Area Code Details for: 607






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1954


13796Laurens, NYOtsego
13808Morris, NYOtsego
13802Maine, NYBroome
13797Lisle, NYBroome
13803Marathon, NYCortland
13806Meridale, NYDelaware
13807Milford, NYOtsego
13801Mc Donough, NYChenango
13804Masonville, NYDelaware
14883Spencer, NYTioga
14884Swain, NYAllegany
14885Troupsburg, NYSteuben
14882Lansing, NYTompkins
14878Rock Stream, NYSchuyler
14879Savona, NYSteuben
14881Slaterville Springs, NYTompkins
14886Trumansburg, NYTompkins
14893Wayne, NYSchuyler
14894Wellsburg, NYChemung
14897Whitesville, NYAllegany
14892Waverly, NYTioga
14887Tyrone, NYSchuyler
14889Van Etten, NYChemung
14891Watkins Glen, NYSchuyler
14877Rexville, NYSteuben
14863Mecklenburg, NYSchuyler
14864Millport, NYChemung
14865Montour Falls, NYSchuyler
14861Lowman, NYChemung
14858Lindley, NYSteuben
14859Lockwood, NYTioga
14860Lodi, NYSeneca
14867Newfield, NYTompkins
14873Prattsburgh, NYSteuben
14874Pulteney, NYSteuben
14876Reading Center, NYSchuyler
14872Pine Valley, NYChemung
14869Odessa, NYSchuyler
14870Painted Post, NYSteuben
14871Pine City, NYChemung
13860West Davenport, NYDelaware
13861West Oneonta, NYOtsego
13862Whitney Point, NYBroome
13859Wells Bridge, NYOtsego
13850Vestal, NYBroome
13851Vestal, NYBroome
13856Walton, NYDelaware
13863Willet, NYCortland
13903Binghamton, NYBroome
13904Binghamton, NYBroome
13905Binghamton, NYBroome
13902Binghamton, NYBroome
13864Willseyville, NYTioga
13865Windsor, NYBroome
13901Binghamton, NYBroome
13849Unadilla, NYOtsego
14904Elmira, NYChemung
14905Elmira, NYChemung
13840Smithboro, NYTioga
14903Elmira, NYChemung
14898Woodhull, NYSteuben
14901Elmira, NYChemung
14902Elmira, NYChemung
13841Smithville Flats, NYChenango
13846Treadwell, NYDelaware
13847Trout Creek, NYDelaware
13848Tunnel, NYBroome
13845Tioga Center, NYTioga
13842South Kortright, NYDelaware
13843South New Berlin, NYChenango
13844South Plymouth, NYChenango
14823Canisteo, NYSteuben
14824Cayuta, NYSchuyler
14825Chemung, NYChemung
14822Canaseraga, NYAllegany
14819Cameron, NYSteuben
14820Cameron Mills, NYSteuben
14821Campbell, NYSteuben
14827Coopers Plains, NYSteuben
14839Greenwood, NYSteuben
14840Hammondsport, NYSteuben
14841Hector, NYSchuyler
14838Erin, NYChemung
14830Corning, NYSteuben
14831Corning, NYSteuben
14837Dundee, NYYates
14818Burdett, NYSchuyler
14804Almond, NYAllegany
14805Alpine, NYSchuyler
14806Andover, NYAllegany
14803Alfred Station, NYAllegany
13809Mount Upton, NYChenango
14801Addison, NYSteuben
14802Alfred, NYAllegany
14807Arkport, NYSteuben
14815Bradford, NYSchuyler
14816Breesport, NYChemung
14817Brooktondale, NYTompkins
14814Big Flats, NYChemung
14809Avoca, NYSteuben
14810Bath, NYSteuben
14812Beaver Dams, NYSchuyler
13827Owego, NYTioga
13830Oxford, NYChenango
13832Plymouth, NYChenango
13826Ouaquaga, NYBroome
13815Norwich, NYChenango
13820Oneonta, NYOtsego
