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StateMichigan (MI)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA517
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/07/2001

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6:25 AM


48654Rose City, MIOgemaw
48655Saint Charles, MISaginaw
48656Saint Helen, MIRoscommon
48651Prudenville, MIRoscommon
48652Rhodes, MIGladwin
48653Roscommon, MIRoscommon
48657Sanford, MIMidland
48662Wheeler, MIGratiot
48663Saginaw, MISaginaw
48667Midland, MIMidland
48658Standish, MIArenac
48659Sterling, MIArenac
48661West Branch, MIOgemaw
48635Lupton, MIOgemaw
48636Luzerne, MIOscoda
48637Merrill, MISaginaw
48632Lake, MIClare
48633Lake George, MIClare
48634Linwood, MIBay
48638Saginaw, MISaginaw
48647Mio, MIOscoda
48649Oakley, MISaginaw
48650Pinconning, MIBay
48640Midland, MIMidland
48641Midland, MIMidland
48642Midland, MIMidland
48726Cass City, MITuscola
48727Clifford, MILapeer
48728Curran, MIAlcona
48723Caro, MITuscola
48724Carrollton, MISaginaw
48725Caseville, MIHuron
48729Deford, MITuscola
48733Fairgrove, MITuscola
48734Frankenmuth, MISaginaw
48735Gagetown, MITuscola
48730East Tawas, MIIosco
48731Elkton, MIHuron
48732Essexville, MIBay
48701Akron, MITuscola
48703Au Gres, MIArenac
48705Barton City, MIAlcona
48670Midland, MIMidland
48674Midland, MIMidland
48686Midland, MIMidland
48706Bay City, MIBay
48720Bay Port, MIHuron
48721Black River, MIAlcona
48722Bridgeport, MISaginaw
48707Bay City, MIBay
48708Bay City, MIBay
48710University Center, MIBay
48467Port Austin, MIHuron
48468Port Hope, MIHuron
48470Ruth, MIHuron
48453Marlette, MISanilac
48456Minden City, MISanilac
48465Palms, MISanilac
48475Ubly, MIHuron
48603Saginaw, MISaginaw
48604Saginaw, MISaginaw
48605Saginaw, MISaginaw
48476Vernon, MIShiawassee
48601Saginaw, MISaginaw
48602Saginaw, MISaginaw
48415Birch Run, MISaginaw
48417Burt, MISaginaw
48429Durand, MIShiawassee
48410Argyle, MISanilac
48413Bad Axe, MIHuron
48414Bancroft, MIShiawassee
48432Filion, MIHuron
48441Harbor Beach, MIHuron
48445Kinde, MIHuron
48449Lennon, MIGenesee
48434Forestville, MISanilac
48435Fostoria, MITuscola
48436Gaines, MIGenesee
48622Farwell, MIClare
48623Freeland, MISaginaw
48624Gladwin, MIGladwin
48619Comins, MIOscoda
48620Edenville, MIMidland
48621Fairview, MIOscoda
48625Harrison, MIClare
48629Houghton Lake, MIRoscommon
48630Houghton Lake Heights, MIRoscommon
48631Kawkawlin, MIBay
48626Hemlock, MISaginaw
48627Higgins Lake, MIRoscommon
48628Hope, MIMidland
48609Saginaw, MISaginaw
48610Alger, MIArenac
48611Auburn, MIBay
48606Saginaw, MISaginaw
48607Saginaw, MISaginaw
48608Saginaw, MISaginaw
48612Beaverton, MIGladwin
48616Chesaning, MISaginaw
48617Clare, MIClare
48618Coleman, MIMidland
48613Bentley, MIBay
48614Brant, MISaginaw
48615Breckenridge, MIGratiot
48883Shepherd, MIIsabella
48884Sheridan, MIMontcalm
48885Sidney, MIMontcalm
48878Rosebush, MIIsabella
48879Saint Johns, MIClinton
48880Saint Louis, MIGratiot
48886Six Lakes, MIMontcalm
48893Weidman, MIIsabella
48894Westphalia, MIClinton
48896Winn, MIIsabella
48888Stanton, MIMontcalm
48889Sumner, MIGratiot
48891Vestaburg, MIMontcalm
48859Mount Pleasant, MIIsabella
48860Muir, MIIonia
48862North Star, MIGratiot
48853Maple Rapids, MIClinton
48856Middleton, MIGratiot
48858Mount Pleasant, MIIsabella
48866Ovid, MIClinton
48873Pewamo, MIIonia
48874Pompeii, MIGratiot
48877Riverdale, MIGratiot
48867Owosso, MIShiawassee
48870Palo, MIIonia
48871Perrinton, MIGratiot
49756Lewiston, MIMontmorency
49759Millersburg, MIPresque Isle
49765Onaway, MIPresque Isle
49747Hubbard Lake, MIAlpena
49751Johannesburg, MIOtsego
49753Lachine, MIAlpena
49766Ossineke, MIAlpena
49792Tower, MICheboygan
49795Vanderbilt, MIOtsego
49797Waters, MIOtsego
49776Posen, MIPresque Isle
49777Presque Isle, MIPresque Isle
49779Rogers City, MIPresque Isle
49707Alpena, MIAlpena
49709Atlanta, MIMontmorency
49733Frederic, MICrawford
49305Barryton, MIMecosta
49310Blanchard, MIIsabella
49340Remus, MIMecosta
49734Gaylord, MIOtsego
49743Hawks, MIPresque Isle
49744Herron, MIAlpena
49746Hillman, MIMontmorency
49735Gaylord, MIOtsego
49738Grayling, MICrawford
49739Grayling, MICrawford
48756Prescott, MIOgemaw
48757Reese, MITuscola
48758Richville, MITuscola
48750Oscoda, MIIosco
48754Owendale, MIHuron
48755Pigeon, MIHuron
48759Sebewaing, MIHuron
48763Tawas City, MIIosco
48764Tawas City, MIIosco
48765Turner, MIArenac
48760Silverwood, MILapeer
48761South Branch, MIOgemaw
48762Spruce, MIAlcona
48740Harrisville, MIAlcona
48741Kingston, MITuscola
48742Lincoln, MIAlcona
48737Glennie, MIAlcona
48738Greenbush, MIAlcona
48739Hale, MIIosco
48743Long Lake, MIIosco
48747Munger, MIBay
48748National City, MIIosco
48749Omer, MIArenac
48744Mayville, MITuscola
48745Mikado, MIAlcona
48746Millington, MITuscola
48832Elwell, MIGratiot
48833Eureka, MIClinton
48834Fenwick, MIMontcalm
48829Edmore, MIMontcalm
48830Elm Hall, MIGratiot
48831Elsie, MIClinton
48835Fowler, MIClinton
48850Lakeview, MIMontcalm
48851Lyons, MIIonia
48852Mcbrides, MIMontcalm
48841Henderson, MIShiawassee
48845Hubbardston, MIIonia
48847Ithaca, MIGratiot
48770Whittemore, MIIosco
48787Frankenmuth, MISaginaw
48801Alma, MIGratiot
48766Twining, MIArenac
48767Unionville, MITuscola
48768Vassar, MITuscola
48804Mount Pleasant, MIIsabella
48812Cedar Lake, MIMontcalm
48817Corunna, MIShiawassee
48818Crystal, MIMontcalm
48806Ashley, MIGratiot
48807Bannister, MIGratiot
48811Carson City, MIMontcalm
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