Area Code Details for: 806






StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1957

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79230Dodson, TXCollingsworth
79229Dickens, TXDickens
79226Clarendon, TXDonley
79231Dougherty, TXFloyd
79235Floydada, TXFloyd
79236Guthrie, TXKing
79233Estelline, TXHall
79234Flomot, TXMotley
79174Amarillo, TXPotter
79178Amarillo, TXPotter
79168Amarillo, TXPotter
79172Amarillo, TXPotter
79220Afton, TXDickens
79221Aiken, TXFloyd
79185Amarillo, TXPotter
79189Amarillo, TXPotter
79256Roaring Springs, TXMotley
79257Silverton, TXBriscoe
79251Quail, TXCollingsworth
79255Quitaque, TXBriscoe
79311Abernathy, TXHale
79312Amherst, TXLamb
79258South Plains, TXFloyd
79261Turkey, TXHall
79250Petersburg, TXHale
79240Lelia Lake, TXDonley
79241Lockney, TXFloyd
79237Hedley, TXDonley
79239Lakeview, TXHall
79245Memphis, TXHall
79248Paducah, TXCottle
79243Mcadoo, TXDickens
79244Matador, TXMotley
79095Wellington, TXCollingsworth
79096Wheeler, TXWheeler
79093Waka, TXOchiltree
79094Wayside, TXArmstrong
79097White Deer, TXCarson
79102Amarillo, TXPotter
79103Amarillo, TXPotter
79098Wildorado, TXOldham
79101Amarillo, TXPotter
79084Stratford, TXSherman
79085Summerfield, TXCastro
79082Springlake, TXLamb
79083Stinnett, TXHutchinson
79086Sunray, TXMoore
79091Umbarger, TXRandall
79092Vega, TXOldham
79087Texline, TXDallam
79088Tulia, TXSwisher
79118Amarillo, TXRandall
79119Amarillo, TXRandall
79116Amarillo, TXPotter
79117Amarillo, TXPotter
79120Amarillo, TXPotter
79159Amarillo, TXPotter
79166Amarillo, TXPotter
79121Amarillo, TXRandall
79124Amarillo, TXPotter
79106Amarillo, TXPotter
79107Amarillo, TXPotter
79104Amarillo, TXPotter
79105Amarillo, TXPotter
79108Amarillo, TXPotter
79111Amarillo, TXPotter
79114Amarillo, TXRandall
79109Amarillo, TXRandall
79110Amarillo, TXRandall
79313Anton, TXHockley
79404Lubbock, TXLubbock
79406Lubbock, TXLubbock
79402Lubbock, TXLubbock
79403Lubbock, TXLubbock
79407Lubbock, TXLubbock
79410Lubbock, TXLubbock
79411Lubbock, TXLubbock
79408Lubbock, TXLubbock
79409Lubbock, TXLubbock
79378Wellman, TXTerry
79379Whiteface, TXCochran
79376Tokio, TXYoakum
79377Welch, TXDawson
79380Whitharral, TXHockley
79383New Home, TXLynn
79401Lubbock, TXLubbock
79381Wilson, TXLynn
79382Wolfforth, TXLubbock
79464Lubbock, TXLubbock
79490Lubbock, TXLubbock
79453Lubbock, TXLubbock
79457Lubbock, TXLubbock
79491Lubbock, TXLubbock
79518Girard, TXKent
79528Jayton, TXKent
79493Lubbock, TXLubbock
79499Lubbock, TXLubbock
79414Lubbock, TXLubbock
79415Lubbock, TXLubbock
79412Lubbock, TXLubbock
79413Lubbock, TXLubbock
79416Lubbock, TXLubbock
79430Lubbock, TXLubbock
79452Lubbock, TXLubbock
79423Lubbock, TXLubbock
79424Lubbock, TXLubbock
79338Levelland, TXHockley
79339Littlefield, TXLamb
79331Lamesa, TXDawson
79336Levelland, TXHockley
79342Loop, TXGaines
79345Meadow, TXTerry
79346Morton, TXCochran
79343Lorenzo, TXCrosby
79344Maple, TXBailey
79322Crosbyton, TXCrosby
79323Denver City, TXYoakum
79314Bledsoe, TXCochran
79316Brownfield, TXTerry
79324Enochs, TXBailey
79329Idalou, TXLubbock
79330Justiceburg, TXGarza
79325Farwell, TXParmer
79326Fieldton, TXLamb
79366Ransom Canyon, TXLubbock
79367Smyer, TXHockley
79363Shallowater, TXLubbock
79364Slaton, TXLubbock
79369Spade, TXLamb
79372Sundown, TXHockley
79373Tahoka, TXLynn
79370Spur, TXDickens
79371Sudan, TXLamb
79351Odonnell, TXLynn
79353Pep, TXHockley
79347Muleshoe, TXBailey
79350New Deal, TXLubbock
79355Plains, TXYoakum
79358Ropesville, TXHockley
79359Seagraves, TXGaines
79356Post, TXGarza
79357Ralls, TXCrosby
79081Spearman, TXHansford
79025Dawn, TXDeaf Smith
79027Dimmitt, TXCastro
79029Dumas, TXMoore
79024Darrouzett, TXLipscomb
79019Claude, TXArmstrong
79021Cotton Center, TXHale
79022Dalhart, TXDallam
79035Friona, TXParmer
79036Fritch, TXHutchinson
79039Groom, TXCarson
79034Follett, TXLipscomb
79031Earth, TXLamb
79032Edmonson, TXHale
79033Farnsworth, TXOchiltree
79018Channing, TXHartley
79007Borger, TXHutchinson
79008Borger, TXHutchinson
79009Bovina, TXParmer
79005Booker, TXLipscomb
79001Adrian, TXOldham
79002Alanreed, TXGray
79003Allison, TXWheeler
79014Canadian, TXHemphill
79015Canyon, TXRandall
79016Canyon, TXRandall
79013Cactus, TXMoore
79010Boys Ranch, TXOldham
79011Briscoe, TXWheeler
79012Bushland, TXPotter
79065Pampa, TXGray
79066Pampa, TXGray
79068Panhandle, TXCarson
79064Olton, TXLamb
79061Mobeetie, TXWheeler
79062Morse, TXHansford
79063Nazareth, TXCastro
79078Sanford, TXHutchinson
79079Shamrock, TXWheeler
79080Skellytown, TXCarson
79077Samnorwood, TXCollingsworth
79070Perryton, TXOchiltree
79072Plainview, TXHale
79073Plainview, TXHale
79059Miami, TXRoberts
79045Hereford, TXDeaf Smith
79044Hartley, TXHartley
79051Kerrick, TXDallam
79046Higgins, TXLipscomb
79041Hale Center, TXHale
79040Gruver, TXHansford
79043Hart, TXCastro
79042Happy, TXSwisher
79052Kress, TXSwisher
79057Mclean, TXGray
79058Masterson, TXMoore
79056Lipscomb, TXLipscomb
79053Lazbuddie, TXParmer
79054Lefors, TXGray
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