Worth, MOWorth
64622Bogard, MOCarroll
64628Brookfield, MOLinn
64625Breckenridge, MOCaldwell
64623Bosworth, MOCarroll
64001Alma, MOLafayette
64002Lees Summit, MOJackson
64487Skidmore, MONodaway
64489Stanberry, MOGentry
64498Westboro, MOAtchison
64496Watson, MOAtchison
64491Tarkio, MOAtchison
64434Conception Junction, MONodaway
64437Craig, MOHolt
64438Darlington, MOGentry
64433Conception, MONodaway
64455Graham, MONodaway
64084Rayville, MORay
64453Gentry, MOGentry
64446Fairfax, MOAtchison
64445Elmo, MONodaway
64071Mayview, MOLafayette
64067Lexington, MOLafayette
64451Forest City, MOHolt
64441Denver, MOWorth
64442Eagleville, MOHarrison
64468Maryville, MONodaway
64467Martinsville, MOHarrison
64466Maitland, MOHolt
64470Mound City, MOHolt
64037Higginsville, MOLafayette
64471New Hampton, MOHarrison
64428Burlington Junction, MONodaway
64457Guilford, MONodaway
64456Grant City, MOWorth
64432Clyde, MONodaway
64431Clearmont, MONodaway
64463King City, MOGentry
64461Hopkins, MONodaway
64458Hatfield, MOHarrison
64630Browning, MOLinn
64423Barnard, MONodaway
64656Ludlow, MOLivingston
64671Polo, MOCaldwell
64672Powersville, MOPutnam
64424Bethany, MOHarrison
64654Lock Springs, MODaviess
64653Linneus, MOLinn
64426Blythedale, MOHarrison
64655Lucerne, MOPutnam
64664Mooresville, MOLivingston
64661Mercer, MOMercer
64668Norborne, MOCarroll
64667Newtown, MOSullivan
64660Mendon, MOChariton
64657Mc Fall, MOGentry
64670Pattonsburg, MODaviess
64659Meadville, MOLinn
64658Marceline, MOLinn
64652Laredo, MOGrundy
64638Dawn, MOLivingston
64641Galt, MOGrundy
64642Gilman City , MOHarrison
64637Cowgill, MOCaldwell
64639De Witt, MOCarroll
64632Cainsville, MOHarrison
64633Carrollton, MOCarroll
64640Gallatin, MODaviess
64635Chula, MOLivingston
64647Jameson, MODaviess
64636Coffey, MODaviess
64651Laclede, MOLinn
64648Jamesport, MODaviess
64646Humphreys, MOSullivan
64643Hale, MOCarroll
64642Brimson, MOHarrison
64631Bucklin, MOLinn
64645Harris, MOSullivan

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