Area Code Details for: 651






StateMinnesota (MN)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA612
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date07/12/1998

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55981Wabasha, MNWabasha
55089Welch, MNGoodhue
55090Willernie, MNWashington
55079Stacy, MNChisago
55085Vermillion, MNDakota
55082Stillwater, MNWashington
55968Reads Landing, MNWabasha
55084Taylors Falls, MNChisago
55083Stillwater, MNWashington
55103Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55104Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55102Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55101Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55108Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55105Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55092Wyoming, MNChisago
55107Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55106Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55113Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55112Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55115Saint Paul , MNWashington
55114Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55120Saint Paul, MNDakota
55121Saint Paul, MNDakota
55110Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55109Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55115White Bear Lake, MNRamsey
55116Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55115Mahtomedi, MNWashington
55115Pine Springs, MNRamsey
55119Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55115Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55117Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55118Saint Paul, MNDakota
55122Saint Paul, MNDakota
55145Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55146Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55133Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55144Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55164Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55170Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55150Mendota, MNDakota
55155Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55126Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55127Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55123Saint Paul, MNDakota
55125Saint Paul, MNWashington
55130Saint Paul, MNRamsey
55131Saint Paul, MNWashington
55128Saint Paul, MNWashington
55129Saint Paul, MNWashington
55055Newport, MNWashington
55056North Branch, MNChisago
55066Red Wing, MNGoodhue
55047Marine on Saint Croix, MNWashington
55042Lake Elmo, MNWashington
55043Lakeland, MNWashington
55045Lindstrom, MNChisago
55075South Saint Paul, MNDakota
55076Inver Grove Heights, MNDakota
55077Inver Grove Heights, MNDakota
55074Shafer, MNChisago
55068Rosemount, MNDakota
55071Saint Paul Park, MNWashington
55073Scandia, MNWashington
55041Lake City, MNWabasha
55013Chisago City, MNChisago
55016Cottage Grove, MNWashington
55024Farmington, MNDakota
55012Center City, MNChisago
55001Afton, MNWashington
55003Bayport, MNWashington
55010Castle Rock, MNDakota
55032Harris, MNChisago
55033Hastings, MNDakota
55038Hugo, MNWashington
55031Hampton, MNDakota
55025Forest Lake, MNWashington
55026Frontenac, MNGoodhue
55027Goodhue, MNGoodhue
55078Stacy, MNChisago
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