Area Code Details for: 928






Time ZoneM
Parent NPA520
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date06/23/2001


85928Heber, AZNavajo
85929Lakeside, AZNavajo
85925Eagar, AZApache
85926Fort Apache, AZNavajo
85927Greer, AZApache
85933Overgaard, AZNavajo
85934Pinedale, AZNavajo
85935Pinetop, AZNavajo
85930Mcnary, AZApache
85931Forest Lakes, AZCoconino
85932Nutrioso, AZApache
85901Show Low, AZNavajo
85902Show Low, AZNavajo
85554Young, AZGila
85552Thatcher, AZGraham
85553Tonto Basin, AZGila
85911Cibecue, AZNavajo
85923Clay Springs, AZNavajo
85924Concho, AZApache
85922Blue, AZGreenlee
85912White Mountain Lake, AZNavajo
85920Alpine, AZApache
86017Munds Park, AZCoconino
86018Parks , AZCoconino
86016Gray Mountain, AZCoconino
86011Flagstaff, AZCoconino
86015Bellemont, AZCoconino
86018Flagstaff, AZCoconino
86022Fredonia, AZCoconino
86023Grand Canyon, AZCoconino
86021Colorado City, AZMohave
86018Parks Comm Po, AZCoconino
86020Cameron, AZCoconino
86005Flagstaff, AZCoconino
85939Taylor, AZNavajo
85940Vernon, AZApache
85938Springerville, AZApache
85936Saint Johns, AZApache
85937Snowflake, AZNavajo
85941Whiteriver, AZNavajo
86003Flagstaff, AZCoconino
86004Flagstaff, AZCoconino
86002Flagstaff, AZCoconino
85942Woodruff, AZNavajo
86001Flagstaff, AZCoconino
85357Wenden, AZLa Paz
85359Quartzsite, AZLa Paz
85356Wellton, AZYuma
85350Somerton, AZYuma
85352Tacna, AZYuma
85360Wikieup, AZMohave
85366Yuma, AZYuma
85367Yuma, AZYuma
85365Yuma, AZYuma
85362Yarnell, AZYavapai
85364Yuma, AZYuma
85349San Luis, AZYuma
85332Congress, AZYavapai
85333Dateland, AZYuma
85328Cibola, AZLa Paz
85324Black Canyon City, AZYavapai
85325Bouse, AZLa Paz
85334Ehrenberg, AZLa Paz
85347Roll, AZYuma
85348Salome, AZLa Paz
85346Quartzsite, AZLa Paz
85336San Luis, AZYuma
85344Parker, AZLa Paz
85543Pima, AZGraham
85544Pine, AZGila
85542Peridot, AZGila
85540Morenci, AZGreenlee
85541Payson, AZGila
85545Roosevelt, AZGila
85550San Carlos, AZGila
85551Solomon, AZGraham
85548Safford, AZGraham
85546Safford, AZGraham
85547Payson, AZGila
85539Miami, AZGila
85502Globe, AZGila
85530Bylas, AZGraham
85501Globe, AZGila
85369Yuma, AZYuma
85371Poston, AZLa Paz
85531Central, AZGraham
85535Eden, AZGraham
85536Fort Thomas, AZGraham
85534Duncan, AZGreenlee
85532Claypool, AZGila
85533Clifton, AZGreenlee
86024Happy Jack, AZCoconino
86431Chloride, AZMohave
86432Littlefield, AZMohave
86433Oatman, AZMohave
86427Bullhead City, AZMohave
86429Bullhead City, AZMohave
86430Bullhead City, AZMohave
86434Peach Springs, AZMohave
86437Kingman, AZMohave
86438Yucca, AZMohave
86439Bullhead City, AZMohave
86435Supai, AZCoconino
86436Topock, AZMohave
86437Valentine , AZMohave
86427Fort Mohave , AZMohave
86403Lake Havasu City, AZMohave
86404Lake Havasu City, AZMohave
86405Lake Havasu City, AZMohave
86351Sedona, AZYavapai
86401Kingman, AZMohave
86402Kingman, AZMohave
86406Lake Havasu City, AZMohave
86413Golden Valley, AZMohave
86426Fort Mohave , AZMohave
86426Bullhead City, AZMohave
86409Kingman, AZMohave
86411Hackberry, AZMohave
86412Hualapai, AZMohave
86440Mohave Valley, AZMohave
86514Teec Nos Pos, AZApache
86515Window Rock, AZApache
86520Blue Gap, AZNavajo
86510Pinon, AZNavajo
86511Saint Michaels, AZApache
86512Sanders, AZApache
86535Dennehotso, AZApache
86545Rock Point, AZApache
86547Round Rock, AZApache
86556Tsaile, AZApache
86538Many Farms, AZApache
86540Nazlini, AZApache
86544Red Valley, AZApache
86508Lupton, AZApache
86444Meadview, AZMohave
86445Willow Beach, AZMohave
86446Mohave Valley , AZMohave
86441Dolan Springs, AZMohave
86442Bullhead City, AZMohave
86443Temple Bar Marina, AZMohave
86446Bullhead City, AZMohave
86505Ganado, AZApache
86506Houck, AZApache
86507Lukachukai, AZApache
86502Chambers, AZApache
86503Chinle, AZApache
86504Fort Defiance, AZApache
86046Williams, AZCoconino
86047Winslow, AZNavajo
86052North Rim, AZCoconino
86043Second Mesa, AZNavajo
86044Tonalea, AZCoconino
86045Tuba City, AZCoconino
86053Kaibeto , AZCoconino
86301Prescott, AZYavapai
86302Prescott, AZYavapai
86303Prescott, AZYavapai
86053Tonalea, AZCoconino
86054Shonto , AZNavajo
86054Tonalea, AZNavajo
86042Polacca, AZNavajo
86030Hotevilla, AZNavajo
86031Indian Wells, AZNavajo
86032Joseph City, AZNavajo
86025Holbrook, AZNavajo
86028Petrified Forest Natl Pk, AZApache
86029Sun Valley, AZNavajo
86033Kayenta, AZNavajo
86038Mormon Lake, AZCoconino
86039Kykotsmovi Village, AZNavajo
86040Page, AZCoconino
86034Keams Canyon, AZNavajo
86035Leupp, AZCoconino
86036Marble Canyon, AZCoconino
86304Prescott, AZYavapai
86334Paulden, AZYavapai
86335Rimrock, AZYavapai
86336Sedona, AZYavapai
86331Jerome, AZYavapai
86332Kirkland, AZYavapai
86333Mayer, AZYavapai
86337Seligman, AZYavapai
86341Sedona, AZYavapai
86342Lake Montezuma, AZYavapai
86343Crown King, AZYavapai
86338Skull Valley, AZYavapai
86339Sedona, AZCoconino
86340Sedona, AZYavapai
86329Humboldt, AZYavapai
86314Prescott Valley, AZYavapai
86315Prescott Valley, AZYavapai
86320Ash Fork, AZYavapai
86305Prescott, AZYavapai
86312Prescott Valley, AZYavapai
86313Prescott, AZYavapai
86321Bagdad, AZYavapai
86325Cornville, AZYavapai
86326Cottonwood, AZYavapai
86327Dewey, AZYavapai
86322Camp Verde, AZYavapai
86323Chino Valley, AZYavapai
86324Clarkdale, AZYavapai

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