Area Code Details for: 325






StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA915
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/05/2003

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76958Water Valley, TXTom Green
76430Albany, TXShackelford
76888Voss, TXColeman
78672Tow, TXLlano
76886Veribest, TXTom Green
76887Voca, TXMcculloch
76957Wall, TXTom Green
76930Barnhart, TXIrion
76841Fort Mc Kavett, TXMenard
76837Eden, TXConcho
76951Sterling City, TXSterling
76953Tennyson, TXCoke
76955Vancourt, TXTom Green
76890Zephyr, TXBrown
76902San Angelo, TXTom Green
76901San Angelo, TXTom Green
76885Valley Spring, TXLlano
76469Putnam, TXCallahan
76872Rochelle, TXMcculloch
76464Moran, TXShackelford
76877San Saba, TXSan Saba
76873Rockwood, TXColeman
76845Gouldbusk, TXColeman
76848Hext, TXMenard
78639Kingsland, TXLlano
76842Fredonia, TXMason
76844Goldthwaite, TXMills
76884Valera, TXColeman
76883Telegraph, TXEdwards
76442Comanche, TXComanche
76432Blanket, TXBrown
76874Roosevelt, TXKimble
76878Santa Anna, TXColeman
76455Gustine, TXComanche
76880Star, TXMills
76452Energy, TXComanche
76882Talpa, TXColeman
79602Abilene, TXTaylor
76937Eola, TXConcho
76939Knickerbocker, TXTom Green
76936Eldorado, TXSchleicher
76804Brownwood, TXBrown
76935Christoval, TXTom Green
76820Art, TXMason
76943Ozona, TXCrockett
76823Bangs, TXBrown
76941Mertzon, TXIrion
76821Ballinger, TXRunnels
76940Mereta, TXTom Green
76934Carlsbad, TXTom Green
76905San Angelo, TXTom Green
76906San Angelo, TXTom Green
76904San Angelo, TXTom Green
76801Brownwood, TXBrown
76903San Angelo, TXTom Green
76802Early, TXBrown
76803Brownwood, TXBrown
76933Bronte, TXCoke
76932Big Lake, TXReagan
76803Early , TXBrown
76908Goodfellow Afb, TXTom Green
79562Tuscola, TXTaylor
79561Trent, TXTaylor
79563Tye, TXTaylor
79566Wingate, TXRunnels
79565Westbrook, TXMitchell
79560Sylvester, TXFisher
79549Snyder, TXScurry
79601Abilene, TXTaylor
79550Snyder, TXScurry
79556Sweetwater, TXNolan
79553Stamford, TXJones
79567Winters, TXRunnels
76827Brookesmith, TXBrown
76828Burkett, TXColeman
76825Brady, TXMcculloch
76945Robert Lee, TXCoke
76824Bend, TXSan Saba
76949Silver, TXCoke
76834Coleman, TXColeman
76836Doole, TXMcculloch
76950Sonora, TXSutton
76831Castell, TXLlano
76832Cherokee, TXSan Saba
76909San Angelo, TXTom Green
79526Hermleigh, TXScurry
79525Hawley, TXJones
79520Hamlin, TXJones
79607Dyess Afb, TXTaylor
79527Ira, TXScurry
78607Bluffton, TXLlano
79533Lueders, TXJones
79532Loraine, TXMitchell
79606Abilene, TXTaylor
79530Lawn, TXTaylor
79519Goldsboro, TXColeman
79504Baird, TXCallahan
79608Abilene, TXTaylor
79503Avoca, TXJones
79501Anson, TXJones
79697Abilene, TXTaylor
79506Blackwell, TXNolan
79516Dunn, TXScurry
79517Fluvanna, TXScurry
79512Colorado City, TXMitchell
79508Buffalo Gap, TXTaylor
79510Clyde, TXCallahan
76861Miles, TXRunnels
76869Pontotoc, TXMason
76870Priddy, TXMills
79603Abilene, TXTaylor
76859Menard, TXMenard
76862Millersview, TXConcho
76865Norton, TXRunnels
79546Rotan, TXFisher
76864Mullin, TXMills
76866Paint Rock, TXConcho
79545Roscoe, TXNolan
76858Melvin, TXMcculloch
79537Nolan, TXNolan
76855Lowake, TXConcho
79536Merkel, TXTaylor
79534Mc Caulley, TXFisher
79535Maryneal, TXNolan
79538Novice, TXColeman
79541Ovalo, TXTaylor
79543Roby, TXFisher
79604Abilene, TXTaylor
79605Abilene, TXTaylor
76856Mason, TXMason
76849Junction, TXKimble
76875Rowena, TXRunnels
76852Lohn, TXMcculloch
76871Richland Springs, TXSan Saba
76854London, TXKimble
79699Abilene, TXTaylor
79698Abilene, TXTaylor
78643Llano, TXLlano
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