Area Code Details for: 850






Time ZoneEC
Parent NPA904
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date06/23/1997


32323Lanark Village, FLFranklin
32322Carrabelle, FLFranklin
32324Chattahoochee, FLGadsden
32327Crawfordville, FLWakulla
32326Crawfordville, FLWakulla
32317Tallahassee, FLLeon
32316Tallahassee, FLLeon
32318Tallahassee, FLLeon
32321Bristol, FLLiberty
32320Apalachicola, FLFranklin
32306Tallahassee, FLLeon
32305Tallahassee, FLLeon
32308Tallahassee, FLLeon
32307Tallahassee, FLLeon
32302Tallahassee, FLLeon
32301Tallahassee, FLLeon
32304Tallahassee, FLLeon
32303Tallahassee, FLLeon
32313Tallahassee, FLLeon
32312Tallahassee, FLLeon
32315Tallahassee, FLLeon
32314Tallahassee, FLLeon
32309Miccosukee, FLLeon
32309Tallahassee , FLLeon
32311Tallahassee, FLLeon
32310Tallahassee, FLLeon
32328Eastpoint, FLFranklin
32514Pensacola, FLEscambia
32513Pensacola, FLEscambia
32520Pensacola, FLEscambia
32516Pensacola, FLEscambia
32512Pensacola, FLEscambia
32508Pensacola, FLEscambia
32507Pensacola, FLEscambia
32511Pensacola, FLEscambia
32509Pensacola, FLEscambia
32531Baker, FLOkaloosa
32530Bagdad, FLSanta Rosa
32534Pensacola, FLEscambia
32533Cantonment, FLEscambia
32526Pensacola, FLEscambia
32522Pensacola, FLEscambia
32521Pensacola, FLEscambia
32524Pensacola, FLEscambia
32523Pensacola, FLEscambia
32506Pensacola, FLEscambia
32461Seacrest, FLWalton
32461Rosemary Beach, FLWalton
32462Vernon, FLWashington
32461Watersound, FLBay
32461Panama City, FLBay
32460Sneads, FLJackson
32459Santa Rosa Beach, FLWalton
32461Alys Beach, FLBay
32461Inlet Beach , FLWalton
32503Pensacola, FLEscambia
32502Pensacola, FLEscambia
32505Pensacola, FLEscambia
32504Pensacola, FLEscambia
32501Pensacola, FLEscambia
32464Westville, FLHolmes
32463Wausau, FLWashington
32466Youngstown, FLBay
32465Wewahitchka, FLGulf
32568Mc David, FLEscambia
32567Laurel Hill, FLOkaloosa
32570Milton, FLSanta Rosa
32569Mary Esther, FLOkaloosa
32566Gulf Breeze, FLSanta Rosa
32564Holt, FLOkaloosa
32563Gulf Breeze, FLSanta Rosa
32566Navarre , FLSanta Rosa
32565Jay, FLSanta Rosa
32583Milton, FLSanta Rosa
32580Valparaiso, FLOkaloosa
32591Pensacola, FLEscambia
32588Niceville, FLOkaloosa
32579Shalimar, FLOkaloosa
32572Milton, FLSanta Rosa
32571Milton, FLSanta Rosa
32578Niceville, FLOkaloosa
32577Molino, FLEscambia
32562Gulf Breeze, FLSanta Rosa
32541Destin, FLOkaloosa
32540Destin, FLOkaloosa
32544Hurlburt Field, FLOkaloosa
32542Eglin Afb, FLOkaloosa
32539Crestview, FLOkaloosa
32536Crestview, FLOkaloosa
32535Century, FLEscambia
32538Paxton, FLWalton
32537Milligan, FLOkaloosa
32559Pensacola, FLEscambia
32550Sandestin, FLWalton
32561Gulf Breeze, FLSanta Rosa
32560Gonzalez, FLEscambia
32550Destin, FLWalton
32548Fort Walton Beach, FLOkaloosa
32547Fort Walton Beach, FLOkaloosa
32550Miramar Beach , FLWalton
32549Fort Walton Beach, FLOkaloosa
32457Port Saint Joe, FLGulf
32358Sopchoppy, FLWakulla
32357Shady Grove, FLTaylor
32361Wacissa, FLJefferson
32360Telogia, FLLiberty
32356Salem, FLTaylor
32352Mount Pleasant, FLGadsden
32352Quincy , FLGadsden
32355Saint Marks, FLWakulla
32353Quincy, FLGadsden
32405Panama City, FLBay
32404Panama City, FLBay
32407Panama City Beach, FLBay
32406Panama City, FLBay
32403Panama City, FLBay
32399Tallahassee, FLLeon
32362Woodville, FLLeon
32402Panama City, FLBay
32401Panama City, FLBay
32351Quincy, FLGadsden
32335Sumatra, FLLiberty
32334Hosford, FLLiberty
32337Lloyd, FLJefferson
32336Lamont, FLJefferson
32333Havana, FLGadsden
32330Greensboro, FLGadsden
32329Apalachicola, FLFranklin
32332Gretna, FLGadsden
32331Greenville, FLMadison
32347Perry, FLTaylor
32346Panacea, FLWakulla
32350Pinetta, FLMadison
32348Perry, FLTaylor
32345Monticello, FLJefferson
32341Madison, FLMadison
32340Madison, FLMadison
32344Monticello, FLJefferson
32343Midway, FLGadsden
32440Graceville, FLJackson
32439Freeport, FLWalton
32443Greenwood, FLJackson
32442Grand Ridge, FLJackson
32438Fountain, FLBay
32434Mossy Head, FLWalton
32433Defuniak Springs, FLWalton
32437Ebro, FLWashington
32435Defuniak Springs, FLWalton
32452Noma, FLHolmes
32449Wewahitchka, FLCalhoun
32456Port Saint Joe, FLGulf
32455Ponce de Leon, FLHolmes
32448Marianna, FLJackson
32445Malone, FLJackson
32444Lynn Haven, FLBay
32447Marianna, FLJackson
32446Marianna, FLJackson
32432Cypress, FLJackson
32417Panama City, FLBay
32413Panama City Beach, FLBay
32421Altha, FLCalhoun
32420Alford, FLJackson
32412Panama City, FLBay
32409Panama City, FLBay
32408Panama City, FLBay
32411Panama City, FLBay
32410Mexico Beach, FLBay
32428Chipley, FLWashington
32427Caryville, FLWashington
32431Cottondale, FLJackson
32430Clarksville, FLCalhoun
32426Campbellton, FLJackson
32423Bascom, FLJackson
32422Argyle, FLWalton
32425Bonifay, FLHolmes
32424Blountstown, FLCalhoun
32059Lee, FLMadison

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