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StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA817
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date05/25/1997

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76598Gatesville, TXCoryell
76599Gatesville, TXCoryell
76621Abbott, TXHill
76632Chilton, TXFalls
76596Gatesville, TXCoryell
76597Gatesville, TXCoryell
76636Covington, TXHill
76630Bruceville, TXMclennan
76627Blum, TXHill
76629Bremond, TXRobertson
76628Brandon, TXHill
76622Aquilla, TXHill
76631Bynum, TXHill
76624Axtell, TXMclennan
76635Coolidge, TXLimestone
76429Caddo, TXStephens
76639Dawson, TXNavarro
76424Breckenridge, TXStephens
76566Purmela, TXCoryell
76565Pottsville, TXHamilton
76433Bluff Dale, TXErath
76435Carbon, TXEastland
76564Pendleton, TXBell
76640Elm Mott, TXMclennan
76638Crawford, TXMclennan
76573Schwertner, TXWilliamson
76579Troy, TXBell
76637Cranfills Gap, TXBosque
76571Salado, TXBell
76401Stephenville, TXErath
76402Stephenville, TXErath
76570Rosebud, TXFalls
76569Rogers, TXBell
76693Wortham, TXFreestone
76701Waco, TXMclennan
76692Whitney, TXHill
76690Walnut Springs, TXBosque
76691West, TXMclennan
76705Waco, TXMclennan
76706Waco, TXMclennan
76704Waco, TXMclennan
76702Waco, TXMclennan
76703Waco, TXMclennan
76070Nemo, TXSomervell
76682Riesel, TXMclennan
76043Glen Rose, TXSomervell
76634Clifton, TXBosque
76055Itasca, TXHill
76687Thornton, TXLimestone
76689Valley Mills, TXBosque
76686Tehuacana, TXLimestone
76684Ross, TXMclennan
76685Satin, TXFalls
76707Waco, TXMclennan
76680Reagan, TXFalls
76678Prairie Hill, TXLimestone
76077Rainbow, TXSomervell
76799Waco, TXMclennan
76857May, TXBrown
76667Mexia, TXLimestone
76633China Spring, TXMclennan
76671Morgan, TXBosque
76676Penelope, TXHill
76673Mount Calm, TXHill
76712Woodway, TXMclennan
76714Waco, TXMclennan
76711Waco, TXMclennan
76708Waco, TXMclennan
76710Waco, TXMclennan
76797Waco, TXMclennan
76798Waco, TXMclennan
76271Tioga, TXGrayson
76715Waco, TXMclennan
76716Waco, TXMclennan
76436Carlton, TXHamilton
76533Heidenheimer, TXBell
76534Holland, TXBell
76549Killeen, TXBell
76531Hamilton, TXHamilton
76652Kopperl, TXBosque
76540Killeen, TXBell
76541Killeen, TXBell
76538Jonesboro, TXCoryell
76548Harker Heights, TXBell
76522Copperas Cove, TXCoryell
76523Davilla, TXMilam
76519Burlington, TXMilam
76520Cameron, TXMilam
76524Eddy, TXMclennan
76527Florence, TXWilliamson
76528Gatesville, TXCoryell
76525Evant, TXCoryell
76526Flat, TXCoryell
76542Killeen, TXBell
76547Killeen, TXBell
75860Teague, TXFreestone
76664Mart, TXMclennan
76665Meridian, TXBosque
79225Chillicothe, TXHardeman
79227Crowell, TXFoard
76544Killeen, TXBell
75838Donie, TXFreestone
79252Quanah, TXHardeman
76653Kosse, TXLimestone
76654Leroy, TXMclennan
76543Killeen, TXBell
76544Fort Cavazos , TXBell
76655Lorena, TXMclennan
76660Malone, TXHill
76661Marlin, TXFalls
76656Lott, TXFalls
76657Mcgregor, TXMclennan
76518Buckholts, TXMilam
76554Little River Academy, TXBell
76454Gorman, TXEastland
76557Moody, TXMclennan
76642Groesbeck, TXLimestone
76457Hico, TXHamilton
76461Lingleville, TXErath
76462Lipan, TXHood
76643Hewitt, TXMclennan
76644Laguna Park, TXBosque
76559Nolanville, TXBell
76443Cross Plains, TXCallahan
76437Cisco, TXEastland
76561Oglesby, TXCoryell
76444De Leon, TXComanche
76448Eastland, TXEastland
76558Mound, TXCoryell
76445Desdemona, TXEastland
76446Dublin, TXErath
76645Hillsboro, TXHill
76501Temple, TXBell
76502Temple, TXBell
76650Irene, TXHill
76476Tolar, TXHood
76503Temple, TXBell
76511Bartlett, TXBell
76513Belton, TXBell
76504Temple, TXBell
76508Temple, TXBell
76467Paluxy, TXHood
76468Proctor, TXComanche
76465Morgan Mill, TXErath
76466Olden, TXEastland
76648Hubbard, TXHill
76649Iredell, TXBosque
76474Sidney, TXComanche
76470Ranger, TXEastland
76471Rising Star, TXEastland
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