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StateMichigan (MI)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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49029Burlington, MICalhoun
49036Coldwater, MIBranch
48924Lansing, MIIngham
48929Lansing, MIIngham
49028Bronson, MIBranch
48933Lansing, MIIngham
48937Lansing, MIIngham
48951Lansing, MIIngham
48980Lansing, MIIngham
48930Lansing, MIIngham
48956Lansing, MIIngham
48922Lansing, MIIngham
49251Leslie, MIIngham
48912Lansing, MIIngham
49249Jerome, MIHillsdale
49250Jonesville, MIHillsdale
49254Michigan Center, MIJackson
49255Montgomery, MIBranch
49252Litchfield, MIHillsdale
49253Manitou Beach, MILenawee
48913Lansing, MIIngham
48917Lansing, MIEaton
48916Lansing, MIIngham
48919Lansing, MIIngham
48918Lansing, MIIngham
49247Hudson, MILenawee
49248Jasper, MILenawee
48915Lansing, MIIngham
49246Horton, MIJackson
49082Quincy, MIBranch
49089Sherwood, MIBranch
49202Jackson, MIJackson
49203Jackson, MIJackson
49220Addison, MILenawee
49073Nashville, MIBarry
49204Jackson, MIJackson
49094Union City, MIBranch
49224Albion, MICalhoun
49096Vermontville, MIEaton
49092Tekonsha, MICalhoun
49228Blissfield, MILenawee
49201Jackson, MIJackson
49227Allen, MIHillsdale
49229Britton, MILenawee
49239Frontier, MIHillsdale
49238Deerfield, MILenawee
49221Adrian, MILenawee
49240Grass Lake, MIJackson
49245Homer, MICalhoun
49242Hillsdale, MIHillsdale
49241Hanover, MIJackson
49233Cement City, MILenawee
49232Camden, MIHillsdale
49230Brooklyn, MIJackson
49234Clarklake, MIJackson
49237Concord, MIJackson
49236Clinton, MILenawee
49235Clayton, MILenawee
49256Morenci, MILenawee
48855Howell, MILivingston
48854Mason, MIIngham
48861Mulliken, MIEaton
48857Morrice, MIShiawassee
48843Howell, MILivingston
48842Holt, MIIngham
48848Laingsburg, MIShiawassee
48844Howell, MILivingston
48890Sunfield, MIEaton
48882Shaftsburg, MIShiawassee
48895Williamston, MIIngham
48892Webberville, MIIngham
48872Perry, MIShiawassee
48864Okemos, MIIngham
48876Potterville, MIEaton
48875Portland, MIIonia
48820Dewitt, MIClinton
48819Dansville, MIIngham
48822Eagle, MIClinton
48821Dimondale, MIEaton
48808Bath, MIClinton
48805Okemos, MIIngham
48816Cohoctah, MILivingston
48813Charlotte, MIEaton
48836Fowlerville, MILivingston
48827Eaton Rapids, MIEaton
48840Haslett, MIIngham
48837Grand Ledge, MIEaton
48824East Lansing, MIIngham
48823East Lansing, MIIngham
48826East Lansing, MIIngham
48825East Lansing, MIIngham
48901Lansing, MIIngham
49271Pittsford, MIHillsdale
49272Pleasant Lake, MIJackson
49268Palmyra, MILenawee
49269Parma, MIJackson
49277Rives Junction, MIJackson
49279Sand Creek, MILenawee
49274Reading, MIHillsdale
49276Riga, MILenawee
49266Osseo, MIHillsdale
49259Munith, MIJackson
49261Napoleon, MIJackson
49257Moscow, MIHillsdale
49258Mosherville, MIHillsdale
49264Onondaga, MIIngham
49265Onsted, MILenawee
49262North Adams, MIHillsdale
49263Norvell, MIJackson
49281Somerset, MIHillsdale
49289Weston, MILenawee
48908Lansing, MIEaton
48906Lansing, MIClinton
48910Lansing, MIIngham
48909Lansing, MIIngham
48911Lansing, MIIngham
49288Waldron, MIHillsdale
49284Springport, MIJackson
49283Spring Arbor, MIJackson
49282Somerset Center, MIHillsdale
49287Tipton, MILenawee
49286Tecumseh, MILenawee
49285Stockbridge, MIIngham
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