13825Otego, NYOtsego
13833Port Crane, NYBroome
14588Willard, NYSeneca
14521Ovid, NYSeneca
14857Lakemont, NYYates
13839Sidney Center, NYDelaware
13834Portlandville, NYOtsego
13835Richford, NYTioga
13838Sidney, NYDelaware
13814North Norwich, NYChenango
14850Ithaca, NYTompkins
14851Ithaca, NYTompkins
14852Ithaca, NYTompkins
14847Interlaken, NYSeneca
14842Himrod, NYYates
14843Hornell, NYSteuben
14845Horseheads, NYChemung
14853Ithaca, NYTompkins
13811Newark Valley, NYTioga
13812Nichols, NYTioga
13813Nineveh, NYBroome
13810Mount Vision, NYOtsego
14854Jacksonville, NYTompkins
14855Jasper, NYSteuben
14856Kanona, NYSteuben
13045Cortland, NYCortland
13053Dryden, NYTompkins
13056East Homer, NYCortland
13730Afton, NYChenango
13734Barton, NYTioga
13733Bainbridge, NYChenango
13732Apalachin, NYTioga
13315Burlington Flats, NYOtsego
13482West Burlington, NYOtsego
12197Worcester, NYOtsego
13488Westford, NYOtsego
13062Etna, NYTompkins
13068Freeville, NYTompkins
12776Roscoe, NYSullivan
13736Berkshire, NYTioga
13748Conklin, NYBroome
13747Colliersville, NYOtsego
13746Chenango Forks, NYBroome
13749Corbettsville, NYBroome
13752Delancey, NYDelaware
13751Davenport Center, NYDelaware
13750Davenport, NYDelaware
13739Bloomville, NYDelaware
13738Blodgett Mills, NYCortland
13737Bible School Park, NYBroome
13740Bovina Center, NYDelaware
13745Chenango Bridge, NYBroome
13744Castle Creek, NYBroome
13743Candor, NYTioga
13326Cooperstown, NYOtsego
13320Cherry Valley, NYOtsego
12167Stamford, NYDelaware
13333East Springfield, NYOtsego
13342Garrattsville, NYOtsego
13337Fly Creek, NYOtsego
13335Edmeston, NYOtsego
13087Little York, NYCortland
12474Roxbury, NYDelaware
12434Grand Gorge, NYDelaware
13101Mc Graw, NYCortland
13158Truxton, NYCortland
13136Pitcher, NYChenango
13102Mc Lean, NYTompkins
13348Hartwick, NYOtsego
12064East Worcester, NYOtsego
12076Gilboa, NYSchoharie
12093Jefferson, NYSchoharie
12036Charlotteville, NYSchoharie
13073Groton, NYTompkins
13077Homer, NYCortland
13040Cincinnatus, NYCortland
13450Roseboom, NYOtsego
13415New Lisbon, NYOtsego
13411New Berlin, NYChenango
13460Sherburne, NYChenango
12116Maryland, NYOtsego
12155Schenevus, NYOtsego
13464Smyrna, NYChenango
13753Delhi, NYDelaware
13762Endwell, NYBroome
13763Endicott, NYBroome
13774Fishs Eddy, NYDelaware
13761Endicott, NYBroome
13786Harpersfield, NYDelaware
13776Gilbertsville, NYOtsego
13790Johnson City, NYBroome
13794Killawog, NYBroome
13795Kirkwood, NYBroome
13775Franklin, NYDelaware
13787Harpursville, NYBroome
13788Hobart, NYDelaware
13782Hamden, NYDelaware
13780Guilford, NYChenango
13778Greene, NYChenango
13754Deposit, NYBroome
13783Hancock, NYDelaware
13755Downsville, NYDelaware
13758East Pharsalia, NYChenango
13760Endicott, NYBroome
13784Harford, NYCortland
13756East Branch, NYDelaware
13777Glen Aubrey, NYBroome
13757East Meredith, NYDelaware

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